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A Closer Look at the 2022 Kia K5

2022 Kia K5

If you are interested in a sporty mid-size sedan, you may like the 2022 Kia K5. The 2022 Kia K5 came in as a replacement for the Kia Optima. Some of the features introduced in the car include navigation on the GT-Line, EX, and GM trims, a surround-view monitor, and more wireless chargers. Although it resembles a sports car, its design mimics an SUV. For instance, the car is wider, lower, and longer than other Kia models. Lastly, its headlights stretch from the grille toward the outside corners. Ultimately, its design makes this sedan a thing of beauty. As a driver, you are probably more interested in its functionality than its appearance. So without further ado, here are four features that will leave this car sold out.


This sedan uses a front-wheel drive transmission system. The system provides power to the car's front wheels and none to the rear wheels. With its unique transmission system, many people seem not to be fond of it. According to Jalopnik, most drivers grew up with rear-wheel drive cars and viewed them as inherently better than four-wheel-drive cars. However, a four-wheel drive has some advantages. First, the system is good for fuel economy. In this system, the engine only transmits power to the front wheels and none to the rear wheels. This means it conserves the fuel it would have used to power all the wheels. Also, the system offers a more balanced weight distribution throughout the car. Due to the weight distribution, the car remains stable at all times. That means you could make a turn without worrying about rolling due to instability.

Crash Test Result

It becomes unfortunate when you are involved in an accident. Some drivers may worry about the state of their car. However, it is more important to be concerned about your safety than the car. So, what would happen if you were involved in an accident with this sedan? Fortunately, this car has an overall rating of 5. Some engineers use the rating to mean different things. But, according to Motor Authority, a crash test should consider three areas: a frontal crash, side-impact crash, and a rollover crash. Unfortunately, some engineers rate a car based on conducting only a frontal crash, which means they will have an inaccurate rating. With a rating of 5, the driver and passengers in this car will sustain minor injuries. So, it does not matter whether they hit an object in front of them, an object hits the side of the car, or the car rolls. Though you may sustain minor injuries in this car, you still need to go to a hospital. After all, a minor injury could become a major injury if left unattended. Also, some injuries are hard to detect, which means a doctor should examine you.

Cruise Control-Steering Assist

Drivers get tired, especially during a long journey. They could stop to rest, but they would arrive late at their destination. Fortunately, the driver does not need to stop the car to rest with cruise control. Cruise control is a feature that imitates how humans drive. Let's think of it as the sedan's autopilot. The feature, therefore, drives your car through the use of its sensors. Cruise control will accelerate or brake the car depending on the number of cars in front. Since it uses the fuel it needs, the feature improves the car's fuel economy. According to Kia, cruise control saves about 7-14% on gas. Besides driving your car, the feature ensures your car stays within your lane. Unfortunately, the cruise control feature sometimes pushes the driver out of their lane in other cars. By being out of the lane, there is a likelihood of being hit by another car in the other lane. Luckily, with this car, it can drive by itself while still staying in the same lane.

Eight-Speed Transmission

This is yet another feature that improves the fuel economy of this car. In most cars with a six-speed transmission, the sixth gear is the only one drivers can use to consume less fuel. However, in an eight-speed transmission system, the driver has two high gears they can use to consume less fuel: the seventh and the eighth. With two high gears, there is a chance that a driver may not need to use the low gears, which consume a lot of fuel. As a result, the driver can drive at high speeds with any two gears and not worry about consuming a lot of fuel. Another benefit of this transmission system is that it gives the car high torque. Torque is useful, especially when you are about to approach an object. With a high torque, you will be able to swerve swiftly to avoid hitting the object. Additionally, a high torque is necessary when overtaking another car. When you overtake a car, you need enough power to turn and go ahead of the car, something this car offers. Lastly, the transmission system also provides a high acceleration for this car. You would typically press harder on the gas pedal to take off in a six-speed transmission. That means you need significant effort to power your car. So, in case of any danger, a car would hit you before you even begin moving. Fortunately, you can take off with minimal effort with this sedan's eight-speed transmission. All you have to do is lightly tap on the gas pedal to begin moving.


What's not to like about the 2022 Kia K5 sedan? Its appearance alone is enough to drive you to buy the car. However, a good driver considers functionality besides its beauty. Luckily, the car delivers in terms of functionality and beauty. Since it is sporty, the car has all the right things going for it. So it is no surprise that the car has one of the most powerful torques and acceleration. Even though people value torque and acceleration for racing, these aspects are important in traffic. For instance, these aspects save your life significantly. If you were about to hit another car, you would be able to swerve and accelerate away from the object. So, if you want to minimize such accidents, this is the car to get.

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