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The 20 Best Work from Home Companies


Since the beginning pandemic of 2020, an increasing number of Americans have been working from home. A survey released by FlexJobs from the first quarter of 2022 revealed that 77% of those working full-time identified their ability to work remotely as the second most important benefit. Only the salary one received was ahead of the importance of Working From Home (WFH).

Even more relevant is the fact that nearly six in ten of the workers who responded to the above-noted survey said if they were not offered the benefit of remote work from their current employer, they would likely choose to leave their job!

When vaccinations became available and lock downs eased, many employers began to ask employees to return to the office. As a result, many workers became highly motivated and started looking for other remote jobs in exchange for their current position.

2023’s-20 Best Work From Home Companies

If the thought of having to give up your work-from-home job brings nothing but dread, it may be time to look for one that offers either complete or partial remote work.

1. Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank, located in Rhode Island, is among the nation’s oldest financial institutions, ranking among the top 20 largest banks in the country. Founded in the late 1820s, Citizens Bank offers a variety of remote jobs from its east coast headquarters. Examples of remote work provided by Citizens Bank include account executives, mortgage underwriters, and software engineers, among others.

Benefits- - Citizens Bank offers a comprehensive employee benefits package. Employees of the bank receive these benefits - health insurance, a 401(k) matched with company funds, tuition assistance, plus employee discounts for the financial services offered by Citizens.

Want to Apply?- To begin, simply browse remote jobs on the bank’s website. Refine the search by typing “Remote” in the site’s search bar.

2. Kaplan, Inc.

Kaplan is a for-profit education and training, service provider. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Kaplan offers various learning resources that include test preparation modules, foreign language instruction, as well as career advancement services. Kaplan operates across the world and has many remote positions available in the areas of information technology, accounting, and marketing, to name a few.

Benefits- Kaplan offers the usual compensation and benefits — health insurance and 401(k), etc. The company also offers free & discounted courses to employees (and the employee’s immediate family) through Kaplan’s Gift of Knowledge Program – available online.

Want to Apply?- Take a peek at Kaplan’s remote job listings online. Refine the search by choosing “Remote/Nationwide, USA” found in the Location Section.

3. TranscribeMe!

TranscribeMe! is a service company that offers, as its name suggests, transcription services. These transcribing services include various audio files that make the content of the audio file more accessible. TranscribeMe! makes it easy to begin. The company encourages both full and part-time work and hires remotely on a contract basis. Most freelance remote workers earn between $15 and $22 per hour, depending on their experience.

Benefits- TranscribeMe offers remote work to independent or freelance contractors, so the company does not offer benefits.

Want to Apply? – First, create an online TranscribeMe account. Then complete the company’s training and pass the exam.

4. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription that offers customers a monthly clothing matching service. The company pairs each customer with an experienced stylist who curates clothing and accessories by getting to know the customer’s desires and unique style. Stitch Fix has a variety of remote positions available, which may include a data scientist, a stylist, or a computer engineer, among others.

Benefits- Stitch Fix benefits offers its full-time employees the following benefits - health insurance, time off for vacation, education opportunities, and discounts on clothing, to name a few.

Want to Apply?- Stitch posts its remote openings online. Check out the job opportunities here.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot offers an easy-to-use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that supports a variety of business applications. The company offers these support platforms for sales, service, marketing, and content management. They offer various remote employment options. HubSpot was honored by Glassdoor in 2022 when it was selected as the #2 Best Place to Work.

Benefits- HubSpot offers a benefits package that helps each employee focus on balancing their work and life schedules. In addition to unlimited vacation time, they offer parental benefits as well as a paid sabbatical opportunity, among others.

Want to Apply?- To review the available remote positions at HubSpot, follow this link.

6. Appen

Appen is an Australian-based software company founded in 1996. The company serves a worldwide market in the areas of training data and data collection for the development of machine learning as well as AI products. The company’s services support a variety of industries – automotive – technology, healthcare, and government. In addition, Appen was among the United States’ most remote-friendly work companies in the last 5 years (FlexJobs).

Benefits- Only full-time employees receive benefits - health insurance, volunteer time off, tuition assistance 401(k), and parental leave.

Want to Apply?- Appen has various remote job roles, both part-time roles, and long-term projects, as well as full-time positions in corporate management, engineering, etc.

7. Working Solutions

Working Solutions offers various virtual, dedicated teams of customer support service options. The company is among the top 100 remote work companies in 2022. This women-owned business works with Pfizer, Zillow, shell, Intuit, Peloton, Expedia, and Sprint, among others. Agents working for this company are independent freelance contractors, which allows them to select their schedules.

Benefits- Independent contractors are not offered benefits.

Want to Apply?- Working Solutions lists its available positions online. Click here to apply

8. Intuit

Intuit is a software company that specializes in financial applications. Their products include Quickbooks, Mint, and TurboTax. Intuit offers a variety of remote work positions that include service, loan servicing, talent acquisition, and customer service.

Benefits- Intuit offers its full-time employees benefits that include healthcare, counseling, fertility, and dependent-care flexible spending account.

