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Why The Kia Stinger is an Underrated Car

Kia Stinger

Kia is a famous car company, and consumers choose them for a variety of different reasons. In fact, they have won more awards than many other car companies, including Best Global Brand, for six years and Kelly Blue Book's Most Awarded Brand in 2017. Even though the company isn't on the cutting edge like many other car companies, Kia's cars are straightforward while still staying on-trend with current technology. Additionally, they have many options that suit all drivers, from families to those wanting a sleek ride for city streets. So, when people want to get the best value for their money without sacrificing safety, chances are they choose a Kia. However, not all models are successful. One, in particular, The Kia Stinger, is a highly underrated car.

Upsides and downsides

The Stinger is overall similar to the Genesis G70 sedan despite not being on a luxury label. Both vehicles are rear-wheel drive, but the G70 is sleeker with a shorter wheelbase. Because of the similarities and almost identical prices, both cut into the other profit margins. Additionally, it has a roomy hatchback, so you can fit much more into the vehicle than you'd expect. Kia first started manufacturing the car in 2018. However, two years later, rumors began swirling that the car was going to be discontinued. It's not surprising, considering it had few sales. According to Motor Trend, halfway through 2020, less than 3,000 units sold. This number is substantially less than the 16,506 units sold in 2018 when the model was first released. Each review you see on the vehicle seems to have as many upsides as it does downsides. In 2020, Motor Biscuit ran an article about reasons why you should purchase one but couldn't resist pointing out some of its more glaring flaws.

In the article, Gabrielle DeSantis talked about the price of $45,000, just shy of $5,000 more than the Toyota Camry. Yet, they quickly pointed out the vehicle is half the price of a BMW 7 Series, interesting because the two cars aren't in the same class. Another thing that consistently comes up about the Kia Stinger is the power and performance. When people purchase a sports couple, typically, they want something with speed and maneuverability. So, despite the Kia Stinger having better maneuverability than other models, it doesn't have the oomph to impress people who want style and speed. Another contributing factor to Kia's low sales is that it's consistently put in the wrong class of vehicles. Overall, it suits people who want practicality and some luxury. However, the company is trying to market it alongside the Audi S5 and BMW 3 Series. Even though the company wanted to sell it as a luxury vehicle, consumers aren't changing their minds when they hear Kia; they still associate the company with form and function.

Not much for the price

Even with all the positive press for Kia, many people steer clear of the vehicles because they feel like they lack power. According to Hot Cars, Kia's are the go-to for economy cars many typically believe their offerings are limited to boxy sedans. So, even though the Kia Stinger is well-liked by critics, consumers are still leary. Practicality is something many people look for in a vehicle, and this vehicle delivers. It goes above, and beyond the typical power and performance you'd expect from a Kia and has a lot of cargo room. Yet, it doesn't stack up to other sedans people typically purchase for these features. Essentially, the Kia Stinger is a pretty package with a subpar gift inside. Some may think that the low sales are directly related to the pandemic. However, even the year before, very few models sold. It's disappointing that even though a vehicle has all the right components, there's just too much lacking for it to be a huge success.

Still trying

Despite the mixed reviews and low sales volume, Kia hasn't completely thrown in the towel. According to THe Drive (), the company is working on giving the Stinger a facelift. Some of their ideas include making the body more streamlined as well as adding some premium options. For the 2022 version, the company added an all-wheel-drive option. Yet, it also increases the price tab by almost $15,000 higher than the standard 300 horsepower line priced at $37,135. All models have a technology upgrade, including an infotainment display with a 10.25-inch touchscreen and Kia's Drive Wise technology. According to JD Power, Kia also made somebody changes. The suspension is raised approximately six inches. The company also tried to market it to a different audience with a campaign in the woods, hoping to appeal to the outdoor set. All of this still doesn't seem like it's making a dent in overall sales. After all, many people who like to spend time in the great outdoors prefer a vehicle that is more rugged and all-terrain.

Final thoughts

Rumors are still flying that car production will cease on the Stingers. The company is even rumored to be starting a new line called the Kia EV6. With everything going on with this model and lack of attention, it may be time for engineers to think of a completely different concept. Sadly, this car will never be remembered and sought after. It's been mismarketed and pretty much all over the place with advertising and target audience. Although you want to like it and choose it over models like a Toyota Camry, it just doesn't have the staying power or history of models. Will it or won't it survive? Only consumers can make that decision. However, it's just as likely they will choose a similar model from another company that doesn't have so many quirks and flaws.

Benjamin Smith

Written by Benjamin Smith

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