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20 Things You Didn't Know about FireEye

The company FireEye, formerly known as NetForts, Inc., began operations in September 2005. Its next step in this choice was to alter the company's brand to FireEye, Inc. In 2004, in the San Francisco Bay Area, FireEye, Inc. was founded by Ashar Aziz, the former Sun Microsystems engineer. It took until 2010 before FireEye could market and distribute its first commercial product. FireEye hit the Middle East in the same year. After that, new offices were established in Asia Pacific in 2010, Europe in 2011, and Africa in 2013. FireEye extended its support $50 million in venture capital the following year, bringing its total money to $85 million. FireEye went public in late 2013, raising $300 million. FireEye was rapidly growing during the period. It had 175 employees in 2011, and by June 2013, it had expanded to 900. Between 2010 and 2012, sales rose eightfold. FireEye bought Mandiant for $1 billion in December 2013. Kevin Mandia founded Mandiant in 2004 as a private company that provided incident response services in a data breach.

Mandiant had a history of investigating high-profile computer hackers. FireEye would often identify a security breach before the acquisition and then collaborate with Mandiant to determine who the culprits were. Mandiant split from FireEye. FireEye announced a second offering in late 2014, selling an extra $1.1 billion in shares to fund the development of a broader range of products. Shortly after, FireEye spent $60 million for nPulse, a data breach investigation company. It was still losing money due to growing investment in research and development. FireEye invested $275 million for iSIGHT Partners in January 2016.

iSIGHT was a threat intelligence service that gathered information on hackers and other cyberattacks. With that, Invotas, an IT security automation company, was acquired. Because of lower sales, the business downsized and reorganized, resulting in the layoff of 300-400 employees. Due to the extreme change to a subscription model and cheaper costs, profitability and revenue increased. FireEye helps leading companies prepare for, respond to, and resolve various computer fraud incidents by offering network security capabilities that aid them in getting ready for, protecting, evaluating, and dealing with them. FireEye is a network provider, email, endpoint, and cloud security control for detecting and preventing threats. They provide a bi-directional cloud-based threat intelligence service called Dynamic Threat Intelligence Cloud, which delivers threat intelligence that runs in both directions.

Also, in addition to providing support and maintenance, FireEye offers service support and care for the Helix Security Operations Platform, a cloud-hosted security operations framework. Mandiant provides four other services besides these four security services: Mandiant Threat Intelligence, which includes access to threat data and indicators; Mandiant Security Validation, which allows organizations to measure, manage, and communicate the efficacy of their security controls; Mandiant Defense, a cloud-native extended detection and response solution; and managed detection and response, as well as managed security services. It offers various services, incident response, security assessment and transformation, cybersecurity training, allowing companies in many industries to enter new markets. These include communications, financial services, software, technology, and the Internet. Other industries are stock exchanges, electrical grid operators, networking vendors, oil and gas companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, and governmental agencies.

It has also expanded other industries, including stock exchanges, electrical grid operators, networking vendors, oil and gas companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, and governmental agencies. It gives all of its products and services to people all over the country by way of distributors, resellers, and joint ventures located in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and Japan. According to their website, "They are Global Solutions Providers" and provide "Innovative security partnerships customized to fit your customers' needs. Uninterrupted, 360-degree Cyber-Security: Affinity MSSP and Global SI partners have made full use of the Affinity program to stay at the top of their customer's cyber-security needs by offering next-generation threat detection services advanced, competitive leasing program.

FireEye-powered security solutions branded with a partner's name Threat intelligence protection that merges with technological innovations. Their partners are some of the largest tech Titans. To safeguard themselves from security flaws, Bell and FireEye have partnered to provide the Bell Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) service that protects against evolving and intricate threats to reduce the impact of security breaches. BT partners with FireEye to meet the needs of BT clients who demand a much more complete solution to respond to the threat of cybersecurity. DXC operates with FireEye's aim of providing distinctive incident management, compromise evaluations, and threat intelligence business solutions that make it possible for companies to respond with occurrences. ElevenPaths, a Telefónica Cyber Security unit, and FireEye have teamed up to implement an interconnected and varied intelligence-led and expert knowledge-regulated detection and mitigation alternative for Telefónica's enterprise customers.

The joint venture between Fujitsu and FireEye has set new standards of security interconnection; customers will be able to safeguard their data into meaningful information levels. FireEye and IBM's leading exploit-based vulnerability scanning deliver unparalleled global security intelligence, strategic planning, and tracking for nearly unsurpassed global security intelligence, management, and monitoring. Macquarie Government, an Australian cloud and security service provider, a representative of the Macquarie Telecom Group, and a part of the Macquarie Group, collaborates with FireEye. The clients can move ahead on a service growth path as a direct consequence of using the current security selections supplied by Mphasis and FireEye, incorporating integrated cloud and cognitive intelligence with incident response and attack detection. Such NTT Communications Corporation / NTT Com Security and FireEye results are highly efficient and provide state-of-the-art security and emergency service functionality in Japan.

Along with NTT Ltd. and FireEye, NTT international users will be able to meet their increasing network security demands by deciding from a diverse variety of intelligence-led product and service offerings. Singtel and FireEye's strategic alliance broadens the cybersecurity ecosystem in the Asia Pacific, facilitating the identification of a wide variety of technology solutions, the usage of extensive national data infrastructure, and deep info-communications capabilities. Along with NTT Ltd. and FireEye, NTT global users will be able to meet their increasing network security demands by selecting from a diverse variety of intelligence-led product and service offerings. Singtel and FireEye's strategic partnership broadens the cybersecurity ecosystem in the Asia Pacific, facilitating the identification of a wide variety of services and solutions, the usage of extensive regional data infrastructure, and deep info-communications capabilities.

