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A Closer Look at the 2022 Kia EV6

2022 Kia EV6

The EV6 from Kia is a dual-motored crossover that owes its unique look and design to special paint, badging, and an augmented reality head-up display. It also has a remote parking assist system, a sunroof, twenty-inch wheels, and a premium audio system. It's among an impressive lineup of Kia's 2022 automobiles that has been demonstrating yet again the company's boldness when it comes to making an impression. Founded on June 9, 1944, South Korea's Kia Corporation originally started out as Kyungsung Precision Industry and Kia Motors Corporation, which became stylized as KIA. Headquartered in Seoul, it sits just behind Hyundai as the nation's largest automobile manufacturer. In 1951, it was Kia that introduced the first bicycle manufactured in South Korea before venturing into Honda-licensed motorcycle production and Mazda-licensed cars and trucks. This integrated manufacturing facility began in 1973 and ran smoothly until the nation fell in 1981 to a new dictator, Chun Doo-hwan. With new laws put in place, this forced Kia to focus on truck production only. It wouldn't start manufacturing cars again until 1986 when it partnered with Ford.


Kia was one of the casualties resulting from the Asian financial crisis as it filed for bankruptcy in 1997. A deal was then struck in 1998 with Hyundai to diversify where both companies wound up owning minority shares of the other. Since then, Kia's financial outlook and influence as a world-class automobile production company have blossomed.

A Closer Look at EV6

According to Kelley Blue Book's review, the 2022 Kia EV6 is the boldest the company has made so far as it makes its official entry into the electric vehicle market as a subcompact crossover hatchback. Its design is a high-rider automobile with a sleek and stylish that looks like an alien among the entire roster of Kia's automobiles they've ever put into production so far. The EV6 platform is identical to Hyundai's Ioniq 5 EV unit and is an all-electric automobile that also offers the optional feature of autonomous driving. The $58,500 USD priced, 1,500 limited edition of Kia's EV6 First Edition models all sold within just a single day. There is a 576-horse-powered GT version coming up, but not until late 2022. A base model is a rear-wheel-drive unit that has an output of 167 horsepower. The batteries that run the car are made from eighty percent nickel, ten percent cobalt, and ten percent manganese. There are also two different strength levels between these batteries that are dependent on how performant the driver wishes the EV6 to be. There is the fifty-eight kilowatts per hour battery and the 77.2 kilowatts per hour battery. The higher level of these two batteries is paired with a single motor to boost its output up to 218 horsepower. Pair up the larger battery and this creates a 313 horse-powered, all-wheel-drive automobile that can burst to sixty miles per hour just a hair over five seconds. Kia's EV6 GT version is slated to be an all-wheel-drive model that has two motors and a rear unit that generates 362 horsepower on its own.

This is a combination that allows it to run at a whopping 576 horsepower output that can go from zero to sixty miles per hour slightly under three and a half seconds. These units are expected to reach around three hundred miles, based on a fully charged battery. The EV6's 114.2-inch long wheelbase promises to deliver optimal riding quality, thanks to the battery's placement under the car floor, which allows a lower center of gravity for better stability and handling. With lots of luxurious room, that benefits from a uniquely designed front seat that uses an ultra-light steel frame and thin-framed rear seating layout allows for a free-standing center console. The dashboard's twelve-inch screen arrangement has something designed specifically for driver information while also serving as the car's infotainment system. All materials used in the seating are made from recycled plastic. When the rear seats are folded forward, this allows the luggage measurement area of 27.7 cubic feet an increase to a cargo space of 53.5 cubic feet. There is also small storage available underneath the seating as well. The concept behind Kia's EV6 exterior design features headlights and taillights with all LED bulbs and has markings considerably different than anything seen in vehicles so far. The tailgate kicks up in a manner to serve as a rear spoiler, which also has a hands-free operational option for buyers interested in the upgrade. Front and rear overhangs are kept short to serve as a better stance for the EV and have installed a flush-fitting door handle as an improved means of interior space management. The wheels are made with alloy and are sized anywhere from nineteen to twenty-one inches.

Additional Features

An 800-volt charger featured with the EV6 allows the battery's capacity to jump from ten percent to eighty percent in less than eighteen minutes when connected to a special DC charging unit. This means the car can travel a range of 210 miles. It also has an electrical outlet inside the cabin that will allow other electronics to plug into it. In addition to these features designed for the EV unit, all the standard features that have been included in all vehicles such as remote start systems, roadside assistance contracts, integration setups, and other mechanical and safety systems are also in each of the 2022 Kia EV6 models. In addition to the mentioned features, there is also the consideration of how extreme cold can have on a battery's life. There is a heat pump inside each EV6 unit that transfers heat from its coolant system straight into the battery, which helps it retain some of that heat when it sits idle.

Kia's Outlook

With the trend leaning more in favor of producing electric vehicle units, Kia's campaign seeks new ways to do its part to reduce emissions while at the same time helping consumers fend off the rising cost of fuel consumption. While some critics find the 2022 EV6 series on the pricey side with a base cost of $45,000 USD, it boils down to supply, demand, and quality. Is this car worth it? According to Car Wow, yes it is.

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