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A Closer Look at the Potential 2024 Honda Prologue

Potential 2024 Honda Prologue

Electric cars are gradually becoming popular. People like them because they do not require petrol. With the continual rise of gas prices, people may avoid purchasing cars. According to the Washington Post, gas prices rose by 38% between 2021 and 2022. So, by owning an electric car, no driver will be concerned about the surge in gas prices. If you want to own an electric car, look no further than the Potential 2024 Honda Prologue model. The Potential 2024 Honda Prologue is an all-electric SUV produced by Honda and General Motors (GM). Honda's main goal in producing this SUV was to begin making 100% emissions-free vehicles by 2024. Gas-driven cars are largely responsible for the greenhouse effect since they emit waste gasses into the atmosphere. So, besides saving money on gas, you will also save the environment by owning this SUV. Having understood a bit about this SUV, it is time we learned more about it by understanding its features below.

Ultium Platform

Ultium is an electric vehicle battery and system developed by General Motors. It powers related motor/drive units through an operating system called Ultifi, which runs on GM's Vehicle Intelligence Platform electrical architecture. Since the Ultium platform encompasses many elements, we will only focus on its battery. The battery is made up of nickel, manganese, cobalt, and aluminum. This mixture reduces cobalt use by 70%. Although cobalt increases battery life and energy density, it is hazardous. According to Simpliphi Power, it is very combustible. For instance, it can even ignite even when inactive or on standby. Since this mixture limits its use, you do not have to worry about your battery malfunctioning. Ultium batteries mimic Tesla's battery designs. For instance, they use laptop-style cylindrical battery cells. However, the difference is that Ultium's batteries are larger since they weigh 23.0-by-4.0-by-0.4-inches. Since they are large, they store a lot of energy. This car uses 24 batteries which are bundled together, and each holds 0.37 kWh of energy. Fortunately, these cells can deliver power whether they are arranged horizontally or vertically.

Heat Pump

In a car, some heat is always dispensed. So, the battery is not the only object that emits heat but also passengers when they sweat. The problem is that heat energy is usually wasted, yet it could be reused. That is likely because people do not think that it can be reused. Fortunately, the released heat can be reused since this car has a heat pump. The heat pump recovers and repurposes waste heat from Electrical Vehicle (EV) components. It is capable of trapping heat from the car's propulsion system, humidity from outside and within the car, and passengers' body heat. The recycled heat can warm and cool the battery, depending on the battery's temperature. As a result, the battery operates at optimum levels, boosting this SUV's power.

Alloy Wheels

Why do people love alloy wheels? If you asked most people this question, they would focus on how attractive they are. They wouldn't be wrong. After all, they appear artistic due to the combination of the hub and spokes to form an organized pattern. However, alloy wheels serve functional uses. They are effective in fuel efficiency because of their lightweight. Alloy wheels contain aluminum, which is one of the lightest metals in the world. According to It Still Runs, aluminum wheels weigh less than steel wheels of the same size. Since these wheels are light, you will need minimum effort to move the car. With steel wheels, you will use a lot of power to move the car since you will be struggling with their weight. As a result, you will use up more power with steel wheels. Since they are lightweight, they are also effective in terms of acceleration. Acceleration is particularly important when you have to overtake another vehicle. If you do not accelerate with enough power due to using steel wheels, another car from the other lane may hit you. You will accelerate with more power with alloy wheels since you will use minimum effort to move the car.


Though its measurement is yet to be provided, Honda claims that the SUV will have a long wheelbase. Some drivers despise cars with long wheelbases since they occupy a lot of space in parking lots. Apart from occupying a lot of space, cars with long wheelbases cannot squeeze through tiny gaps left by cars. However, long wheelbases far outweigh the disadvantages. Generally, long wheelbases provide smooth rides on bumpy roads. In cars with short wheelbases, you would quickly feel the impact of the bump as soon as it drove over one. On the other hand, long wheelbases lessen the impact of bumps. They achieve that due to the long distance between the front and rear wheels. So, before the passenger at the back can feel the bump's impact, the impact will reach their side with low impact. Therefore, you will not be thrown out of your seat when it drives over a bump. Also, a long wheelbase means more space in terms of legroom and more for carrying bulky goods. There is more space in a long-wheelbase car due to the long distance between the front and rear axle of the car. So, this SUV is suitable for tall people and people who shop a lot of items.


One thing that we admire in a car is its ability to use less energy. By using less energy, we spend less money on energy and save our environment. Fortunately, the Potential 2024 Honda Prologue car does exactly that. Even though electric cars recently became popular, Honda has promised to produce as many of these cars as possible. Also, they promise to make this SUV affordable. When it is affordable, more people will buy this SUV and enjoy its benefits. Another thing you can admire about this car is its features that protect you from road accidents. For instance, by having alloy wheels, you can accelerate with great intensity. This is important since there are instances you may need to escape from danger. If you do not accelerate fast enough, the danger may catch up with you, and you may experience an accident.

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