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7 Cars Similar to Honda Fit (Competitors & Alternatives) - 2023 Updated

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A question may immediately pop into your head upon reading the headline of this article. More specifically, why should I bother looking for cars similar to Honda Fit? It’s a perfectly valid question if you’re unfamiliar with the Honda Fit, but there are indeed compelling reasons to seek out potential alternatives. Simply put, the Honda Fit is a practical wonder that makes daily commutes and vacation drives more comfortable and manageable.

Despite being a subcompact car, the Honda Fit offers a surprisingly spacious interior. Efficiency is another major selling point for this Honda creation, as it provides terrific fuel economy. Budget-conscious shoppers also loved the Honda Fit because it offered one of the best value propositions in the automobile market.

Did you notice that I used the past tense? Unfortunately, automobile enthusiasts and consumers looking for the Honda Fit have likely missed out on it already. It was discontinued in North America not too long ago.

Honda’s decision to discontinue the Fit is regrettable, but you can still find suitable alternatives. The Chevrolet Sonic and other cars like Honda remain widely available today. Continue with the rest of this article to learn more about the currently available Honda Fit alternatives and find the best option that suits your preferences!

Criteria for Comparing Cars to the Honda Fit

How did we identify the top Honda Fit competitors? We evaluate them based on specific criteria. The points of comparison we considered are detailed below.

  • Subcompact ConstructionAccording to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, a subcompact car has an “interior volume index greater than or equal to 85 cubic feet but less than 100 cubic feet.” The Honda Fit’s subcompact construction is one of its signature features, so we made sure to account for that.
  • Spacious Interior – Despite its subcompact construction, the Honda Fit has a spacious interior. We made sure to value that quality while searching for cars like Honda Fit.
  • Top-Notch Fuel Efficiency – The Honda Fit offers stellar fuel economy. It’s a stretch to say that a car is comparable to the Honda Fit if it lacks that quality.
  • Affordable Price Tag – Plenty of consumers fell in love with the Honda Fit because of its budget-friendly price tag. We did our best to find comparable options that fell into that same price range.
  • Smooth and Beginner-Friendly Handling – Equipped with a CTV transmission and various features designed to help drivers, the Honda Fit consistently offers a smooth ride. It’s also a great choice for folks still learning how to drive. The Honda Fit alternatives in this article also provide excellent handling.

Cars Similar to the Honda Fit

There’s no need to scour the inventories of car dealerships to find cars similar to Honda Fit. We’ve already done the bulk of the heavy lifting for you. Check out our picks in this section of the article.

7. The Fiat 500 Is the Honda Fit’s Visual Doppelganger

Fiat 500

The Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat, is famous for its lineup of small vehicles with impressive features. Their signature qualities are prominently featured in the Fiat 500.

Right away, you’ll notice that the Fiat 500 bears a striking resemblance to the Honda Fit. If you’re seeking cars like Honda Fit in terms of appearance, the Fiat 500 is your best bet. This doesn’t mean the two vehicles are identical twins because the Fiat 500 still features some distinctive Italian style.

The Fiat 500’s close resemblance to the Honda Fit is not the only reason it warrants your consideration. Its buttery smooth handling has also won over numerous drivers.

Still, the Fiat 500 cannot provide the same interior space as the Honda Fit. Its interior isn’t cramped by any means, but the available storage space leaves a lot to be desired.


  • Similar appearance to the Honda Fit
  • Handles remarkably well
  • Base models are available for around $16,300


  • Interior dimensions could be roomier upfront and at the rear

6. The Ford Fiesta Delivers Good Power at a Reasonable Price

Ford Fiesta

Throughout the U.S., the Ford brand is synonymous with high-quality products and innovative technologies. The folks over at Ford have never shied away from pushing the envelope, and the Fiesta is yet another example of that.

Since the Ford Fiesta comes with various customizable features, you should be able to find a model that meets your exact preferences. Whether you place more value on top-end speed, handling, or safety features, the Ford Fiesta can be altered to accommodate you.

Older variations of the Ford Fiesta are also quite affordable. Their price tags usually hover around the $14,000 to $15,000 range. You may have to pass on the newer models until their prices drop.

Cargo space inside the Ford Fiesta is unlike what you’ll see in the Honda Fit. There’s a decent amount of space up front, but the rear area could be roomier.


  • Highly customizable subcompact car
  • Older models have reasonable prices that start at $14,000
  • Suitable for new and experienced drivers


  • Space is lacking in the rear portion of the vehicle

5. The Hyundai Accent Boasts Solid Fuel Economy without Sacrificing Performance

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai fans love the distinctive styling of their vehicles. You’re getting that and so much more in the Hyundai Accent.

The standout quality of the Hyundai Accent is its fuel economy. With a fuel economy of 31 to 32 mpg, the Accent is a great choice for commuters trying to avoid getting squeezed by fluctuating prices at the pump.

You can enjoy that fuel economy knowing that it doesn’t compromise the performance of the Hyundai Accent. It handles well and deftly navigates urban landscapes. Beginners should be able to pick up on its handling without much trouble.

Sadly, there is no hatchback option available for the Hyundai Accent. That’s a big part of why it cannot offer the same space the Honda Fit does.


  • Fuel economy of 31 to 32 mpg
  • Excels in city settings
  • The price tag hovers in the range of $15,000 to $16,500


  • The lack of a hatchback option compromises interior space

4. The Chevrolet Spark Is a Nimble Wonder with a Budget-Friendly Price Tag

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet has an established track record of producing high-quality yet affordable vehicles, and the Spark is another shining example of that. You can find older versions of the Chevrolet Spark that are available for around $12,500. Even the newer versions of the Spark are typically priced close to $13,500.

