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20 Things You Didn't Know About Dataiku


Dataiku is a tech startup that specializes in the development and delivery of a centralized data platform for helping businesses manage data in a centralized manner. The products provide analytics at scale in a controlled environment to help companies move quickly on the data they possess and to experience exponential growth in data collection. It's a game-changer in the business world that offers individualized and creative solutions that help companies form teams that work smarter and faster. Here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Dataiku that you may find interesting or even helpful.

1. Dataiku is a tech company

According to Wikipedia, Dataiku relies upon two major technologies for its business solutions platform. The products are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The business solutions it provides allows teams within businesses of all sizes to capture and effectively utilize the data they collect to work with greater speed and efficiency in meeting established business objectives.

2. Dataiku is a fairly new startup

Dataiku was founded on February 14, 2013, by its four co-founders. The geniuses behind Dataikus are Florian Douetteau, Clement Stenac, Marc Batty, and Thomas Cabrol. This business was first launched in Paris, France, but its official headquarters is currently located in New York City, the United States since its relocation in 2015. Dataiku has only been in operation for 8 years.

3. Dataiku has expanded internationally

With its beginnings in France, and the United States, Dataiku has undergone a period of rapid growth and expansion. The enterprise has branched out into several cities and countries throughout the world. Dataiku has offices in New York, Paris, Munich, Singapore, Dubai, London, and Sydney.

4. Dataiku is one of the leading cloud companies

Dataiku is a versatile enterprise that has grown to become a leader within its industry. It has achieved such heights of success that it has been acknowledged publicly as one of the world's top 100 cloud companies by Forbes. This is a distinction and an honor as Forbes only pays tribute to the most impressive companies. The acknowledgment was delivered in September of 2019.

5. Dataiku falls under six categories

According to Crunchbase, Dataiku offers a broad range of technology innovations that firmly lands it within six defined industry categories. It provides top-notch analytics solutions, but it is also considered an AI company because of its innovative use of artificial intelligence technology. It is also a machine learning company, as well as a Big Data, data integration, and enterprise software company.

6. Dataiku is led by an executive team of 36 members

Dataiku has a fairly large executive team for a company of its size. It is led by a team of 36 members. The chief executive officer and co-founder are Florian Douetteau. Clement Stenac is the chief technology officer and co-founder. Marc Batty and Thomas Cabrol are also co-founders who offer advisement. Kurt Meuhmel is the CCO, Romain Pouache is COO and CRO. Carole Offredo is the vice president of marketing and Mike Bukowski is the vice president of sales in the United States West region. These are the top members of the executive team, with others assisting.

7. Dataiku has a small board of directors

There are five board members for Dataiku who serve in an advisory capacity for strategic planning of the enterprise. Matt Turck has been a board member since September of 2016. He is a managing director for FirstMark, with a total of 5 portfolio companies. Raffi Kamber joined the board on March 1, 2015. He is the founder of 1 organization and currently serves in 7 board and advisor roles. Neeraj Agrawal has been a board member since October of 2018. He is a general partner at Battery Ventures. Xavier Lorphelin is a managing partner and founder of Serena. He currently serves on 13 board and advisory committees. Paul Melchiorre is the fifth member of Dataiku's board since September of 2020. He is an operating partner at Stripes with 3 portfolio companies and one exit.

8. Dataiku is a late-stage venture capital-backed enterprise

Dataiku has participated in nine venture capital funding rounds. The total amount raised is at $246.8 million with the most recent closing on April 20, 2021. There are a total of 12 investors backing Dataiku financially. The most recent investors to join in the effort are ICONIQ Capital and Snowflake Ventures. The last round was determined to be a Venture Series Unknown round.

9. Investor confidence is high in Dataiku

Of the twelve investors supporting Dataiku, 8 of them are lead investors. These major supporters have high confidence that Dataiku has a high likelihood of expansion and growth that will provide them with a healthy return on their investments. Known investors include Snowflake Ventures, Stripes, CapitalG, ICONIQ Capital, Battery Ventures, FirstMark, Alphabet Inc., Alven, Serena, Dawn Capital, and Tiger Global Management. Series C funding raised $101 million in December of 2018 with more rounds to come in the following three years.

10. Dataiku is a unicorn enterprise

Companies that reach a valuation of at least $1 billion are classified in an exclusive and elite group known as unicorns. Dataiku reached this status in December of 2019, after a venture capital fund that was financed by Alphabet Inc. At that time, the valuation was placed at $1.4 billion, well over the requirements to achieve this distinguished place in the business world. This was also the year that Dataiku was recognized among the 100 top private cloud companies in the world. There have been ups and downs since that time, but an infusion of an additional $100 million led by Tiger Global Management and Stripes ensured that Dataiku would not lose its posturing as a unicorn. The company is not disclosing the current valuation, however, it confirms that it is still above the $1 billion valuation mark.

