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20 Things You Didn't Know About QuintoAndar

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If you are looking for a new home in the country of Brazil, QuintoAndar is a valuable resource that can make the process go much faster and smoother. QuintoAndar is a Brazilian startup that provides a platform for all stakeholders in real estate transactions, to simplify the processes. If you have not yet heard about this tech startup, there are a few good reasons to learn more. QuintoAndar is of interest to investors because it is an upcoming startup that shows tremendous potential for growth and a decent ROI. If you're either a landlord, broker, agent, or consumer interested in renting a home, the platform can be mutually beneficial for all parties. Here are 20 things you didn't know about QuinoAndar.

1. QuintoAndar is a versatile startup under multiple categories

According to Crunchbase, QuintoAndar can best be described as a technology company because it provides a software platform for clients, but it is also classified under multiple other headings because of its multiple purposes. It falls under the classifications of Rentals, Real Estate, Property Management, and the Internet.

2. QuintoAndar is a Brazilian startup

QuintoAndar is a Latin American company that has its headquarters based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was founded to help Brazilians to have a better rental experience. So far, the company has not expanded into international territory. It serves the people of Brazil and surrounding areas only. If you don't live in this country, don't feel bad if you have not yet heard of this company.

3. QuintoAndar has been around for almost 2 decades

This business was founded in the year 2012. It is going on its 19th year in business and it is thriving. The co-founders of QuintoAndar are Andre Penha and Gabriel Braga. This company is known y a few names. It is also called Quinto Andar Servicos Imobiliarios, but the metal name is QuintoAndar Servicos Imobilarios Limitada.

4. QuintoAndar has a small executive leadership team

The leadership team of QuintoAndar consists of 20 members. Gabriel Braga is a co-founder and chief executive officer. Andre Penha is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Dave Sherry is the chief financial officer. Thiago Tourinho is the COO. Caio Oliveira is the head of the product. Daniel De Lucca is a software engineer. Kevin Efusy is an Investor and Erica Jannini is the people director. This is a crew of talented professionals who have established a strong and proven track record of success.

5. QuintoAndar has a 7 member board

The board is made up of 7 members who advise the leadership team in strategic planning and other weighty matters. Nicolas Szekasy is co-founder and managing partner of Kaszek, currently serving in 22 advisory roles. Alexandre Villela joined QuintoAndar as board observer in March of 2018. He currently serves on 8 boards. Kevin Efrusy is a board member and partner at Accel, an investor serving in 15 board and advisory roles with 10 portfolio companies. Luiz Ribeiro is a board member and principal at General Atlantic serving on 3 board and advisor roles. Nigel Morris is a co-founder and managing partner at QED Investors serving on 19 board and advisor roles with 4 portfolio companies. Martin Escobari is co-president, managing director, and head of Latin America at General Atlantic, serving on 6 board and advisor roles. Paulo Passoni is a managing investment partner at SoftBank Capital currently serving in 4 board and advisor roles.

6. QuintoAndar uses complex technology

This startup relies heavily on technologies to power its website. It is actively using four technologies that are distributed among 28 different technology products. These include JQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, WordPress, Sitelinks, Amazon, Search Box, and several others.

7. QuintoAndar is downloaded thousands of times a month

Business is good for QuintoAndar and it shows in the monthly statistics. Within the last 30 days, visitors to the QuintoAndar website have downloaded the product at a high rate. The monthly download was 157,956. This shows that the app is very popular and new clients are being added each day. Although this is a good amount, this month has seen a more than six percent drop in downloads over the past month. The greatest number of visitors to the website come from Brazil. Ninety-nine percent of visitors are Brazilian with one percent coming from the United States and a few visits recorded from Argentina, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

8. QuintoAndar offers several different apps

We also noticed that QuintoAndar offers more than just one technology product. Three popular apps are the most downloaded. These include Quinto-Andar Imoveis, Proprietarios-QuintoAndar, and Corretor-QuintoAndar.

9. There are several places to find the QuintoAndar app

You can find the QuintoAndar products/software on its official website, but it has partnered with other vendors to sell the product. It is available through Google Play and Itunes Connect. In addition to the three most popular products, QuintoAndar offers two more. They are Indica Ai-QuintoAndar, and Fotografos QuintoAndar.

10. QuintoAndar is a venture capital-funded company

According to Techcrunch, QuintoAndar has received nearly $400 million in its latest round of Series E funding. The real estate tech software company has received an infusion of cash from its investors. In September of 2019, it participated in a round of Series D funding that raised $250 million. It is a late-stage venture capital-backed company.

11. Investor confidence in QuintoAndar is high

The total amount of venture capital raised for QuintoAndar, so far, is $635.3 million. What this tells us is that investor confidence is high that the company will continue to thrive and provide a decent return on the investments made. Ribbit Capital is one of its lead investors, along with SoftBank's Innovation Fund, Alta Park, LTS, MaverikAccel, Dragoneer, Kaszek Ventures, and others.