Beyond its price tag, the Chevrolet Spark wows automobile enthusiasts with its handling. The Spark is easy to handle, no matter what transmission option you choose. Put it high up on your shopping list if you’re seeking a suitable vehicle for your child.

The Spark offers a decent amount of interior space, but it is lacking compared to the Honda Fit. The space available should still be suitable for vacation outings.


  • Very affordable price tag, especially for slightly older variations
  • Nimble handling
  • Available for around $12,500


  • Interior is noticeably smaller compared to the Honda Fit

3. The Toyota Yaris Is a Practical Purchase in More Ways Than One

Toyota Yaris

You’re likely getting a Toyota vehicle because you want something that will provide consistent performance for several years. You’re probably purchasing the Yaris because you want something similar to the Honda Fit.

Within this collection of cars similar to Honda Fit, the Toyota Yaris stands out due to its spacious interior. It’s likely the closest you’ll get to a subcompact car that replicates the dimensions of the Honda Fit’s spacious cabin. The difference in space is hardly noticeable.

Budget-conscious consumers will also be fans of the Toyota Yaris. Its price hovers around $15,500 to $16,500, making it a smart purchase for anyone avoiding a heavy financial commitment. The Yaris yields even more value by being highly efficient. The fuel economy ratings for this subcompact car are pretty good.

Do note that this is not a car suitable for beginners. It can be hard to handle for new drivers, so consider another option if you’re shopping for your child.


  • Interior dimensions comparable to the Honda Fit
  • Still an affordable subcompact car
  • Decent fuel economy compared to alternatives


  • Difficult handling makes it unsuitable for new drivers

2. The Kia Rio Presents a Terrific Value Proposition

Kia Rio

Producing efficient and practical automobiles has always been central to Kia’s operations. The Kia Rio embodies the signature traits of its manufacturer remarkably well.

Focus on the front portion of the Rio, and you’ll find that its dimensions are similar to the Honda Fit. You lose some room at the rear part of the Rio, but its hatchback variant does offer more space. Despite that caveat, the Rio is still one of the more spacious Honda Fit alternatives.

The Kia Rio is a good starter car for new drivers. With a price tag that starts around $14,000 for older models, the Kia Rio is more accessible to teenagers.

Performance is a weak point for the Kia Rio. You can find numerous other subcompact cars that easily exceed its performance. That may be a deal-breaker for more than a few shoppers.


  • Spacious interior that’s very similar to the Honda Fit
  • Older models available for around $14,000
  • Boasts a combined fuel economy of 36 mpg


  • Beat out by other subcompact cars in the performance department

1. The Chevrolet Sonic Is the Ideal Alternative to the Honda Fit

Chevrolet Sonic

Finally, we arrive at the vehicle that serves as the best alternative to the Honda Fit, and it is none other than the Chevrolet Sonic. The qualities people typically value in the Honda Fit are found in this Chevrolet offering.

The interior space inside the Sonic is more than adequate, especially when you put the rear seat up. It also features a combined fuel economy of 31 mpg, which is more than suitable for everyday use. With a starting price tag that hovers around $15,500, the Chevrolet Sonic is a reasonable purchase for new and experienced drivers alike.

Count on the Chevrolet Sonic to provide consistently smooth rides. True to its name, the Chevrolet Sonic can also start zooming if you tap into its full potential.

The Sonic could benefit from more driver-assistance features, but that is a minor quibble for many automobile enthusiasts.


  • Roomy cabin
  • The starting price is around $15,500
  • One of the faster subcompact cars available today


  • Could use more driver-assistance features

Are You Trying to Determine Which Car Suits You Best?

Any one of the vehicles listed above will be a good fit for enthusiasts looking for cars similar to Honda Fit. You should focus on the Chevrolet Sonic if you value the Honda Fit’s strong points. It’s also a strong performer that can delight more experienced drivers. The Chevrolet Sonic will work well for regular commutes and long drives.

If you’re working with a tight budget, you should prioritize looking for the Chevrolet Spark. The Toyota Yaris is a great pick-up for those hoping to get a subcompact car with spacious dimensions.

Don’t forget to take your chosen vehicle for a test drive before finalizing your purchase. Get a feel for how it handles and ensure that it suits you in that regard.

FAQs on Honda Fit Competitors and Alternatives

What Car Is Closest to a Honda Fit?

The Chevrolet Sonic is the closest alternative to the Honda Fit because it has a spacious interior, an affordable price tag, and high-end performance-related features. Its smooth performance is also reminiscent of the Honda Fit.

Why Was Honda Fit Discontinued?

According to this article from Car and Driver, Honda decided to drop the Fit due to “slow sales.” Sales of the Honda Fit plunged in 2020, which was reason enough for its manufacturer to discontinue the line.

Is Honda Fit Replacing Honda Jazz?

Although the Honda Fit has been discontinued in North America, this subcompact can still be found in other parts of the world. The Honda Fit has even replaced the long-running Jazz line in some countries.

Which Is Better Honda Fit or Honda Jazz?

Honda is replacing the Jazz with the Fit due in large part to the latter’s superior performance. The more rounded appearance of the Honda Fit is also a stark departure from the signature Jazz design.

The Chevrolet Sonic Is the Unofficial Successor of the Honda Fit

The Honda Fit may no longer be available in North America, but the Chevrolet Sonic is there to fill the void it left behind. Check out the Chevrolet Sonic models available at your local dealership if you want the top Honda Fit alternative.

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