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20 Things You Didn't Know About Iterable


We have all come across commercial messages targeting people as either potential or current clients. Your mailboxes are probably full of customized notifications that try to lure you into products and services promoted by individual businesses. There are a considerable number of organizations that act as channels that disseminate commercial information to the organization's associates.

Iterable is among such companies that offer market-friendly Omnichannel platforms for growing organizational customer engagement. It builds tools for growth marketers who are ambitious in attracting and retaining clients through enticing messages. The company takes satisfaction in enabling brands to create, launch, and optimize campaigns to enhance excellent customer engagement. The multi-channel platform by Iterable enables marketers to forge relations with business partners through email, SMS, and in-app built functionalities. Besides Iterable's role in offering customized email marketing platform, there is so much more behind the company's behavioural-data driven customer-centric campaign. Here are some things we consider you may find interest in knowing.

1. Founded by Justin Zhu and Andrew Boni

The marketing technology startup is a brainchild of two ambitious friends who saw the need to bring flexibility to the execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns. According to Iterable's website, Justin Zhu and Andrew Boni collaborated in the establishment of the company 2013. Justin was a former Twitter employee who, in the past, built User Growth Systems at Twitter while Andrew worked at tech giant Google on AdSense. Justin is a computer science alumni of Carnegie Mellon University while his fellow co-founder, Andrew studied Computer Science and Business at Boston College. The duo's rich background in building tools and systems for customer engagement accounts offers insight into their motive for coming up with a provider of the next-generation growth marketing platform.

2. Recognized in 2018 Bay Area Best Places to work

In an announcement by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal, regional companies were ranked their employees in April 2018. Among the 130 companies honored at the event held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square was Iterable. The employees assess the companies based on leadership, collaborative culture, personal engagement, as well as employee benefits and compensations by the parent companies. The 130 are sized down from 500 applicants, as stated by Business Journal. Iterable gives credits to its company's nurtured culture of safety, positivity, creativity, and transparency among its team for its role in enabling the company bag in the prestigious award.

3. Introduced four new first-class channels to customer targeting

Iterable's secret to the excellence of marketing teams is through a focus on the organizational and technical fragments that hinder growth projects. In addition to its major components, namely people, insights, and execution, Iterable revamps the customer engagement scene through its first-class channels. Google Customer March broadens the interaction by marketers through reaching out to users logged into their Google Accounts while Facebook Custom Audiences gives marketers capabilities to scale up engagement through re-marketing to users in Iterable built-in workflow studio. Multi-App push integration enables brands to push campaigns to the right mobile applications in a diverse mobile application environment. Lastly, Inbox allows marketers to engage the audience at their convenience.

4. Raised $60 million to optimize Omnichannel campaigns with AI

Iterable closed a series D funding, managing to raise a whopping $60 million. In the lead of the capital raise for the cross-based marketing platform was Viking Global Investors. The total capital raised reached $140 million after the round D series funding. Part of the financing, as suggested by the company, would be used for further expansion, investment into emergent technologies, and opening new spaces across London and New York.

5. First Customer to be served by Iterable

It is quite thrilling to learn that Iterable's first client was San Francisco-based online food ordering platform, Eat24. It, however, took six months after Iterable's founding to get a replacement of a product that failed to scale. As a result of social interactions by the company's founders, they ended up striking its historical first-ever deal as the company's chief executive officer nostalgically remembered.

6. Its first seed check

Iterable raised $1.2 million in seeding funds from several companies. The venture capital was raised by AngelList, 605 Ventures, 500 Startups, Mesus Capital, China Rock, and TEC Angel Fund. Iterable used the funds in its expansion, recruitment, lease as well as the addition of mobile features to the marketing platform.

7. Iterable and SparkPost are partners

Iterable success is pivoted on its alliance with other technology companies that are committed to offering solutions that shift existing paradigms. Iterable joined hands with the world's first and only predictive email intelligence platform, SparkPost. The email infrastructure provider joint venture with Iterable gives growth marketers the best technical infrastructure to build and run high standard Omnichannel campaigns. Iterable's Chief Executive Officer, Justin Zhu, according to SparkPost, he takes pride in its joint solution that enables users to directly benefit from advanced email campaigns, inbuilt workflow builder, and reliable email delivery services from SparkPost.

8. Partners with Herow

In the lists of Iterable partnerships is Herow, a company that harnesses the power of location technology to offer clients intelligence on their markets products and users. The coalition enables Iterable customers to create user segments based on locations and initiate custom messages when both context and timing are favorable to users. The location mobile-based application integration with Iterable works by reaching out to clients when they are highly likely to engage as well as reaching out to customers getting to or departing from pre-defined geo-zones. The alliance as per Herow strengthens Iterable marketing product capabilities to its users through Herow's dashboard, which offers a variety of tools and options to monitor the geo-zones.

9. Why it preferred to have an office in Denver

The marketing platform startup has witnessed tremendous growth over the last six years. In its expansion bid, it sought to have operational bases not only in San Francisco but also Lower Downtown Denver. According to The Denver Post, the region has attracted a substantial number of technology companies that aim to tap on the local talent. Besides its local pool of qualified high-tech personnel, Denver also offers a lower cost of living and a good network for technology companies in the region.

