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The 20 Best Companies to Work for in 2022


If you are looking for a new job, you should choose a good employer who will treat you well. As such, it can be helpful to ask questions such as what the best companies to work for in 2022 happen to be. Yes, there are plenty of good employers that are known on just a local level, meaning that it will be rather difficult to find out about them through wider publications. However, if you are looking at better-known companies, you should know that some of them have much better reputations in this regard than the rest.

20. MathWorks

MathWorks is one of those companies that are very well-known in specific fields but are either unknown or next-to-unknown everywhere else. This is because it makes software for mathematical computing. Specifically, MathWorks is the company responsible for both MATLAB and the MATLAB-based Simulink. Working for it is said to be well-compensated without being too strenuous.

19. Autodesk

Autodesk is another software company. Its flagship product is AutoCAD but it has long since expanded its product selection. Much of Autodesk's software is aimed at architects, designers, and engineers, which should come as no surprise considering the existence of AutoCAD. Curiously, the company also has quite the Media and Entertainment division, seeing as how it is behind both Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. Employee-wise, Autodesk has a reputation for supportive and sustainable practices.

18. Rivian

Investopedia says that Rivian had its IPO on November 10 of 2021. Based on that piece of information, interested individuals should be able to guess that it isn't as well-established as the other companies on this list. Rivian is nonetheless considered to be a wonderful employer. Supposedly, its senior management is quite good at communicating with the rank-and-file, which is nowhere near as common as it should be even though two-way communication is supposed to be critical for any company that works with innovative technologies.

17. LinkedIn

There are reports that LinkedIn has good leadership, good compensation, and good working environments. That sounds rather unusual considering some of the horror stories that CNBC and other news sites have reported about other social media companies. Then again, the next social media company is much lower on Glassdoor's list, which presumably says something about LinkedIn's exceptional nature.

16. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is quite good at satisfying customers. Some of that can be attributed to its ability to satisfy its employees because happier employees tend to make for happier customers. The airline's feat is particularly impressive because recent years have not been kind to the air travel industry.

15. Akamai

Akamai does cybersecurity, content delivery, and cloud services, all of which are in much demand by modern companies. After all, just about everyone has become reliant on the Internet, meaning that just about everyone needs a way to make sure that their online presence runs smoothly while their systems are protected from malicious outsiders. Under these circumstances, Akamai's good treatment of its employees makes sense. Mistreated individuals tend to be unmotivated individuals, who will do the bare minimum but no more than that. Something that doesn't make for the best provision of computing services, to say the least.

14. Adobe

Adobe should be a well-known name to most computer users. They may or may not use Adobe software. Chances are good that they have nonetheless heard of either Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop, or one of the other products in the company's portfolio. It is worth mentioning that the PDF file format was developed by this company, which speaks volumes about the impact that it has had on computing as a whole. In any case, Adobe puts a strong emphasis on the well-being of its employees, so much so that it has managed to secure a position on this list.

13. Twilio

Telecommunications are more important than ever before. As such, there is a great demand for companies that facilitate telecommunications in one way or another. In Twilio's case, it provides phone calls plus other phone-related services. What makes it stand out from its more traditional counterparts is that it does these things through web service APIs, meaning that it is a more modern company for a more modern age. Twilio's inclusion on this list suggests that it has made the switch to remote work quite well, which is quite fitting considering the nature of its business.

12. Five9

Customer service has a notorious reputation. For proof, consider how Business Insider has outright suggested that nice people shouldn't work in the field because they are going to find unpleasant interactions that much more bruising. Fortunately, Five9 isn't a company focused on customer service. Instead, it is a company that provides cloud-based solutions to contact centers. Five9 is said to have been successful in creating a friendly workplace where people have a clear idea of what is going on while being able to work on challenging but engaging projects.

11. Royal Caribbean Group

Royal Caribbean Group is the one cruise line operator on this list. Currently, it is the second biggest cruise line operator in the entire world, beaten by Carnival Corporation. The fact that Carnival Corporation shows up nowhere on Glassdoor's list makes it clear where people should be aiming if they are thinking about working for one of these companies. High employee satisfaction at Royal Caribbean Group seems to have come from the same set of factors as the other companies on this list. On top of those, some of the employees seemed to have been pleased by the opportunity to travel around as well, which is presumably more enjoyable on a cruise ship than on something faster-moving such as a plane.

