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20 Things You Didn't Know About VTS Inc.

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VTS Inc. is a company that specializes in providing a platform including software solutions for professionals in the real estate business. Anyone who is connected with this industry including brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders could benefit from learning more about the ways that VTS empowers brokers and landlords to attract tenants and retain assets through its resources. Here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about VTS Inc. that you might find useful.

1. VTS Inc is less than a decade old

The company was founded in 2012 by a group of 6 co-founders. Brandon Weber, Donald DeSantis, Karl Baum, Niall Smart, Nicholas Romito, and Ryan Masiello combined their ideas, expertise, and efforts to lay the groundwork for VTS Inc. If you haven't yet heard about it yet, you're not alone, but it is likely that that will change as it becomes more established and better known throughout the nation. VTS is headquartered in the city of its origin, New York City, New York.

2. VTS serves multiple industries

The products and solutions that VTS Inc. provides are useful across several different industries. Although mainly viewed as commercial real estate software, they also serve other sectors of the market. It falls under the categories of asset management, enterprise software, financial services, Real estate, SaaS, professional services, leasing, and software.

3. VTS Inc provides innovative software solutions

The software that VTS Inc provides its clients is used for centralizing the entirety of critical data as well as workflows within one location. This is an innovative tool that gives landlords and other real estate professionals access to data that helps them make the best possible decisions, not on assumptions, but instead upon hard facts that are drawn from the data.

4. VTS Inc has a solid user base

VTS provides its clients with an intuitive platform that is easy to use. This gives them modern tools that help them to function at the full potential in a digital age. The information needed is available for making more informed decisions faster. The client base includes Hines, JLL, CBRE, LaSalle Investment Management, Boston Properties, Beacon Capital Partners, Equity Office, and others. These are just a few of the large professional real estate companies that utilize the VTS platform.

5. VTS is a late-stage company

VTS is a late-stage venture company that has received 8 rounds of venture capital funding so far. The total amount raised is $187.4 million. The company raised $700,000 in a Seed round on June 29, 2012, followed by a second Seed round on May 6, 2013, raising $1 million. This was followed by a round of Series A funding that closed on August 21, 2014, raising an additional $6.5 million, and another round of Series A funding on January 31, 2015, bringing in $11 million. The next round on July 15, 2015, was a Series B round that raised an extra $21 million. On May 4, 2016, a round of Series C funding brought in $55 million, followed by the most recent round of Series D funding that closed on May 7, 2019, raising an additional $90 million.

6. The company has more than 2 dozen investors

VTS Inc. has received financial backing from multiple investors. There were 5 major venture capital firms leading the funding rounds and a total of 27 investors providing funding. Some of the major investors include Tishman Speyer, Brookfield Asset Management, Fifth Wall, Insight Partners, Trinity Ventures, Open View, Camber Creek, and others.

7. VTS is popular with LinkedIn members

We were impressed by the number of followers that VTS Inc has gathered on its LinkedIn page. These are other members of the site who follow the company to gain useful insights into its announcements and new products that are offered. So far, VTS Inc has a total of 5,713 followers and this shows that the word is beginning to spread about the usefulness of the products and solutions that it provides.

8. VTS is currently hiring

When checking out the LinkedIn page for VTS Inc, we saw that the company currently has several openings in the company. This is good news because it reflects the growth and a need for more staff to meet the demands that are being placed on the company. At our last visit, there were 21 job openings with most of them located in New York, New York, some in Los Angeles, California, and one in London, England in the United Kingdom.

9. VTS is a Proptech company

A more recent term that is used to describe companies that offer technology to businesses in the real estate business is Proptech. This is one of the descriptors used to explain the function of VTS Inc. We further learned that it is one of the fastest-growing companies of its kind. So far, there are over 750 landlords using the VTS platform to manage their leasing processes, tenants, and assets.

10. VTS has launched a new marketplace

We also discovered that VTS is regularly expanding the line of products that are offered to clients. Among their efforts includes a new marketplace that is called Truva. This marketplace is the first end to end leasing marketplace in the industry, and so far, it is the only one. This is a unique place where landlords can use the tools offered to market spaces that they have available with greater effectiveness and it will also assist tenant rep brokers as well as tenants in finding the most appropriate spaces they're searching for lease in an online format. Truva will save brokers and tenants a great deal of time and effort and it will do the same for landlords. In essence, it is moving the process to an online format where previously these activities were conducted offline and required phone calls, travel and in many instances, multiple contact calls or visits. It's an amazing tool for streamlining these processes for everyone involved.