10. It is the pioneer of Activate conference

Iterable hosts an annual conference aimed at broadening the limits of modern marketing. With over 800 attendees, 40 sessions, and over 30 speakers comprising of marketing industry leaders during past events, it provides a chance for marketers to exploit networking opportunities to overcome business hurdles and innovate noble campaigns. Together, companies scrutinize the present and future of marketing while focusing on a collective redefinition of the marketing sphere.

11. Its company values

As part of the company's initiative to promote a lively work atmosphere, Iterable put in place four company values that enable inclusivity and support for its staff to flourish. The company values are humility, trust, growth mindset, and balance. Humility ensures accountability and strengthened relationships among its staff through openness to receive feedback and consideration for every individual's perspective. Trust, on the other hand, prioritizes and upholds integrity with clients' stakeholders by complying with regulatory standards.

Moreover, a growth mindset enables Iterable to seek improvements in different areas. Finally, balance encourages its employees to be happy and healthy by fostering a positive working environment that motivates them. The initiative by Iterable to bring life to its values through a variety of programs has pushed it among top-listed companies with the best working environments as rated by employees.

12. Growth Marketing awards

Iterable recognizes companies that portray outstanding performance in pushing towards significant industrial and corporate outcomes through its Growth Marketing Awards. Some of the categories in which it nominates companies for excellent performance include Growth Marketing Team, Best Cross Channel Campaign, Captivate audiences, Impact Transitions to Iterable, Sophisticated use of Iterable's Work Studio, and Partner of the Year. It awards finalists annually for their excellence in the above categories as the company's culture to boost personalized communication with clients.

13. It launched its catalog

Meta-data driven individualization mechanism steers Iterable customer engagement through its four channels. The catalog enables marketers to create highly-customized messaging experience obtained from clients' data. It puts together the ease of Elasticsearch database with the expandability to ensure customers get personalized content that matches their needs. Its collection builder interface gives marketers the ability to filter, store, reuse client components scale, and build campaigns. Iterable's catalog is a next-generation marketing team solution for large scale personalized customer campaigns based on the extensive benchmark of data points.

14. Released a report on News in the Age of Marketing

Iterable embarked on research to bring insight into media companies' relation to consumers through email, mobile phones, and other digital means of communication. The first study analyzed the involvement of 30 dominant publications such as Fox News, CNN, BBC, and The New York Times to establish the extent of influence they had on their clients' exposure to the news. The study explores the potential possibilities for reciprocally-advantageous customer and publisher ties. After taking note of the technological barriers hindering publications from offering customized experience, the research suggests steps of increasing value and relevance customer-publisher relations. According to PRWeb among the significant openings by the study include Mobile as the driver, under-utility of welcome campaigns and prominence of subscriptions and premium membership in generating revenues.

15. It is in partnership with Playable for Video Email

In mid-November 2019, the video marketing company, Playable, announced its collaboration with Iterable. Both companies joined hands to introduce Iterable's immersive auto-play campaign videos email feature. They flaunt their joint venture to be effective, based on the statistics which strongly conclude videos to be the preferred content type among most internet users. They, therefore, aspire to take advantage of such an opening to give Iterable's users auto-play video campaign functionality that has tremendous potential in boosting the customer engagement metrics. Playable's Chief Executive Officer Bob Hitching praised the integration for its design capabilities, which enhance creation, optimization, and deliverance of powerfully distinctive customized video emails.

16. Its sub- Processors

Iterable declares its use of third party data processors for customer program delivery. It maintains a list of the names and locations of all its sub-processors. As of now, it makes use of a dozen sub-processors that include Amazon Web Services, Redis Labs for database management, Sentry for error tracking, and many other sub-processors.

17. Founders met at a party

You probably may wonder where such a noble idea to start a cross-channel platform for marketing would arise. Interestingly the two co-founders, Justin and Andrew, met in a house party and later on went ahead to forge strong ties. Justin notes that together they attended several hackathons and started to brainstorm on a business idea. Their first pitch, a Near Field Communication for restaurants, failed. The duo after the failure picked on marketing automation, which successfully gave rise to Iterable.

18. Praised as a strong performer in The Forest Wave: Cross Channel Campaign Management

Among the few chosen companies to participate in Q4 2019, Forrester Wave evaluation was Iterable. It stood out as one of the most significant platforms in Cross-Channel Campaign Management for its ability to modify customer interactions into meaningful customer market experience.

19. Commits to GDPR

A significant concern for tech companies in the information era is data protection and data use by companies. More emphasis is primarily on marketing organizations that process and handle first-party data. Iterable understands and commits to the European Union law on data Privacy Protection, which aims to strengthen and protect personal data in the European Union. It has initiatives in place to safeguard data and ensure its compliance with data regulations. Such initiatives include continuity in security infrastructure investment, proper contractual terms are set in place, adherence to EU-U.S privacy shields, and Data Processing Addendum.

20. Iterable's first hire

Launched in 2013, Iterable had its first-ever hired employee from Twitter. The engineer also dubs as Justin Zhu's former colleague at the social media platform. The CEO maintains they paid the engineer $50,000 in salary to move to Iterable. Moving forward, the company recruited another engineer and a salesperson to build its first team.

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