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The 20 Best Honda SUVs of All-Time

2015 Honda CR V

Honda deservedly has an excellent reputation for their vehicles.  In particular, they produce reliable quality SUVs. They realized when designing their SUVs that most people were looking for practical spacious cars. They let this influence their designs and so they could leave off a lot of the unnecessary paraphernalia usually associated with SUVs.

This allowed them to produce better looking SUVs that were more suited to the purpose that families would use them for. Honda SUVs are typically comfortable and the cabins are often very luxurious with cubbies and nice dashboards. In terms of performance and fuel consumption, this varies from model to model.

Honda is a great choice for an SUV which is mainly used as a family car, they are less boring than the typical estate car or MPV. However they are possibly not the best vehicle to choose if your main use is for daily driving in rugged terrain. The SUV models produced by Honda are the HR-V, Pilot, Element and the class-leading CR-V. In terms of desirability and looks, together with performance and handling, it is hard to beat a CR-V. However, if it’s sheer size your after, the Pilot May be a better choice as it can seat eight adults comfortably. Here are our picks for the 20 best Honda SUVs of all-time:

20. 1999 Honda HR-V

1999 Honda HR-V

Th HR-V had unusual styling and was a very innovative small SUV. It was a very well built, reliable vehicle and was available in both two and four-wheel drive versions. Unfortunately, it had a very dull interior, there was no diesel option, and the rear seats were not very spacious. It didn't perform particularly well off-road, but was very reasonably priced and a good entry level small SUV. Parkers in UK describe this as an uncompromising vehicle aimed at younger buyers looking to test out the SUV market.

19. 2008 Honda Pilot

2008 Honda Pilot

The 2008 Honda Pilot is a large SUV. It had a solid reputation as a reliable, comfortable and high performing vehicle. It shared a chassis with the Acura MDX and leads its class in almost all categories. It can accommodate eight passengers, but is as cumbersome as most full-size SUVs. Its V6 engine performs superbly and it was economical with fuel. The rear suspensions offered a smooth ride and the SUV handles particularly well. This is a beast of a vehicle, but the high price was off-putting to a lot of buyers. Car and Driver awarded the Pilot a 5Best Trucks award in recognition of the Pilot’s all-around excellence.

18. 2012 Honda Pilot

2012 Honda Pilot

The 2012 Honda Pilot with its V6 engine as standard pleased the critics with its strong, smooth handling. The Pilot was always considered less powerful than many of the other three-row SUVs marketed at that time. The Pilot’s long stopping distances and soft springs caused a considerable amount of body roll which was off-putting to many buyers.

A plethora of cubbies and compartments for storing smaller items was attractive, but many critics disliked the ugly hard plastic surfaces in the cabin. The seats were supportive and spacious and the vehicle was well loaded with kit appropriate to its time. The Car gives the 2012 pilot a great review. It urges its readers not to be put off by the boxy exterior as the car is one of the better DSUVs for everyday, family use.

17. 2004 Honda Pilot

2004 Honda Pilot

The 2004 Pilot is the Honda of sport-utilities. Its strengths and qualities should please anyone wanting an SUV. The build quality is super easy and typical of Honda, the Pilot is reliable and durable. The Pilot is a sophisticated eight seater, but has a neat frame and, as such, is considered a compact SUV. claims that Honda did just about everything right with its Pilot. The website points out that Solidity and car-like traits are immediately noticeable, and the vehicle’s slightly heavy feel is mixed with considerable overall refinement.

16. 2018 Honda CR-V

2018 Honda CR-V

The 2018 Honda CR-V is an amazing SUV. It has plenty of space and kit. It’s not a great sports car, but fits the bill as a comfortable and composed family car. The limited engine options and disappointing fuel economy let the vehicle down. The Honda CR-V remains amongst the very best selling SUVs in The USA and it is also popular in Europe. The 2018 CR-V is available with seven seats which is a welcome addition to the range. US News ranks the 2018 Honda CR-V near the top of its class. It describes the interior as high quality, boasts of the passenger and cargo space, and admires its impressive safety scores, pointing out that the vehicle has a balanced performance for everyday needs.