11. Dataiku uses a complicated array of technologies

Dataiku offers clients access to its website and products that provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, but this is only possible through the use of a complicated assortment of different technologies. We were amazed to learn that Dataiku's website is actively using 78 technologies that are distributed among 40 different technology products and services. Among them are jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SSL by Default, and SPF. It's also worth noting that the overhead cost to maintain all of these technologies and tech products runs in the tens of thousands of dollars each year.

12. Dataiku uses trademarked technology

What sets Dataiku apart from its competitors? The enterprise has formally registered two trademarks in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments classification. What this means is that the technology and products that Dataiku developed are protected from the competition. They cannot be cloned or imitated legally. This difference sets the products and services that Dataiku provides apart from the rest and they are protected from copycats. The only place that you can receive this exact kind of service and functionality is through Dataiku products.

13. Dataiku's web traffic is growing at a fast rate

While most large companies are thrilled if they show a monthly visitor growth rate of anything, Dataiku is enjoying a healthy monthly visits growth rate of 8.26 percent. It has achieved a ranking of 87,795 among all global websites due to its high volume of unique monthly web visitors. The average number of monthly visits is 464,047.

14. Dataiku is the most popular in the United States

A further breakdown of the analytical statistics for unique website visits for Dataiku shows that the highest percentage of visitors are coming from the United States. Fifty-four percent of the visitors are from the USA. This is followed by twelve percent coming from France. The monthly visits growth rate for France is just under 35 percent which shows that there is a growing interest coming from that country. Germany visits make up eight percent of the total with a growth rate of just over five percent. Canadian visitors make up seven percent of the total visits with a growth rate of nearly sixteen and a half percent, and India makes up four percent of the visitors.

15. Dataiku is hiring

According to LinkedIn, Dataiku is hiring and there are more than two hundred jobs open with the enterprise. This suggests that the company is preparing to make a huge growth surge. We saw that there are two hundred and eleven open jobs with the company. They are offered in a variety of different locations throughout the United States, including Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, Denver, Colorado, remote positions in the country of Germany, and the Netherlands, jobs in Washington DC, Atlanta, Georgia, London, England, Houston, Texas, in France, Boston, Massachusetts, Toronto, Ontario, and other places throughout the world. This is evidence that Dataiku is not only expanding its workforce, but it is also preparing to expand into new territories within the United States as well as internationally.

16. Dataiku values diversity

To get an idea of the company culture, we examined several of the job postings to try to learn more about the company culture of Dataiku. We came away with the confirmation that this is a business that values diversity and they are openly recruiting for a diverse workforce. The wording confirms that Dataiku believes that there is greater strength in teams that are made up of people from diverse backgrounds.

17. Dataiku has a high overall rating from consumers

We were interested in capturing a sense of what others have to say about Dataiku, from a consumer perspective. We consulted a third-party rating source for an unbiased accounting of consumer perceptions and here is what we found. According to Gartner, Dataiku gets an overall rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5 in reviews posted over the past 12 months. Seventy-four percent of respondents gave them a 5-star rating, based upon 169 respondents. Ninety-one percent of the consumers that reviewed Dataiku would recommend them, offering high scores for customer experience with evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment, service and support, and product capabilities.

18. The plusses for Dataiku

According to G2, professionals like the way that Dataiku's platform makes visualizing the data flow easy to accomplish. It takes data from multiple files and organizes them in one convenient place. It saves time and effort for IT and other data specialist professionals. The plugin feature is flexible and it allows new data insertion into the database for automated flows and checks for a more intuitive process that saves time and effort.

19. Dataiku has its downsides

Although the ratings are high for Dataiku products and solutions, there is still room for improvement. IT professionals who used analyzed, and reviewed the solution offered some constructive criticism for making improvements. There are still a few bugs in the features of the system that need to be worked out such as integration with Snowflake. It's a new tool that still lacks some of the features that would make it a better and more useful tool. The team at Dataiku is taking advisement from consumers and working on developing these features for future versions. This shows that they are proactive and willing to work on improvements. Also, users would like to see the support for IT infrastructure take on a more proactive approach for help with technical issues.

20. Dataiku is a privately held company

You won't find stock shares offered on the local exchanges for Dataiku, at least not yet. It is a privately held company that is amply backed by venture capital investors. The owners have made no indication that they are planning to take the enterprise to a public level. It's performing t the level of Unicorn without going through the IPO process for fundraising. This isn't a company that you're likely to find offered on the stock exchange in the near future, if ever.

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