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A Closer Look at the 2022 Honda CR-V

2022 Honda CR-V

The 2022 Honda CR-V was ranked the third-best SUV of 2022. Its position is based on several features which make it easy and convenient to drive. For instance, the car has five seats. It is therefore ideal for people with large families. Besides the number of seats, the seats offer plenty of legroom. People also praise the car because of its fast acceleration. That means you will only need to tap lightly on the gas pedal to move. To further understand this SUV, it would be best if we identified some of its features. By understanding its features, we will be able to understand how it functions efficiently.

Child Seat Anchors

If you have a baby, then you will be grateful for this car's child safety feature. The SUV has a safety feature called Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH). LATCH has lower U-shaped anchors in the car's seat crack. Additionally, it has a tether anchor behind the car seat. To secure your child with LATCH, ensure they are in their baby seat. Once your baby is in their seat, link the tether anchor with the U-shaped anchors to secure the baby. Therefore, you can drive over high bumps without your child falling off their seat.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

In most cars, the brake responds based on the force you apply to the brake pedal. For instance, the car will stop quickly if you step on the brake to the end. However, most drivers do not apply enough force to the brake and yet expect it to stop abruptly. Mercedes-Benz confirmed this behavior by drivers in 1992 while they were conducting research using a driving simulator. Since that is a mistake some drivers make, this SUV has an EBA. With this EBA, you only need to tap lightly on the brake pedal, and the car will stop with sufficient force. EBA pushes the brake pedal to the floor on the driver's behalf. The feature will work as long as you keep your foot on the brake pedal.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACC is a system that automatically controls the car's braking and acceleration. The driver can activate this feature by pressing the button on the steering wheel. Driving can be exhausting. Sometimes drivers get tired after driving for long distances without resting. In cars without ACC, the driver would switch seats with someone else. Fortunately, you do not need to switch seats with anybody when you drive this SUV. ACC drives the car for you. ACC matches the speed of your car with the one in front of it. So, for instance, if a vehicle in front of you stops, your car will also stop. It is, therefore, able to detect objects in front of the car and adjust accordingly. Besides chauffeuring you, ACC is also good for fuel economy. For instance, it only generates the power it needs based on its surroundings. Without ACC, most drivers typically consume a lot of fuel by accelerating frequently.

Direct Injection

Direction injection is a technology that allows fuel to be combusted when necessary, resulting in increased fuel economy and clean emissions. In most fuel delivery systems, the fuel gets into the combustion chamber via the intake. However, sometimes, the engine may not reach the combustion chamber due to the long path it has to take. In case the fuel does not reach the combustion unit, the engine would be unable to perform at its optimum level. As a result, the car will move with sudden jerks or lose power after acceleration. Fortunately, the SUV relies on direct injection, so you will hardly face such challenges with your engine. In direct injection, the fuel moves to the combustion directly. Once the combustion center receives the fuel, it controls its quantity. For instance, it can release just enough fuel to power your vehicle. As a result, the technology is helpful for fuel economy. Also, direct injection lowers the temperatures of the cylinders. Once they are cool, they can generate more energy. With high power, the car will have high torque and high acceleration. Torque and acceleration are essential for you to overtake a slow-moving truck. Without increased energy, you would collide with other vehicles from other lanes.

Traction Control

The greatest nightmare for a driver is when they have to drive on a snowy or rainy day. There are strong chances that their car is likely to lose traction, and they will end up hitting an object. Luckily, this SUV has a traction control feature. Traction control stops a car from losing traction by limiting how many times the wheel can spin. If a wheel spins uncontrollably, it is a sign it has lost traction. The feature will therefore prevent the wheels from turning unnecessarily. For traction control to work, you have to fit all four wheels with yaw sensors. Each sensor will monitor a wheel's movement. While it monitors the wheel's activity, it will also monitor your speeds. Traction control does not work alone. It works together with your anti-lock braking system (ABS) lock. They both work to increase traction, but the ABS lock does it differently. ABS lock keeps the wheels spinning while you brake to prevent them from locking up on you. If the wheels locked up on you, you would lose control of your car.


Honda understands what it takes to make a driver's work easy. For instance, if you are tired, you could let the car drive you for a while. It also saves you trips to the petrol station through direct injection. Most importantly, the SUV is designed to minimize your chances of getting into a road accident. This is important because it is road accidents are expensive. For instance, if you are seriously injured and admitted to the hospital, you will pay hefty medical fees. So, to avoid such an inconvenience, Honda introduced features that prevent you from being involved in a road accident like EBA, ACC, and traction control. But, remember, you could still be involved in an accident, so your discipline on the road is what will ultimately save you.

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