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A Closer Look at The 2022 Kia Rio

2022 Kia Rio

Kia's subcompact sedan, the 2022 Rio, boasts a new package of technology that continues to evolve without breaking the piggy banks of interested consumers. With a base price of $16,250 USD for the Rio LX model, the inline 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine sedan features the intelligent variable automatic transmission (IVT), as well as a tilt steering wheel with mounted audio controls. The six-way adjustable driver's seat and air conditioning are also included as a standard edition to this particular model. The infotainment system includes an eight-inch touchscreen display that has the rear camera convenience when the driver has the car in reverse. All the technological features such as Android, Apple, and Bluetooth capabilities are also standard, as are the powered door locks and windows. The side-view mirrors are heated to help fend off frost so that they are viewable during colder environmental conditions.

About Kia

On June 9, 1944, originally as Kyungsung Precision Industry, Kia first started out as a producer of bicycle parts and steel tubing. In 1951, it brought to its home nation, Korea, its first bicycle. A year later, Kia Industries became the new company name. In Korean, Kia means rising, which in this company's case, that's exactly what was happening. From humble beginnings to its growth, it's been a roller coaster ride. In 1997, Kia declared bankruptcy but was acquired by a fellow Korean, Hyundai Motor Company as a major stakeholder. At the same time, Kia has minority shares among some of Hyundai's subsidiaries. This arrangement allows both Korean automotive companies to work as one, but maintain their own brand identities in the makes and models of their vehicles. Despite the separate brand identities, because Hyundai and Kia are one, the platforms featured in Kia's lineup of automobiles, including the 2022 Rio, are the same as Hyundai's. The Hyundai equivalent to the 2022 Rio is the 2022 Hyundai Accent. Kia's 2022 Rio is mostly a good value for the money. It is among the last of the sub-compact cars still being made in North American. According to Motor Trend, there is the appreciation that Kia continues to support entry-level buyers who'd rather have a smaller automobile affordably priced compared to larger models like the Forte series.

2022 Rio LX Highlights

The exterior color options of the 2022 Rio LX models are Aurora Black, Clear White, and Silky Silver while the interior of the car is black tricot with woven cloth. These models measure 172.6 inches long and 67.9 inches wide, with a height of 57.1 inches. The wheelbase measures 101.6 inches and there is a ground clearance of 5.5 inches. In the front, the headroom is 38.9 inches, the shoulder room is 54.1 inches, the hip room is 52.9 inches, and the legroom is 42.1 inches. The rear is 37.4 inches in headroom space, 53.3 inches in shoulder room space, 52.4 inches in hip room space, and 33.5 inches in legroom space. The overall passenger volume is 89.9 cubic feet and the cargo volume when the rear seat is upright is 13.7 cubic feet. 2,767 pounds is Rio's curb weight.

Exterior Specifications

The front exterior of the 2022 Rio is designed to be boldly adventurous with its black mesh radiator grille that features silver accents and the color of the door handles match the color choice of the vehicle, whether it be the Acura black, clear white, or silky silver. To help control the heating elements of the sun during hotter days, the solar control glass aims to keep the interior of the car from getting too warm for comfort. As for the steel wheels, they are measured at fifteen inches with full modern covers and the tires are measured at 185/65R15 each.

Performance Specifications

The 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine of the 2022 Rio has a displacement of 1,598 ccs and a sixteen-valve dual overhead cam train. The compression ratio is 11.2:1 and it is a multi-point injection fuel delivery system. At 6,300 revs per minute, the 2022 Rio is capable of an output of 120 horsepower. The car's torque performance is 112 pounds-per-foot at 4,500 revs-per-minute. When it comes to fuel economy, the Rio is rated at thirty-three miles per gallon for city driving, forty-one miles per gallon for highway driving, and thirty-six miles per gallon combined, all based on a full 11.9-gallon tank. The 2022 Rio is a front-wheel-drive with an intelligent variable automatic transmission and its suspension features the trademarked MacPherson struts, as well as gas shock absorbers and stabilizer bar in the front, and a coupled torsion beam axle with twin-tube shock absorbers in the back. All the standard safety protocols and systems to comply with the governmental regulations are in place, as well as a ten-year, 100,000-mile warranty program.

2022 Rio S Highlights

At $16,890 USD, the Rio S models have all the same characteristics as the Rio LX models, but there are a few exceptions. For starters, it has the remote keyless entry, plus the lane-keeping assist program and the lane following assist program. There are also more color varieties for the Rio S models such as Aurora Black, Clear White, Currant Red, Silky Silver, Sporty Blue, and Steel Grey. The seat trim is black tricoat with woven cloth for the red, white, and blue variants of the S series while it's a gray tricot with woven cloth for the black, gray, and silver variants. As for the wheels, instead of steel, it's alloy.


Available as add-ons to the KIA 2022 Rio include an automatic temperature control system for the car's interior, as well as access to the Sirius satellite radio stations. There is also the forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection assist program and the Smart key push-button start.

Kia's Commitment

Perhaps knowing what it's like to be financially strapped from its bankruptcy experience, Kia continues to cater to consumers who seek affordable automobiles to suit their needs. With the 2022 Kia Rio seeming to be the last of its kind, at least as a sub-compact automobile, this seems to have brought about a level of appreciation, both from consumers and critics alike. Kia has come a long way since its 1997 bankruptcy, as well as working closely with Hyundai to ensure the future of Kia and its future in the manufacturing of automobiles remains a bright one. Hopefully, the Rio will continue as a line, or at least serve as an inspiration to keep the sub-compact automobiles coming as there still is demand for these little guys.

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