Want to Apply?- Note that posted jobs are noted with a green circle on the company’s career website.

9. Dell

Dell is a computer manufacturer best known for its wide range of personal computers. The company is headquartered in Texas but employs more than 150,000 people across the globe. Dell proactively offers its employees the opportunity to balance their life and work obligations.

Benefits- Dell’s benefits package includes health coverage, employee pricing on Dell products, employee referral bonuses, and professional counseling. They put great importance on work-life balance for its employees.

Want to Apply?- Browse these jobs by selecting – in the left sidebar - “Yes” under “Remote” on the job portal.

10. Adobe

Adobe is a well-known software company selling and supporting hugely popular programs – Illustrator, Acrobat, and Photoshop. The company employs more than 20,000 people across the world – many of whom work from home.

Benefits- Adobe offers a comprehensive benefits package. They include health insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, and a dependent-care FSA.

Want to Apply?- To search for opportunities, visit the Adobe careers page. Select the correction location and choose remote to view listings.

11. Stride K12

Stride K12 offers its education services in-person, online, or a combination of both. The company offers online, in-person, or hybrid learning. The company caters to kids studying at home, military families, and parents looking for additional education opportunities beyond traditional schools.

Benefits- The benefits from Stride K12 include medical coverage, flexible spending accounts, 401(k), and paid time off.

Want to Apply?- Search Stride K12’s corporate & teaching online. Choose “Virtual as the location.

12. Xerox

Xerox, headquartered in Rochester, NY, offers a variety of business solutions – from printers to supplies. Xerox’s Virtual Office Program, is among the top work from home companies, and offers jobs in quality control, customer care, technical support, systems development, and more.

Benefits- Benefits at Xerox include health care, paid holidays, retirement plans, resources for eldercare and children, and life insurance, among others.

Want to Apply?- Check out the Virtual Office Program’s website.

13. operates as a subsidiary of Princeton Review. The company offers personalized tutoring services for students of all ages. offers remote work options for tutors who want a flexible schedule and a simple payment plan.

Benefits- Tutors are independent contractors and do not qualify for benefits.

Want to Apply?- To become a tutor, follow this link. Another great place to check out is Tutor Hunt

14. Zoom

Zoom provides the software that delivers video-cloud conferencing services. Founded in 2011, Zoom became the fifth most downloaded in 2020 – thanks to the pandemic. Zoom offers a variety of remote work jobs in sales, engineering, data science, and web design, among others.

Benefits - Zoom offers its full-time employees benefits like health insurance, parental leave, and paid time off, to name a few.

Want to Apply?- Search for remote work on Zoom.

15. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group operates as a multinational insurance and managed healthcare company. Founded in 1977, the company offers remote jobs in these areas - corporate, clinical, healthcare, project management, consulting, and technology.

Benefits- Benefits offered include health care, retirement plans, reimbursement for tuition, and paid time off, among others. These benefits are available to full-time employees and part-time employees who work a minimum of 20 hours each week.

Want to Apply?- Search UnitedHealth Group’s online postings, click here.

16. Activus Connect

Activus Connect offers customer service outsourcing across a variety of industries that include – insurance, finance, retail, and health care, among others. The company hires remote workers for IT positions and its call centers.

Benefits- Activus Connect states its employees receive health and life insurance, flexible schedules, paid time, and a 401(k), to name a few.

Want to Apply?- Search the Alorica jobs page Choose YES from the “Work From Home” menu to see what opportunities are available.

17. Amazon

Amazon, founded in 1994, is among the best-known companies globally. They will employ more than 1.5 million people in 2022. Amazon maintains a dedicated page of work-from-home jobs in several areas, including sales, human resources, and software development.

Benefits- Amazon offers a benefits package that includes medical insurance, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, paid parental leave, and discounts. Amazon’s tuition assistance program is available after only 90 days of employment.

Want to Apply?- Search available remote work at Amazon here.


CACTUS’ is a company on a mission to further scientific (and other types) research. The company helps researchers meet publication deadlines. CACTUS hires remote writers, marketers, and editors, among others

Benefits- CACTUS offers the following benefits - flexible working hours, paid time off, paid holidays, medical insurance, and more to its employees.

Want to Apply?- Available remote jobs for Cactus can be found on the company’s website.

19. CVS Health

CVS Health is a healthcare company founded in Massachusetts in 1963. The remote positions available at CVS include care manager, customer service rep, claims adjustor, and software developer, among others. Some of these positions require the employee to be located within certain states; however, many others can be done from any location within the U.S.

Benefits- CVS offers these benefits – health insurance, stock purchase options, discounts for employees, and, to name a few.

Want to Apply?- Search the CVS jobs website to review available remote positions.

20. HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare is a healthcare conglomerate that consists of several hundred hospitals and more than 2,000 care sites in several countries. These include freestanding ERs, urgent care centers, and doctor’s offices. Remote opportunities at HCA Healthcare include clinical statistical programmer, placement specialist PRN and clinical team lead.

Benefits- Benefits at HCA Healthcare include– health insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and 401(k), among others.

Want to Apply?- Search the HCA Health jobs website to review available remote positions.

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