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A Closer Look at the 2022 Honda Pilot

2022 Honda Pilot

Whether you are seeking comfort as a driver or passenger, the 2022 Honda Pilot is the best car you can get. By comfort, we are talking about its leather seats and the 8-way power driver's seat system. Have you ever sat on a car seat and found it too hot or too cold? If so, the chair was likely not made from leather. Leather is a material that quickly dissipates heat and cold, making it ideal for all weather types. As for the 8-way power driver seat, the driver can adjust their seat in 8 different positions for comfort (forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, etc.). Is the comfort of the seats all that this car has to offer? Definitely not; here are other features that make this car worth buying.

Wheel Type

This brand uses all-season wheels. All-season wheels contain specific tread patterns and rubber compounds which make the car suitable for wet conditions and hot and cold temperatures. On a rainy day, you will be able to drive this car without skidding. This is because the treads on its wheels allow the water to escape beneath them. As a result, the wheels will prevent water accumulation around them which causes loss of traction hence the skidding. All wheels need a standard pressure of 32-35psi to run. Hot and cold temperatures affect the pressure of wheels. High temperature causes the air to increase, while low temperature causes the air to decrease. Whichever the temperature, the wheels will burst due to the pressure changes. You will not need to worry about your wheels skidding or bursting by buying this car.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

There is nothing as worrisome as a driver attempting to brake on ice or trying to avoid hitting another vehicle during a critical moment. It usually happens when they are trying to stop after over-speeding. The car heads on straight and collides with another object in most instances. Suppose the driver were to steer while braking, the car would roll. Since the 2022 Honda Pilot 2022 uses an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which makes it easier to brake. ABS is a braking technology that helps drivers steer away from an object as they brake. Generally, it prevents wheels from locking up. When braking, you need to apply firm pressure to the brake pedal. While your foot is on the pedal, repeatedly tap as you steer to safety.

V6 Engine

This car uses a V6 engine. A V6 engine contains six-cylinder engines that are arranged to form a V configuration. The cylinders share a common crankshaft. A crankshaft is essentially the backbone of the internal combustion engine. When it rotates, it causes the cylinders to move. The movement then results in cylinders using pistons to allow air and petrol and compressing them to generate energy. Some cars use V4 engines. So, is there any significant difference between V6 and V4 engines? Certainly. For instance, V6 engines have wider cylinders. Due to the width and more cylinder numbers, the car has excellent engine displacement. Engine displacement allows the engines to generate more power. With high engine displacement, this car has faster acceleration and torque. Basically, this car would be ideal for safari rallies.

Idle-Stop System

As a driver, experiencing traffic jams is nothing new to them. Traffic jams, however, become a problem for drivers when they are long. Besides getting physically and mentally exhausted from the traffic, your engine continues running, causing fuel wastage. Another typical instance of fuel wastage occurs when a driver is ready to leave for a place with family. Unfortunately, some drivers turn on the car before the family members are prepared. The driver is then forced to switch off the vehicle. Could there be a system whereby the car switches off by itself when not in use? Yes, there is, and it is known as the idle-stop system. Thanks to this feature, the 2022 Honda Pilot switches off your engine when not in use. So even when you stop briefly for a few minutes, the car switches off your engine. As a result, you save on gas since your trips to the petrol station will be shortened. Apart from saving money, you also save the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the air. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps heat from the Sun, leading to global warming. Therefore, if you are an environmentalist, this is the car to consider.

Stabilizer Bar

We saw how ABS prevents this car from rolling. Another feature that stops your car from rolling is the stabilizer bar. The stabilizer bar is a U-shaped steel bar that connects all the vehicle's front wheels. When a driver makes a sharp turn, your body moves towards the outside of the turn. As for the car itself, its body also rolls towards the outside of the turn. If the car did not have a stabilizer bar, the car would flip over. Such a car rolls because more weight was put on the outside wheels and less on the inside wheels. The stabilizer bar keeps the car's body flat by moving force from one side of the body to the other. As a result, the wheels move along a straight path simultaneously. It, therefore, does not interfere with steering. To prevent the car from rolling towards the outside, the stabilizer bar causes the wheels to move downwards. When the wheels get into contact with the road, the car remains stable even when you turn.


The 2022 Honda Pilot is an SUV model is very beneficial. Its manufacturers designed it in such a way it can save the driver's life. Its all-season wheels and a stabilizer bar are proof of that. Also, the car consumes minimal petrol through the idle-stop feature. We have understood a lot about its functionality, but what about its outward appearance? This car is beautiful since it comes in the following colors: black forest pearl, dark cherry pearl, white diamond pearl, obsidian blue pearl, and many more. Besides its colors, the car has twenty-inch alloy wheels with machine-finished faces. Of course, if you are not happy with the car, you can always buy accessories from Honda and customize your vehicle based on your preference.

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