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A Closer Look at the 2022 Honda HR-V

2022 Honda HRV

The Japanese-based Honda Motor Company, Ltd. has become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 since reaching the production count of over 400 million bikes by the end of 2019. Currently, Honda's headquarters are located in the Minato region of Tokyo. In addition to Honda's conglomerate presence as a motorcycle manufacturer, it has also made quite an impact in the automobile industry as well. With over fourteen million automobiles sold each year, Honda has also become the Japanese nation's second-largest manufacturer as of 2001. Globally, Honda became the eighth largest as of 2015. When Honda introduced its Acura luxury brand in 1988, it was the first of its class coming out of Japan. It was also the first automobile manufacturer to become a net exporter from the United States as it exported over 100,000 of its lineup while only importing approximately 88,000 during the year 2013.


Honda's drive to succeed in whatever business venture it gets into has seen the company win several awards and critical acclaim over the years. While its top competitors struggle to dethrone Honda in automotive-related categories they seem to dominate in, Honda continues to make it look like their success story comes easy. In the category of crossover vehicles, the 2019 model of Honda's HR-V series was recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a top safety pick. While this honor has not been granted to the 2022 Honda HR-V models by IIHS, it has reached a four out of five-star rating by the likes of U.S. & World Report News.

2022 Honda HR-V

While the 2022 Honda HR-V subcompact crossover SUV may not have won any big awards yet, it's still considered a good vehicle of its class by enough reputable motor vehicle critics that seem to know their stuff. Review sites such as Kelley Blue Book have so far given this new model a mostly favorable score. The only issues of concern it expressed are not serious enough where Honda is unable to do anything about them. The 2022 lineup is no real change from the 2021 models. 2022 sees the eight different models that are included in the HR-V lineup that include the two-wheeled and all-wheeled drive versions of the LX series, the Sport series, the EX series, and the EX-L series.

The LX series are the basic models, which start at $21,420 USD with the Sport series being the next step up, starting at $23,370 USD. The EX series starts at $24,620 USD while the EX-L begins at $26,120 USD. The different model selections are based on the driver's preferences between the different features the 2022 Honda HR-V has to offer, as well as the price tag that comes along with it. Despite the differences in some of the features, they each share the output performance of 141 horsepower at 6,500 RPM, as well as 127 lb-ft at 4,300 RPM torque. The displacement is also the same at 1,799, as is the emission rating of Tier 3 Bin 70, and the bore and stroke of 81x87.3 millimeters. In compression ratio, each model is rated at 10.6:1. Each model also shares the Drive-by-Wire throttle system, multi-point programmed fuel injection system and Eco-assist system. For drivetrain specifics, each of the four model classes shares the continuously variable transmission (CVT) feature, as well as the ECON mode button. However, only the LX series has the front-wheel drive as a standard while the Sport series, EX series, and EX-L series each have the real-time AWD with the intelligent control system. It is also only with these three series that have the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. As for active safety features, passive safety features, chassis features, and the overall dimensions of the 2022 HR-V lineup, all of the model classes share the exact same characteristics.

In driver assist technology, each model class of the 2022 Honda HR-V series has features of adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping assist system, and automatic high beams. With the Sport, EX, and EX-L models, the Honda-trademarked LaneWatch blind-spot display system is also installed. What also sets the Sport models and the EX and EX-L touring models apart from the LX lineup is the standard fog light feature for the Sport model and the LED fog light feature for the two different EX models. It is also the Sport and two touring models that share the features of an exhaust finisher, mirror-integrated LED turn indicators, one-touch power moonroof with tilt feature, and roof rails. The front grille of the 2022 Honda HR-V is dark chrome for the LX, EX, and EX-L models while the Sport model is black chrome with a gloss black lower body garnish. The EX and EX-L series both have their lower body garnishes that match the rest of the vehicle's chosen color. It is also the only series that has the automatic on/off projector-beam LED headlights whereas the other models use halogen headlights. What also sets the LX models, Sport models, EX models, and EX-L models apart from each other are in the areas of comfort and convenience.

The automatic climate control with an air-filtration system is only featured in the Sport models and the two versions of the EX models, as is the case with the active noise cancellation feature, and the sporty black with chrome pedals. The Sport, EX, and EX-L models also have the proximity key entry system with the pushbutton start system. Among the EX and EX-L models only, there is an auto-dimming rearview mirror, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a display audio system with the trademarked HondaLink satellite-linked navigation that features a bilingual voice recognition system. The fuel economy for the four-wheel-drive version of the 2022 Honda HR-V models, namely the LX series, has the continuously variable transmission (CVT) as a standard. This sees a seven miles-per-gallon highway rating, an 8.4 miles-per-gallon city rating, and a 7.8 miles-per-gallon combined rating. As for the real-time all-wheel-drive CVT, the highway miles-per-gallon rating is 7.5 for the LX models, but 7.7 for the Sport, EX, and EX-L models. The miles-per-gallon rating for the city and combined for the LX series is 8.8 and 8.2, respectively. For the Sport, EX, and EX-L models, it is 9.1 miles-per-gallon for city and 8.5 miles-per-gallon combined.

2022 Honda HR-V Breakdown

Pending on a driver's preference level in comfort, convenience, and price point, the 2022 Honda HR-V promises to continue the tradition of delivering a quality, safe sub-compact crossover SUV that's designed for people and families on the go. Honda's reputation for bringing forth impressive lineups of trustworthy automobiles has been a longstanding one.

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