10. Salesforce

A salesperson's skills remain important for sales departments. However, those skills can go much further when they are complemented by a full set of supporting software. That is where Salesforce comes in. Essentially, it is a software company that specializes in customer relationship management software and other sales-related software. Naturally, this means that its leadership knows much about interpersonal relationships, which it has used to offer its employees an excellent bargain.

9. lululemon

In 1998, lululemon was founded to sell yoga wear. Nowadays, it has expanded to cover other kinds of athletic apparel. Moreover, this makes it clear that it has put some serious effort into brand-building, meaning that it has become a lifestyle as much as anything else. None of this would be possible without capable employees, which is presumably why the company offers its employees benefits such as health care, investment options, and incentives to work out.

8. Veterans United Home Loans

Smart Business Magazine mentioned that Brant and Brock Bukowsky built Veterans United Home Loans with long-term viability in mind. Of course, part of that would be the creation and maintenance of a skilled, experienced, and well-motivated workforce. Consistent employee satisfaction suggests that the leadership of Veterans United Home Loans has been quite successful in this regard. Just like how it has been successful at expanding its operations throughout much of the United States within a matter of two decades.

7. Google

Google has a good claim to being the most famous tech company in the entire world. Thanks to that, it has a lot of star power, meaning that it has a much easier time bringing in talent than its less well-known counterparts. Despite that, Google isn't one of those companies that rely on their star power to use up talent until it is exhausted. It is far-sighted enough to realize that good treatment is a much better way for it to keep its position at the top, particularly since the tech industry doesn't have a shred of hesitation when it comes to snapping disgruntled employees who are looking for an exit.

There are limits to what even the most enthusiastic employees will put up with, so sensible companies know that it is best to never push them to that point. Well, this is true unless companies can easily replace their employees. In that case, they tend to be much more willing to use them and boot them. The best tech company employees tend to be less replaceable than most, which might explain why there are so many tech companies on this list.

6. Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is an American-based firm that does management consulting around the world. Specifically, it is one of the Big Three, which should make it clear how successful it has been. Under those circumstances, it would be strange if the Boston Consulting Group didn't understand the need to treat its not easily-replaced employees well.

5. Box

Box companies provide an important though often overlooked function. Having said that, Box isn't one of them because Box specializes in collaboration, file sharing, and content management tools. Initially, the company focused on consumers. Later, it switched over to commercial clients. Reputedly, Box offers a well-balanced workplace with pleasant co-workers, not least because of a capable C-suite seemingly setting examples for everyone else.

4. eXp Realty

COVID-19 hit a lot of companies very hard. This company wasn't one of them because it is a cloud-based real estate brokerage that operates around much of the world, meaning that it was already well-suited for working under those circumstances. Real estate agents have a reputation for being independent, well-motivated go-getters, so it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that eXp Realty is popular with its employees. That said, real estate brokerages are very much capable of alienating their real estate agents, so it seems safe to say that its leadership is doing some things right.

3. Bain & Company

As mentioned earlier, management consulting has a Big Three. The Boston Consulting Group is one of the three. Meanwhile, Bain & Company is another. McKinsey & Company is the third, though, for whatever reason, it isn't on Glassdoor's list at all. Regardless, the people who provide management consulting tend to have valuable expertise and experience that make it easy for them to head elsewhere, so treating them well seems like it would be a matter of simple logic.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is involved in sales. Specifically, it makes software and markets software meant to support the interconnected fields of sales, marketing, and customer service. Both software development and software marketing are fields that benefit a great deal from having a happy, well-motivated workforce. This is particularly true because HubSpot has a huge number of competitors that would cheerfully swallow up its market share if it was to slip for some reason. This is supported by some of the employee reviews that have been posted for the company. Reportedly, it has dedicated real time and effort into building a community in which every participant will not just give their utmost but also want to give their utmost. Simultaneously, it is said to have retained the flexibility of a much smaller company, thus enabling it to respond to employee concerns much faster than otherwise possible.

1. Nvidia

Nvidia does both hardware and software. To be exact, it is what is called a fabless company. It has entrusted the manufacturing of its hardware products to a partner that has specialized. Thanks to this, Nvidia has been able to divert its resources from the notorious blackhole of expenses. This is from chip manufacturing in preference for concentrating on other aspects of the business. Said course of action might have made it more reliant on outsiders but it has contributed much to its success as well. Chips are a hotly-contested field even before one considers the political considerations by Bloomberg. As a result, it is guaranteed to make employees feel like they are engaging in meaningful work. Nvidia stands out by offering them a superior work environment, thus enabling them to go further beyond.

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