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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Datadog


You might or might not be familiar with Datadog. Whichever the case, Datadog is a monitoring platform based on Software as a Service (SaaS) data analytics platform. The application collects data, analyze, and later tells you what is going on in your business environment. The app is useful to several companies depending on how much information they want. Some of them prefer to have data on everything, while others only want part of it. The application handles nearly 6 million data points each minute. The environments that they deal with are varied, and they have various ways of handling the needs of the clients. The company is among the leading developing software companies currently and here is everything you need to know about it.

1. It was founded in 2010

Datadog foundation was back in 2010 when Alexis Lê-Quôc and Olivier Pomel, who were working together at Wireless Generation, founded the app. The two wanted to create a product that could reduce the friction experienced between system-admin teams and the developer. They finally came up with Datadog, a monitoring service device that uses the cloud. With the increased adoption of cloud, Datadog expanded, and its products and services started growing. They barely own a quarter of the company since Olivier currently has a 14.5% stake in the company while Alexis owns 9.2%.

2. It was a gold award winner in 2016

PagerDuty recognized Datadog as their partner of the year at a summit in 2016. Datadog earned a gold award at the summit due to the ability of the company to monitor dynamic environments and provide alerts that engineers care mostly about in their work. Datadog utilized deep technology expertise to assist the customers in solving the problems that they are facing. Forbes Cloud 100 also acknowledged Datadog as the leading private company embracing the cloud sector. It is the one company in New York that can track data and compute it.

3. The service starts by collecting data

The first step in delivering to their clients is collecting data. Some of their customers want to have all data collected while some want partial data. Datadog will collect all the data since the developers think it might be expensive for the clients when they need it and they don’t have it. According to their official site, they say that some of the variables causing a problem might not be part of the data collection exercise leading to inaccuracy. Collecting the entire data makes it possible for them to analyze all its aspects. The data collected is copyrighted to guarantee protection from illegal access.

4. The application by the company uses Docker to collect and process data

The app sometimes needs to manage large data sets, and the task might be complicated. Docker software comes in handy for them in such a situation because the developers found that most of their customers also use the software. As the metrics under execution increases, the complexity also increases, and there is a risk of making errors. The software, therefore, sometimes breaks down while in use, making it hard to complete the data handling process.

5. It faces stiff competition in the market

Datadog is not the only company in the field of data analysis. It faces stiff competition from other investors who also analyze data for clients. The identified competitors by Fortune, are New Relic and Dynatrace. These are the two companies that are more likely to give Datadog a run for their money. New Relic is more prominent in size when compared to Datadog, and it operates over a vast area. The pricing of shares in Datadog is, however, fair when compared with their competitors with a share retailing at $27.

6. Cisco wanted to buy it off at $7 billion

Datadog is not only facing competition, but also some of the companies wish to own it through a takeover. Cisco approached Datadog intending to take over Datadog at a significantly high price of $7 billion. The talks between the two companies were private, and Datadog rejected the offer. Datadog wished to become a public company as it saw that it might be worth more as a public company rather than a private company. The talks between Datadog and Cisco finally ended and are no longer active. The management at Datadog wants to increase the price of their share since with the IPO price of $27, it was worth $7.8 billion. The plan to increase the cost is due to an increase in individuals and companies acquiring the shares.

7. The clients get alert notifications from PagerDuty and email

Datadog has a platform of notifying their clients of the progress of their problem-solving process. The software makes use of third parties, mainly PagerDuty and Email, to facilitate the notification. Dependent variables modulate the information before sending it to various email contacts stored within the database of Datadog. The modulation ensures that only the targeted clients get the particular message.

8. How much are their software costs?

The pricing plans of Datadog are of three types. One strategy is free, while two are paid programs. The free plan is accessible by one to five hosts. It has visualization and core collection features, while the metric retention is only one day. As for the paid plans, the company has a pro plan and enterprise plan. The cost of the pro plan is $18 monthly, and any number of hosts can access it. The subscribers of the pro plan are free to bill it annually at a discounted price of $15 per month. The added advantage of this plan is metric retention of 15 months as well as email and chat support. The enterprise plan is the most expensive, but best plan going for $27 monthly. All the features are advanced, and it has premium support.