15. 2015 Honda CR V

2015 Honda CR V

The fourth-generation CR-V was a much more impressive looking car than its predecessors. However the 2015 facelift smartened it up further. At the front of the CR-V, the headlights and grille have been redesigned, while the wider bumper gives the car a more powerful presence on the road. The vehicle’s rear end has a larger bumper and redesigned lights which give the CR-V a smarter look. There were optional Chrome and Aero Packs which added significantly to the smarter look. were impressed with the safety & assistance systems in the 2015 CR-V. These included adaptive cruise control, lane assist, collision mitigation braking and Honda LaneWatch.

14. 2010 Honda CR-V

2010 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was an excellent Compact Crossover for the Money. It did most things very well, and was well known as being reliable. The CR-V also had a fabulous interior thanks to its comfortable seats and functional design. The CR-V had excellent fuel economy. However, its acceleration was never a strong point, and the four-cylinder engine was significantly underpowered. The 2010 mode, of CR-V struggles to keep up on the highway. The Car Connection describes the 2010 CR-V as a little homely, however it does point out that it is a good choice based on its frugality, safety and spacious interior.

13. 2000 Honda Passport SUV 4WD

2000 Honda Passport SUV 4WD describes the Honda Passport as Honda’s first serious entry into the SUV market in the states. The Honda Passport was a copy of the Isuzu Rodeo. The Passport seats five with and offers a three-place 60/40 split-bench seat in the rear which folds to give extra cargo room. Leather was standard on the EX and new EX-L models which was notable and innovative at the time. The Passport was available as a 205-horsepower, 3.2-liter V-6 teams with both manual and automatic transmissions available as well as 2WD and 4WD options.

12. 1998 Honda CR-V SUV 4W

1998 Honda CR-V SUV 4W

In 1998, Honda added a 5-speed manual transmission to its CR-V. The CR-V capitalized on Honda’s phenomenal reputation for excellent engineering, outstanding reliability and super easy resale value. The main weakness of the CR-V was its engine. His was a willing, but underpowered and somewhat noisy 126 hp, DOHC 2.0-litre 4-cylinder. The Honda engine lacked low torque. Motortrend pointed out that it was hard to believe that when first asked, Honda dealers in the States said they were not interested the CR-V. Passport sales were strong, and the retailers could not see a benefit in selling a car-based SUV which was simply a similar-size body-on-frame rebadged Isuzu.

11. 2005 Honda Pilot

2005 Honda Pilot

The Pilot is often cited as a useful, people-moving tool without the charisma. Whilst many SUVs of this size offer a V-8; the Pilot simply makes do with a V-6. Other SUVs have towering ground clearance, huge rims and tires and supreme off-road capability. The Pilot, however, rides on humble 16-inch wheels and tires that are optimized for on-road comfort and performance. The Pilot's styling has functional, clean lines which neither excite nor offend. It’s short overhangs mask the Pilot's true size, making it look significantly smaller than it is. The Pilot has a huge interior. It is approximately the same length as the seven-passenger Ford Explorer, but is five inches broader and seats one more passenger. Honda's Odyssey-based "crossover" sport-utility vehicle and the 2005 received a number of upgrades. These included a more-powerful 250-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine, a tire-pressure monitor a magnesium-frame steering-wheel.

10. 1999 Honda Passport SUV 4WD

1999 Honda Passport SUV 4WD

The 1999 Honda Passport is a ruggedly handsome SUV. Inside, the interior feels surprisingly luxurious. The push-button 4WD and standard anti-lock brakes were innovative in their day. The 1999 Passport had a unique hatchgate which employed flip-up glass and a gate that swings from right to left. The full-size spare tire could be neatly be stored under the vehicle or on the hatch-gate. describes the Passport as an excellent blend of old-fashioned truck toughness and modern day car-like convenience.

9. 2001 Honda Passport SUV

2001 Honda Passport SUV

The 2000 Passport was always an amazing car. It is renowned for lasting for years with minimal repairs. It has plenty of room in the cabin and is a great camping and traveling vehicle for families. The 2001 Passport has an Isuzu engine, but the vehicle was built by Honda, and was their first step into the SUV market. The vehicle isn’t great when it comes to fuel consumption, but as one reviewer on car says this is a great weekend running around vehicle.

