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Does DoorDash Hire Felons?


Getting a job as a felon can be difficult. Most organizations do not hire felons because they think such a move could destroy their reputation. After all, they would not want to appear like they are enabling their criminality. Customers also get hesitant to work with a company that hires felons. Ironically, refusing to hire felons can further perpetuate the cycle of crime. Since no company will hire them, the felon will engage in robbery or drug trafficking to make ends meet. Thankfully, DoorDash does not exclude offenders from the recruiting process. Besides, these buddies need the means to survive and be self-reliant. We will get into detail about their hiring process. However, before we do so, it is important to understand what DoorDash does.


DoorDash is a food delivery service company that allows users to order food or drinks online. Usually, the management considers restaurants closer to where they live. The aim is to deliver fresh and warm food. In DoorDash, felons can work as couriers as long as they own a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or car. Having understood who DoorDash is, here are some questions to help you understand how they hire felons.

What Is the Company's Policy on Hiring Felons?

Companies typically indicate their policy on their website or job boards. One thing they believe in is empowering a community through inclusivity. Through inclusivity, everyone can join the organization regardless of factors like race, tribe, gender and criminal status. The company believes criminality does not take away your ability to perform a task. Through their experience behind bars, felons may introduce ideas they learned there into the company. In addition, DoorDash encourages avenues of innovation by employing people from diverse backgrounds.

What are the Requirements to Join the Company?

Besides owning a means of transport, one should be at least 18 years old, have a social security number and consent to a background check. Fortunately, as an adult, you will likely have fulfilled most of these requirements. Once you are confident you have the requirements, you can sign up on their website. The signup process takes a short while, and you can expect to begin work within a few days.

Why Does DoorDash Conduct Background Checks?

You may be wondering why the company needs to conduct background checks. Didn't we already establish that it hires felons? The background check aims to determine how long ago the criminal committed a felony. For instance, the offender must not have committed a felony within the last seven years. If you committed a crime within the last seven years, the company would not hire you.  The company assumes that the felon may still be capable of committing a felony again during the seven years. For instance, a felon who drives under the influence poses significant risks to themselves and their mode of transportation. In case a felon dies due to a DUI or goes to court for it, the company will be forced to use its resources to advertise its job. Additionally, DoorDash wants to avoid hiring felons who are on trial. Court sessions can take a very long time. That means the convict will habitually go to court instead of reporting to work. Also, there is a chance they could be imprisoned with the trials. It would be a waste of time and resources for the company to hire a felon, only to be convicted.

Has DoorDash Hired Felons in the Past?

At this point, there are no official statistics to answer this question. However, we can answer the question by viewing online reviews like Indeed. According to this online testimony, the woman claims that her ex-husband was hired despite having multiple felonies. Some of the felonies included theft, burglary and drug involvements. If you have committed more than one felony, you still have hope of getting hired. However, it would be best if you made an effort to combat the tendency to commit felonies. Another proof that DoorDash hires felons is by visiting Hire Felons website identifies companies that hire felons and gives further information. Additionally, there is a comment section where users can support or challenge the information. The website is a valuable tool for narrowing your search to organizations that hire felons.

Can a Person with Misdemeanors Also be Hired?

Since misdemeanors are less offensive than felonies, you can indeed be hired. Unlike felonies, you will not need to full the seven-year timeline period.

Can Felons Do Other Careers in DoorDash Besides a Courier Job?

Certainly, you can. The company allows felons to apply for any job in the organization provided they possess the necessary qualifications for the position. Sometimes a felon needs a job as early as possible. Positions like accounting or engineering are highly competitive. As a result, the odds of the criminal landing the job are few. Contrast that with the courier job, which is not so competitive. You only need to have the means of transport to be considered. It is an excellent place to start from, to earn money immediately.


Felons do not have to worry about never landing a job. DoorDash understands how inconvenient it can be for the convict. Remember, some felons still have family members who are dependent on them. Also, they need access to basic needs like food and shelter. They will be unable to meet these needs if denied a job. If they get the job, felons still need to ensure they do not commit a felony. Since most organizations will not hire them, it is a reason for them to have a proper work ethic. If you have a family member or friend who is a felon, you could point them towards this company or others like it. Besides, having committed a crime should not be a life sentence.

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