11. VTS Inc offers free demos

VTS Inc provides excellent details about the benefits of the products that it offers with its online real estate management platform, but it takes things a step further. Any commercial real estate professional that would like to try out the software first is invited to do so. You can request a free demo by visiting to make sure that it is a good fit for your professional needs or organization.

12. Most VTS staff live in the United States

VTS has made the demographics of the company available to anyone who is interested in knowing the distribution. There is 251 staff working in the United States. Of this number, 218 of these employees live in the Greater New York City area. There are 6 workers in the Greater San Diego area, 6 in the San Francisco Bay area, 5 in Los Angeles, 3 in Boston, Massachusetts, and 2 in Chicago, Illinois. This shows how well the company is represented from coast to coast throughout the United States.

13. VTS Inc. is international

VTS Inc also has offices and workers distributed in other countries throughout the world. There are 12 in Canada with 9 of them in Toronto, and 3 living in other areas. There are 13 working in the United Kingdom with 11 in London, England. VTN is also represented by one staff member in the countries of Germany, Egypt, Denmark, and in the Sealand Region of Denmark.

14. VTS has an educated workforce

VTS Inc has also listed the educational institutions where many of their employees have earned their degrees. Among them, we were impressed by the number of prestigious universities represented. There is 7 staff who attended Stanford University, 6 from Boston University, 6 from Hofstra University, 5 from Rutgers University, 5 from Colgate University, 5 from Binghamton University, 5 from Flatiron School, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Virginia, each respectively, 4 from the University of Arizona, UC Berkeley, the U of Florida, Columbia Business School, and 4 from New York University. Worth mentioning, there are also 4 employees who graduated from Johns Hopkins University.

15. VTS is an award-winning company

VTS is a leader in technological solutions for asset management and leasing of commercial real estate. It has won first place in the customer relationship aspect of management and marketing. The company was named number one in CRM for the commercial real estate industry. This distinction was made at the CREtech Real Estate Tech Awards in 2018.

16. VTS is changing the face of real estate management

The software solutions that VTS provides for clients has been recognized as being cutting edge in customer relationship management and marketing. The innovations that are provided are playing an important role in the advancement of technology in the real estate industry. This has a tremendous potential for changing the way that the processes involved in the market are conducted. VTS' platform is helping in bringing about changes that are bringing more transactions into an online format. This was a high form of recognition. The judges that made the decision to make the award to VTS were those from venture capital firms and others in the commercial real estate industry.

17. VTS was named as a great place to work

Prior to receiving the CREtech Real Estate Tech Award, VTS received an honor of a different kind. This recognition addressed its work environment and the culture of the company. It was named to Crain's New York Business's Best Places to Work list. The company has evidenced a strong commitment to empowering its workers with a supportive and caring environment. 2018 was a year of recognition and acknowledgment for the company that had just been in operation for a scant 6 years at the time. This is almost unheard of, but the financial backing of its investors has made it possible for VTS to create a suitable and comfortable workplace with ample opportunities for advancement for staff members who are committed to the mission of providing excellence in the products they offer clients.

18. The scope of VTS business is massive

At last count, VTS managed over 10 billion square feet of space assets. This equals about 20 times the size of New York City. It serves over 35,000 users within the borders of the United States as well as abroad. VTN also serves 37 other countries throughout the world in converting leads to leases as well as helping to build asset strategies through the delivery of vital data. This is a lot of coverage. Within the last few years, VTS has added new products to its line of software tools that includes VTS MarketVeiw, which is a new generation of software that provides an analytics tool with real-time benchmarking.

19. VTS is a privately held company

VTS has not yet filed for its Initial Public Offering. The leaders have instead, decided to focus upon their strategies for spending the latest round of funding that resulted in an additional $90 million in venture capital. So far, it is still a privately owned company and has not yet gone public, so you won't see shares available on the stock market. It's definitely a company to keep your eye on though because we believe that it will file an IPO in the not too distant future.

20. VTS is a unicorn

VTS Inc. didn't need to go public to achieve unicorn status. The last round of venture capital funding amounted to $90 million. This pushed the valuation of the company past the $1 billion dollar level. It has achieved a high degree of success and it now joins the exclusive group of startups that have reached this lofty goal. Investors were correct in their predictions that VTS would rise to the expectations as the total amount of investment has been just $187.4 million. We expect the Return on Investment to be substantial in the future.

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