8. 2011 Honda Pilot SUV

2011 Honda Pilot SUV

The 2011 Honda Pilot does a super job as a family hauler. There's lots of space for both children and cargo. it has fantastic crash scores and as is typical with Honda, has a sterling reputation for reliability. However, there are a few disappointments with the Pilot. It has very sluggish acceleration, poor brake performance and the fuel economy isn’t great. Still, the third-row of seats are spacious enough for adults to fit be comfortable. This is a great minivan alternative and a perfectly adequate choice for a midsize or large crossover SUV.  US News praised the 2011s Pilot’s third row, the storage cubbies and the powerful V6 engine. However, it also criticizes the interior and average safety scores.

7. 1998 Honda Passport SUV

1998 Honda Passport SUV

The 1998 Passport is a good solid SUV. It is a very reliable car with a strong engine and great off road handling. The Passport is an Izusu Rodeo, built at the Suburu-Izusu plant in Lafayette, both vehicles look very alike. The passport has a more sophisticated look and a shorter wheelbase. It is available as in two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions. The 1998 Passport is a powerful vehicle power, albeit with a fairly unrefined demeanor. The swift transmission handles well and the tires grip well in the four corners. Top laments that the Passport gave Honda the chance to test the SUV market in the US, paving the way for the later CR-V which was a massive seller.

6. 1997 Honda Passport SUV 4WD

1997 Honda Passport SUV 4WD

1997 Passports enjoyed the addition of extra equipment. The dashboards were reworked midseason, adding airbags for both the driver and passenger. Shift-on-the-fly for the 4-wheel-drive system arrived, and all 1997 Passports had the V6 engine, which was now a fabulous 190 horsepower. Four-wheel anti-lock braking was available on the 4WD EX model. points out that 1997 Honda Passport does not have the typical, and expected, Honda reliability.

5. 2006 Honda Pilot

2006 Honda Pilot

This was a fantastic car suitable for family life. It had typical Honda reliability. Whilst the interior is not especially spacious, it does accommodate 8 people. gave this car an impressive 82 %.

4. 2005 Honda CR-V SUV

2005 Honda CR-V SUV

The 2005 Honda CR-V was a true classic. This is an extremely comfortable car to drive. It fits nicely into the small size SUV category, where you get to sit up higher than other cars, can drive some places other cars can't but you don't have to feel like you are killing the environment when you are driving a Suburban. The RAC in Europe describes the CR-V as one of the best compact 4x4s to hit the scene in the early 21st century.

3. 2006 Honda CR-V

2006 Honda CR-V

Honda is aware that most people choose on off-road vehicle because it's more practical than a standard car and gives them a better view of the road. Coping with extreme terrain and steep inclines is not high on most peoples agenda. Like most modern 4x4s the CR-V is designed mainly for on-road use and with decent handling and precise steering, it is as comfortable driving around town as on the motorway. The cabin is robust and it is spacious inside. The large boot and some makes the 2006 CR-V a great family car. describes the 2006 Honda CR-V as their favorite vehicle. It’s reliable and packed with features which made it an excellent choice for a family car.

2. 2006 Honda Element

2006 Honda Element

The Element is a practical, no nonsense SUV. The all wheel drive is amazing in all weathers. Like all Honda’s the Element is extremely reliable and they last for many years. Consumer point out that the brakes were poor on the Element.

1. 1999 Honda CR-V SUV 4WD

1999 Honda CR-V SUV 4WD

Without a doubt, the 1999 Honda CR-V is a phenomenal vehicle. The CR-V is designed with the family in mind. Most SUV vehicles are never fully appreciated, and so Honda stripped back a lot of the unnecessary paraphernalia when designing the CR-V knowing that most 4x4 drivers just appreciate an elevated driving position and chunky good looks. Although it is equipped with an impressive four wheel drive system, the CR-V drives like a car. The CR-V was designed to appeal to those who need a car with the space to accommodate their leisure activities without the old fashioned image of an MPV or estate. Reviews on praise the 1999 CR-Vs reliability, dependability and quality workmanship.

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