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What is An Email Marketing Specialist and How Do you Become One?

Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, the use of emails to promote products and services to those who might be convinced to buy them. One can make the case that it is the online counterpart to mail marketing, though it is important to note that there are huge differences between one and the other.

Do People Still Use Email Marketing?

Some people might be surprised by the concept of email marketing. After all, the use of email has been seeing a serious decline, so much so that there are some interested parties out there that speculate that it will be rendered wholly obsolete in the not too distant future. However, that is a serious exaggeration, seeing as how email marketing remains very much alive in the present time. This should come as no surprise because we are still sending out trillions and trillions of emails on an annual basis. Since every single email sent out by a business can be considered an example of email marketing, this means that interested individuals can expect plenty of email marketing to continue happening for the foreseeable future.

How Is Email Marketing Used in the Present Time?

In any case, email marketing is used in a very wide range of ways in the present time. For example, some businesses use email marketing to make their products and services known to interested individuals, which is similar but not quite the same as businesses distributing physical flyers to physical mailboxes in entire regions. Meanwhile, other businesses use email marketing as a way of keeping in touch with their previous clients and customers, which might not be very useful for getting sales in the moment but can be used to build up a sense of connection that will make it much easier to sell products and services to said individuals in the times to come. Having said that, there are still some notable commonalities when it comes to email marketing.

For starters, there is the matter of building up an email list. This is critical for a couple of reasons. For instance, sending unsolicited emails for commercial purposes is illegal in a lot of jurisdictions. However, what is even more important is that sending unsolicited emails for commercial purposes is counter-productive. Simply put, most people loathe being spammed, meaning that they don't react very well to such emails even if they actually lay their eyes upon them. As such, sending out emails at random is about as useful as directing marketing campaigns at unintended segments of consumers because that is exactly what it is. Even worse, sending out unsolicited emails for commercial purposes can cause the sender to be regarded as a spammer, thus harming all of their future email marketing efforts.

Instead, interested parties have to secure the email addresses for their email lists through other means. Sometimes, they might ask their clients and customers if they want to be informed of similar deals in the future when they are making a purchase. Other times, they might offer some kind of benefit in exchange for having interested individuals sign up for their email list. Whatever the case, this is an excellent reminder of one of the great virtues of email marketing, which is that it can be slotted into an integrated online and offline marketing campaign. Something that will enable interested parties to achieve much greater effects than what the sum of those marketing methods can ever hope to manage.

How Do You Become an Email Marketing Specialist?

There isn't a single path to becoming an email marketing specialist. For those who are curious, the most conventional path would be finishing up high school. After which, interested individuals can go to university for a degree in either communications, public relations, or something else that can be turned towards marketing. Strictly speaking, getting a suitable university degree isn't necessary. However, there are definitely a lot of businesses that see it as being a big plus, meaning that interested individuals should do their best to get one if they want to maximize their chances.

Moving on, formal education is important, but it isn't quite as important as the actual skills that are suggested by that formal education. Generally speaking, there are a number of things that interested individuals should focus on. First, they want to have superior marketing skills. After all, emails consist of text for the most part, meaning that a competent grasp of the written language is a must. This is particularly true because people's attention spans have become very short, meaning that skill is needed to get the relevant point across before they lose interest. Second, interested individuals should pick up marketing experience, which is critical because email marketing is very much a sub-field of marketing. For that matter, it should be remembered that email marketing is most effective when it is used in combination with other marketing methods for their synergies, so a good if not comprehensive understanding of those other marketing methods tends to be very helpful. Third, market research and other analytical skills are also a huge boon for anyone who wants to get involved with email marketing. This is because email marketing is a rich source of raw information about potential clients and customers, which is not very useful on its own but can be mined for valuable insight into how said individuals think. Something that can enable smart businesses to continue adjusting their marketing campaigns for ever-improving results over time, which is a must when the business environment is constantly shifting.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there that can help interested individuals develop a good understanding of the core skills needed for successful email marketing. As such, they might want to get started on utilizing those resources as soon as possible so that they can lay the foundation for their future career of choice. Once interested individuals have managed to develop that foundation, they might want to get involved with email marketing in some relatively low-level and thus easy-to-secure position because they are going to need concrete work that they can point at if they want to move higher and higher in their intended career. This is particularly important if they are foregoing formal education because that raises the barrier to their entry, meaning that they need to make their qualifications even more evident.

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