12. Investors expect QuintoAndar to expand into new territory

Investors shared their hope and belief that QuintoAndar will break through the international market soon and offer its services to more countries throughout the world. It certainly has the potential and the financial backing to do so. The products and services are suitable for the international market, although expansion has not yet happened much out of Latin America. This is the future direction that investors see the company moving in shortly.

14. QuintoAndar will be a one-stop-shop

The tech company plans to continue to build its line of services and products into other areas of the real estate industry. Plans include branching out into the mortgage, title, insurance, and escrow services arenas. It currently offers an end-to-end solution for long-term rentals, but it plans to go well beyond these services. The need for these services is great in Latin America. QuintoAndar currently serves those who are either renting properties or seeking rentals. It plans to move ahead into the homeownership sphere and help provide connections for those who want to purchase homes with financing and technology that also helps to simplify the processes involved with purchasing a home. This could easily take QuintoAndar deeper into the fintech market in addition to the proptech universe. It is an exciting proposition for investors who envision this as the next logical step for the company. Some of the larger investment groups have members sitting on the board of directors for QuintoAndar, helping to steer the company in these directions.

15. QuintoAndar is a disruptor in the real estate market

The success of QuintoAndar is evident, and this is one of the reasons why investors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into its coffers. They see a Latin American company with the potential to impact the real estate and fintech markets throughout the world. QuintoAndar will not remain just a Latin American serving company. Investors have high hopes for its pending expansion throughout the world. The company has already encountered some resistance from real estate brokers, however, its skilled leadership team has been out and about, securing confidence in these groups that it is also a platform that can serve them by simplifying the processes and enhancing their operations. So far, fifteen brokers have partnered with QuintoAndar, which is opening up multiple new avenues for the platform to expand into new ground with yet more users. It has already caused a huge disruption in the real estate industry and there is every indication that the products and services QuintoAndar provides will continue to change the way that real estate is managed. It has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry by simplifying the rental processes, and shortly, the home buying processes as well.

16. QuintoAndar has exceeded unicorn status

QuintoAndar's venture capital funding has pushed the startup well past the requirements to achieve unicorn status. The most recent valuation of the business places it around $4 billion. This is four times the required $1 billion, which lands it firmly into the category of a unicorn. It joins an elite group of companies, but from all indications, this is just the beginning for QuintoAndar. What started as a small company has grown into a giant. Once it begins to expand beyond Latin America into other regions of the world, the current valuation will likely grow exponentially. This is exciting news for its investors who just keep funneling money into the company as it continues to grow and build its infrastructure in preparation for yet bigger and better things in the months and years to come.

17. QuintoAndar is growing despite the Covid-19 pandemic

The current pandemic has caused many businesses to go under and it has been particularly tough for those in the real estate industry. CEO Braga discussed the scary times the company endured, but he confirmed that it was a test of the business model that showed it is a strong system that continued to see success through dark and uncertain times. They weathered the storm remarkably well. At this point, QuintoAndar manages over 100,000 rentals and it's gaining at a pace of 10,000 new rentals added each month. It operates mainly in Sao Paulo, Belho Horizonte, Porto Alegre, and Rio de Janeiro, however, it is gearing up to enter new markets in the future. The pandemic has caused many companies to scale back on their expansion but this has not been the case for QuintoAndar. It's experiencing growth at this time.

18. QuintoAndar has a massive workforce

According to LinkedIn, although the leadership team is made up of just 10 high-performing professionals, they oversee a large workforce that is continually growing. Currently, the tech company employs a total of 2,034 workers. We were interested in knowing if the company is hiring. We discovered that there are 47 new jobs listed for QuintoAndar. This shows that they are in the process of growing their workforce yet larger.

19. QuintoAndar is only hiring in Brazil

The jobs available at QuintoAndar are for workers who live in the Sao Paulo area. While the world is waiting for the company to make move into international markets, it's not happening yet. The new jobs are mostly for remote workers who will continue to serve those within Latin American markets. It's almost like a teaser to hear reports of international expansion because we're not seeing any evidence of it happening yet. They're still working on building the infrastructure in Latin America.

20. You can't buy shares in QuintoAndar yet

So far, QuintoAndar has chosen to remain a privately owned company. Investors have their undisclosed agreements and interests in the firm, but it has not yet decided to take the enterprise to the public stock exchange. This means you won't find it listed there and will not be able to buy and trade shares in the company. They're keeping investment opportunities within their current scope of investors. The only way to come close to investing in QuintoAndar, for the majority of us, would be to make investments in the shares of the venture capital firms that are backing the company. We've not found any evidence that this will change anytime soon.

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