The US Department of Homeland Security certified FireEye's Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine and Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DHI) cloud platform in 2015 under the SAFETY Act.

Here are 20 things you may not know about the company:

  1. This was the first cybersecurity firm to receive SAFETY certification for its products, confirming its position as a threat prevention solution provider. As a result, FireEye has been tasked with probing increased data breaches at Target, JPMorgan, Sony, and other businesses.
  2. After its secondary offer sparked a rapid sell in 2014, the company was hit with multiple class-action lawsuits. The claimants also claim that FireEye officials misled the effectiveness of the corporation's threat-prevention capabilities. FireEye wants to settle these lawsuits for $10.2 million. It would only account for 1.4 percent of the corporation's projected revenues for the year, and it would be the second-largest recovery yet in a Securities Act of 1933 suit brought in a California state court. FireEye's reputation would certainly be damaged.
  3. Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners made significant investments in 2005, joined by DAG Ventures in 2008.
  4. Aziz stepped down as CEO in December 2012, and longtime McAfee CEO David DeWalt took over his position, recruited to help the company ready for an initial public offering (IPO).
  5. In 2016, DeWalt resigned as CEO, and Mandiant CEO and former FireEye President Kevin Mandia took charge.
  6. On Tuesday, December 8, 2020, FireEye revealed that its systems had been breached.
  7. A FireEye evaluation announced in 2009 that the hacks originated from inside the United States. This has been occasionally done very close to the facilities making it more difficult for the NSA to check up on the hackers.
  8. FireEye discovered malicious Microsoft Office RTF documents, a previously unseen vulnerability. When a user opens a form, this flaw allows the attacker to download and execute a Visual Basic script containing PowerShell. FireEye shared the details of the weakness with Microsoft and timed the full release to correspond with Microsoft's release of a patch to address the issue.
  9. In 2016, FireEye announced that it had been tracking the Vendetta Brothers, a pair of cybercriminals. According to the company, the enterprising duo uses a variety of techniques to hack into and steal payments.
  10. There were fourteen routers in four countries: Ukraine, Philippines, Mexico, and India in 2015. The implant, called a SYNful Knock, is a covert modification of the router's firmware that can be used to make a victim's network permanent.
  11. FireEye joined engaged to take down the Mega-D botnet in November 2009. (also known as Ozdok). They partnered with Microsoft and UW. to take down the Rustock botnet on March 16, 2011.
  12. On June 2, 2021, reports stated that FireEye will sell off their company, including the name Fire Eye. CNBC reported "it's selling its products businesses, including the FireEye name, to a consortium led by private-equity firm Symphony Technology Group for $1.2 billion in cash.
  13. In 2014, the FireEye Labs group discovered two new zero-day vulnerabilities that have been part of targeted, limited attacks toward large companies. Zero-day exploits leverage the power of the Windows kernel. Microsoft got rid of the security flaws in their October 2014 Security Bulletin. The team has identified over 300 companies to date, and everyone's defined target is to scour out confidential, company's personal information for individuals in control of areas like C-suite executive management, legal representation, regulatory, risk, compliance personnel, as well as other professionals who might carry these different roles.
  14. Someone wanted to file a report against the company for poor business practices in 2015; they successfully thwarted it.
  15. They discovered a phishing campaign in 2015 that manipulated an Adobe Flash Player zero-day vulnerability. The technology company, Adobe, released a patch for the exposure with an out-of-band system update. FireEye ascertained that the threat was started by a China-based threat group they track as APT3.
  16. They put President Barack Obama under scrutiny and China's leader Xi, stating neither government should support cyber theft of intellectual property 2014, there was a decrease in network compromises.
  17. US federal agents, FireEye, and the University of Washington are all involved. FireEye was involved in the Grum botnet's c&c server in the Netherlands, Panama, and Russia in July 2012.
  18. Several prominent contenders, including Cisco and Symantec, were said to have tried to buy FireEye shortly following DeWalt's departure. F FireEye and Symantec ended buyout talks soon after Mandia took over due to pricing. The interviews took place after Symantec announced the acquisition of BlueCoat.
  19. In preparation for its IPO, FireEye hired Dave DeWalt, the former CEO and President of McAfee, as its CEO in 2012. DeWalt was known for orchestrating buyouts: in 2003, he sold Documentum to EMC, and in 2011, he sold McAfee to Intel. EMC sold Documentum in January, and Intel agreed to sell a majority stake in McAfee (rebranded as Intel Security) in September. Neither business turned out to be a good deal for the buyers.
  20. In 2016, FireEye announced that it had discovered many versions of IRON GATE, an ICS-focused virus designed to affect a specific industrial process running within a mimicked Siemens control system environment. Even though the Siemens Product Computer Emergency Readiness Team confirmed to FireEye that IRON GATE is not viable against operational Siemens control systems and does not exploit any vulnerabilities in Siemens products, the security firm claims that IRON GATE uses ICS attack concepts first seen in Stuxnet.

Even though FireEye's history has not always been positive, they have been a global leader, innovating the world of technology. Despite selling their company, their business models will continue to thrive retaining their storied legacy and continuing to be a model for new business in this valuable industry. They are I need a few more minutes. thank you

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