9. It has an algorithm to gather data on customer satisfaction

Datadog has provisions to ensure that they know how their customers feel about their product. They have an algorithm that infers the customers’ comments and reviews across the social media sites. The software then compiles the data, and the positive and negative experiences are made visible to everyone. The information assists the customers to know whether or not they will regret buying the products to enable them to make informed decisions.

10. Devices supported by their software

The software by Datadog is only supported by three devices, namely Windows, Linux, and Mac, according to Finance Online. The devices run the software using English as the preferred language.

11. The main users of Datadog

Datadog services are available for a wide range of users who want network monitoring and infrastructure management in their establishments. The primary users are IT professionals, app developers, and other specialists since the software works alongside other software. Businesses are the primary beneficiaries of the software since running a business involves lots of data. The users mainly have both cloud and Software as a Service providers in their devices since the two are compatible with the software.

12. It has its head offices in New York City

To support the growing team, Datadog transferred its headquarters to New York City. The team doubled after the relocation of the headquarters to New York where it occupies a full floor in a building to accommodate the entire team. With its offices in the city, it serves clients from all over the world, and it has more than 1000 employees. As it seeks continuous innovation, the company has a development and research office in Paris.

13. The largest investors in the company

According to Barrons, the initial capital of Datadog was $11.7 billion. Many people and companies invested in the company with Index Ventures being the largest shareholders in the company holding 20.1%. The other partners are Openview Venture with 15.9%, ICONIQ Strategic with 11.3%, and RTP Ventures with 8.2%. With the sale of its 24 million shares, the leading buyers were Stanley Morgan, J. Morgan, G. Sachs, and Suisse Credit. After the offer, the company had 289.8 million shares left.

14. The company has a project to enhance monitoring without dashboards

The dashboards in Datadogs are used to monitor data. They are potent ways for the users to interact with devices as well as check on the progress of analysis of the available data. The developers have a project to facilitate monitoring without using dashboards. The software will have a lambda function to define the whole process. The person assisting in this enhancement is employing hacking skills to facilitate configuration through a shortcode.

15. Its agent is open source

Datadog is open-source software so that it can benefit from contributors from all over the world. The developers are implementing possible changes based on ideas sourced from the public. Anybody wishing to access the software can find it in their official website. People have contributed their views regarding the software; some opinions are already implemented while some are in the process. Since it is the public getting served by the software, the management is keen on their request to ensure their satisfaction. By making it an open-source software, Datadog has a unique advantage since marketing is also made accessible.

16. How it trains its clients to use the software

Many people new to Datadog find it hard to decode the software to use it. However, there is no need to worry about the codes since they are all available. Some of the training is available live online through the official site of the company or other third parties such as YouTube tutorials. Webinars also assist in training and can be linked to the email of the user. The company also has documentation of the codes which users can read and get acquainted with them. In case of anything, the support is available to answer any questions by users and guide them appropriately.

17. Their software is equipped with artificial intelligence

The software in Datadog has artificial intelligence, mimicking how a human being could do the task. The workflow in the software is also automatic, and each job assigned to it is done first. Further, the software is predictive due to its nature of handling several tasks. The artificial intelligence in it makes it useful in ecommerce and healthcare as it understands the flow of things in both environments.

18. It is planning to offer a mobile app

The software has been running in Mac, Windows, and Linux, but this year, the company is planning to have a mobile application. The mobile app will make it easier for their clients to handle issues more flexibly. Its users can get alerts from their mobile devices and check tasks under execution. Mobile applications will provide visibility of users experience through mobile RUM. It will then be easier to see how customers are using the mobile app. More people can now link their transactions to their mobile devices and check them when they wish.

19. It has an enterprise value of $10.22 billion

Datadog has an enterprise value of $10.22 billion, which is already higher than the price Cisco wanted to pay to take over the company. In the balance sheet, it netted out $52.3 million and is expecting a profit of $611.6 million in its proceeds. Over the past year, it generated $266 million in revenues, making it part of the most expensive stocks dealing with software. From the look of things, the value of the company is going to increase through the implementation of the ongoing innovations.

20. The company is active on social media

Surprisingly, the company is dynamic on social media. Social media has been a thing for individuals, but the company has followings on Instagram and Facebook. The employees operating social media for the company have the best marketing skills. Datadog has so far garnered 1,336 followers on Instagram with 261 posts. The company uses Instagram to update people on their next moves and also advertise their products. The followers on Instagram are increasing each week as its popularity grows. Datadog does not use Twitter but has an increasing number of fans on Facebook.

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