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10 Things You Didn't Know About The 2022 Honda Civic Type R

2022 Honda Civic Type R

Honda has been busy at work on its latest Civic model, the 2022 Type R. Although we're only in 2020, they're putting a lot of time and effort into the upcoming rendition. The spies have been out in force and have captured 2022 Honda Civic Type R spy shots that reveal enough about the prototype to give us some real fat to chew on. If you're a fan of the most recent model, there is reason to believe that something extra special is on the horizon. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the new Type R that has just recently been revealed.

1. The engineers at Honda are out testing the 2022 model of the Civic Type R already

Spycams have caught several unique glimpses of the new 2022 edition of the Honda Civic Type R. This means that the engineering team has made significant progress in their completion of the new project. Now they're out testing the prototypes and preparing to make the final tweaks on the new car. This is exciting news for Civic Hatchback lovers because it means that we're not far from the revealing party of the car that's been heavily shrouded in secrecy.

2. Everyones expecting a big upgrade

2022 Honda Civic Type R side

The first Civic was released as a 2016 model year and it's been around for 6 glorious years. It's been a popular model but it's about time to see some changes, and from what the spies have observed, there are some great changes coming. The photos of the prototype revealed that the new model year will feature a redesign for the 2022 model year.

3. Observed changes for the interior

From what we can tell, the 2022 Type R is getting a new dashboard design along with a new steering wheel. It's hard to get specifics when Honda is trying to protect the interior from prying eyes, but some things are fairly obvious even with the camouflage. Spies also observed that there is a detached screen that is mounted on the center stack at the top serving as the infotainment and they're not seeing an integrated unit that Honda installed in the most recent model year.

4. The Honda Civic Type R for 2022 will be locally sourced

2022 Honda Civic Type R front

Instead of importing the Civic hatch from the United Kingdom, it's going to come from home territory. We learned that the odds are in favor of the new Civic Type R being sourced locally as Honda has big plans to move its UK base to North American in 2021. It's going to be a big move and there has been no precise date set for the move, but it is likely to be in time for local distribution of the fleet of vehicles.

5. We may see a variant

The educated guessers are hedging bets on the 2022 Type R being equipped with a version of the current model's 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4 engine. This would give it an output of 306 horsepower along with 295 lb-ft of torque. It will likely be mated with a standard 6-speed manual transmission with front-wheel drive. It's also been rumored that there may be a variant that features some kind of electrification.

6. The 2022 Honda Civic Type R will be the first member of the new generation

2022 Honda Civic Type R back

The vehicle that is being so carefully hidden from prying eyes will be the next generation of the model line. This is a strong indication that we're going to see some significant changes if Honda follows its previous habits. Even through the camouflage, the lines appear to be different than the previous model year and the front end appears to have some softer lines.

7. The differences are big for the head and tail

Analysts who have studied the shape of the prototype's headlights and taillights have detected some notable changes. The first thing that they noticed was a reshaping of the headlights as well as the taillights. This will definitely present a new and exciting aesthetic.

8. It's predicted to be lower and wider

2022 Honda Civic Type R interior

From what the spycam photos show, the prototype that engineers have been tooling around town in appears to be lower than the previous generation. The proportions also appear to be wider. This is another good indication that it's going to announce the start of an 11th-generation. While some are expecting to see some marked differences others are insisting we'll see a similar design. This is due to the theory that since there were such drastic changes for the 10th generation they'll forego anything too big. It's an ongoing debate that is based on heavy camo and determined Honda officials that are doing their best to keep their secrets and on that, the jury is still out.

9. You can expect some delays

Although the year is 2020 and we're already seeing tests of the 2022 prototype it's been confirmed that there have been some serious delays for auto manufacturers around the world. It is expected that the car we're seeing being tested in camouflage is going to be released sometime in 2021 as a 2022 model year. The recent pandemic has forced companies from all over the world to change the timelines established for release dates. So far there has been no word about when Honda plans to give us the big reveal on the 2022 Honda Civic Type R, and although we're usually pretty good at predicting these things, circumstances are far from normal. We fully expect to see some delays and as of right now, we just going to have to bide our time and wait for more information as it comes to us. Stay tuned for updates as they arrive!

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