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A Closer Look at The 2022 Honda Insight

2022 Honda Insight

For a number of years, the Honda Insight has been one of the most popular automobiles on the road. It's not so big that it eats up a ton of space or every dollar in your wallet when you stop at the fuel pump, yet it's still big enough to give you the room that you need, even when you have a family. Furthermore, Honda has long since prided themselves on the car's ability to hold its own against virtually any other automotive manufacturer that would like to go up against it. That said, it's always interesting to see what is going to happen with a brand new model. Whether you're already a fan of the Honda Insight or you're anxious to see what's different about this particular automobile as compared to previous models, the 2022 Honda Insight has a lot of things going for it. In order to better understand why it's a car that is getting a lot of attention, it's time to take a closer look.

A Solid Performer

People that are interested in purchasing a Honda Insight typically include those that want a solid performer that offers plenty of quality for the money being spent, yet they don't want to spend a small fortune in order to get a decent new car. Fortunately, you don't have to because you can actually purchase a brand new 2022 Honda Insight for $25,210. Granted, that might sound like a lot of money but in today's world, it's actually quite the bargain. Of course, it's worth mentioning that this is for the base model, also known as the EX. Honda does offer the Insight in another trim package, the Touring model, which is a bit more expensive. For the 2022 model year, the asking price for that car will be $29,240. Even at the more expensive purchase price, the car is still competitive with Toyota and Volkswagen, as well as virtually every other automotive manufacturer. In today's market, you're not going to find a car that looks as good as this one does for a bargain price. When you consider the fact that the car also offers a respectable 151 horsepower while still providing outstanding gas mileage, it really is hard to get anything of this caliber in a more affordable range. One interesting note about this particular car is that you actually get better mileage while you're driving in the city than you do while on the highway, which is the exact opposite from what you're probably used to seeing. The reason is simple. This car is a hybrid, meaning that it utilizes an electric battery to help propel it while it's traveling around the city, yet that feature can be turned off when you're on the open road and it becomes a traditional internal combustion engine. As such, the fuel mileage drops. However, you can still get an out-of-this-world 49 miles to the gallon even when you're on the open road. When you're driving around town, your fuel mileage is 55 miles to the gallon, something that only all electric vehicles are probably going to be able to beat. That fact alone may be worth the purchase price.

The Civic’s Big Brother

Honda also makes another car that has proven to be exceptionally popular for a number of years, the Civic. Many people have started to refer to the 2022 Honda Insight as the Civic’s big brother, largely because it offers so many of the same characteristics as the Civic with the added fuel economy that you can't really get anywhere else. The fact that this particular car and the Civic share so many characteristics is a definite advantage in and of itself. In fact, it's enough to make a lot of people who have been die-hard Civic aficionados make the change to the Insight because of the dramatically increased fuel economy. In addition, the Insight is a little bit larger than the Civic, providing more legroom in both the front and the back as well as some additional storage room in the trunk. It also has a number of other advantages, not the least of which includes one of the most comfortable interiors of any automobile in Honda’s line up. Some people would even argue that the interior of this particular model is capable of rivaling anything else out there in its class. You might even go as far as saying that the interior is more comfortable than some luxury automobiles which easily cost two or even three times as much as the Honda Insight does. While not everyone would agree with this assumption, it is relatively safe to say that the interior is more than comfortable enough to take a long road trip without needing to find a masseuse as soon as you get there. In addition to the interior, the car itself is capable of providing one of the smoothest rides out there. It tends to respond to driver input quite well and it has enough horsepower to accelerate at a decent rate, making it a good option for people who commute and merge in and out of traffic on a regular basis. Overall, it's a solid performer in almost every category.

The Bigger Picture

There are still more advantages to purchasing the 2022 Honda Insight. For starters, it is a car that is well made and capable of going 100,000 or even 200,000 miles without experiencing a lot of major issues. If you take good care of it, you might even get more miles out of it before it's time to replace it. This is largely due to it having a powertrain that is relatively simple, yet strong in its performance. It's already been mentioned that the interior is comfortable and that the car is capable of providing a smooth ride with responsive handling. In addition to those advantages, it also has a fairly comprehensive entertainment and information system, one that just happens to be extremely user-friendly. Anyone who's ever spent the better part of an hour trying to sort out something as basic as starting GPS on their infotainment system knows how important it is to have something that is user-friendly. After all, you're driving an automobile, not piloting a jet aircraft. If there is a downside to this car, it's that many people have already complained that the powertrain is noisier than they had anticipated. That seems to be just about the only thing that people can find to say about this car that isn't something positive. If that's the worst thing anyone can say about it, it may be time for you to go check one out for yourself and see whether or not this newly redesigned car is right for you.

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