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20 Things You Didn't Know about Turning Point Therapeutics

Turning Point Therapeutic

Turning Point Therapeutics has made the news recently with its focus on precision oncology. The company is in the process of developing new drugs to treat the resistance of cancer to other known treatments. The company is making a difference for people who have a diagnosis of cancer with a bleak prognosis. TPT is giving people hope for longer life and perhaps just as importantly, hope for a better quality of life. We wanted to know more about TPT so we checked into their past, the present and future projections, and we found 20 things that you probably didn't know about Turning Point Therapeutics.

1. They're tackling the heart of current cancer treatments

Turning Point Therapeutics, Inc. is a company that investigates the limitations that exist within current cancer therapies. They go right to the heart of the issues to find solutions to bypass limitations through the development of specially engineered drugs which address these issues in the fight to inhibit the spread of cancer and to destroy malignant cells.

2. The company recently went public

One of the best ways to raise money for research for larger companies is to go public. Turning Point Therapeutics had a great response raising over $166 million during its initial public offering. They threw in an extra two million shares up for grabs than they had originally agreed to.

3. There is a strong demand for their services

TPT is a company that has the goal of developing targeted cancer drugs. This is good news for cancer patients whose cancer has grown resistant to the other available treatments. This is creating a high demand for the new drugs that the company is currently developing.

4. Investors love TPT because it's in the biotech category

Turning Point Therapeutics is making news in financial circles because it's offering a stock that is highly desirable for investors. Those looking to buy shares for their portfolios realize that such companies which are on solid footing stand to make a fortune in the biotech industry, particularly if they are able to develop treatments which will be life-sustaining.

5. They created a next-generation cancer drug

Turning Point Therapeutics has created a new kind of cancer drug that is called repotrectinib. It is classified as a kinase inhibitor. It targets specific genes that are likely to be a part of the process involved in the development of tumors in certain types of cancer and solid tumors which are advanced. The new drug is going to go into its second phase trial in the near future.

6. You can expect a lot more trials to start soon

Turning Point Therapeutics is planning to start at least four new trials in the near future. While there are no guarantees that any of these trials will result in the reduction of cancer deaths, they offer the hope that they might. It's good news for cancer victims who have no other recourse and have already exhausted all available options for fighting the disease.

7. Turning Point Therapeutics works on drugs for other diseases as well

This company is currently focused on creating drugs that will address the limitations of current cancer treatment, but this is not the only disease that they are hopeful to find specially engineered drugs that will be effective in treating. The technology that they are working on with the engineering of targeted drugs has great potential for addressing a variety of health conditions through treatments that break through the defenses which are inherent in the cellular structures of the diseases.

8. TPT underwent six rounds of funding

The type of research and development that Turning Point Therapeutics is working on is extremely expensive. The company turned to investors who believed in the potential of their work to help fund the research that hopefully, will one day lead to more effective treatments. throughout the si initial rounds of funding, the company raised a total of $346.9 million, and while this is a good start, there will be a need for more. A total of 11 investors funded the capital drives including HBM Healthcare Investments AG and Lilly Asia Ventures, among others.

9. Leadership are top-notch

The Senior Vice President of Clinical Development is Dr. Robert Xin. He's an MD as well as a Ph.D., and he has over two decades in overseeing biotech operations within biopharma companies. He's spent two decades of his career in oncology drug discovery to find the answers that have been evading researchers in finding drugs that are effective in arresting certain cancers.

10. Dr. Xin has an impressive curriculum vitae

Xin not only has experience in research adn development of cancer drugs, but he's also been a top leader for Pfizer, a well-known pharmaceutical company. He also spent seven years working at Roche/Genentech in a similar role. He began his career in drug discovery at Chiron, adn moved on to work for Eli Lilly, as well as Sugen. He has a proven track record for securing several drug approvals. He currently holds an M.S. in pharmacology and a Ph.D. in cell and molecular physiology at the Chapel Hill School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina.

11. There is a great deal of respect among colleagues

We visited the TPT's Twitter site to learn more interesting facts about the company. One of the tremendous discoveries that we made was to learn how close the staff who work together on this important and impactful work truly are. One of their own passed away and we saw how co-workers paid homage to his memory by sharing some of the things that he had taught them. We see that they are truly a tight-knit group that is more of a work-family than mere co-workers.

12. They are proud of their work

The work that is being done by these brilliant scientists, researchers, and oncologists is time-consuming and grueling, but they continue to work long hours, seemingly tirelessly. When there is a major breakthrough or even a glimpse of hope in achieving just one small goal, there is cause for celebration. They're proud of the work that they do and they share their victories on social media so the rest of the world will know. Breakthroughs are few and far between but in the end, every small victory is worth all of the hard work and time spent unraveling the mysteries and finding the combination of genetic engineering of the substances they work with daily which will hold the key that unravels the protective mechanisms behind disease spreading cells.

13. They celebrate each new addition to their staff

We also noted that each new staff member who is brought on board is a reason for celebration. It just means that there are more talented professionals on board to speed the vital research and development that is in process at Turning Point Therapeutics. It's an environment that is filled with hard work and a lot of thoughtfulness, but when a suitable addition to the staff is identified and brought into the fold, it's a joy to the dedicated team.

14. Some of their members are award-nominated scientists

We visited the awards page to learn that some of the scientists who work for Turning Point Therapeutics have been nominated for awards for their contributions to the field of bioscience contributions. One of them is Athena Countouriotis. She joins a group of finalists in being a nominee and although she didn't win the top honor, she was in the running for 2019. Better luck next year and keep up the good work...we're counting on you.

15. Turning Point Therapeutics is participating in Investor Conferences

The company is doing everything that they can to keep the ball rolling in a positive direction with their research and development efforts. It takes a great deal of funding, so they're busy raising as much as they can. Just this September, they were involved in the 2019 Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference and Citi's 14th Annual Biotech Conference. The event was held in Boston, Massachusetts on September 4-5, 2019.

16. The Conference Panels are available through webcast

Investors who are interested in getting in on the panel discussions which took place at the recent Investors conferences held in Boston can do so through the webcast that was made of the proceedings. Anyone who is interested in getting in on the business end of this high-potential opportunity is welcome to listen in for information about what the company is up to these days, and the outlook for the future is encouraged to tune in. We think that it's a brilliant strategy for getting their message out to potential investors who could make a difference in the overall success of the company.

17. Turning Point Therapeutics works on an innovative platform

As TPT explains on their website, the company is working off of a macrocyclic platform. To the layperson, this may not mean a lot, but when you have a better understanding, it turns on a lightbulb. Macrocyclic refers to "a ring composed of a large number of atoms, like those that occur in heme, which is the iron-bearing molecule that allows the blood to carry oxygen. They've taken the research into the very elements that make up compounds and substances to painstakingly note each known function and interaction, to break down the barriers which prevent the destruction of cancer cells.

18. They have no choice but to commercialize

All of the drug candidates that are developed by Turning Point Therapeutics are the property of the company and they hold all of the global development and commercialization rights. Some have not yet gained FDA approval for use, but they still maintain the rights. TPT is not a non-profit organization, but the work that they are doing requires a passion for knowledge and to help rid the world of some of the most deadly diseases known to man, one at a time. It starts with the breakdown of the limitations of current treatments and finding solutions that remove the barriers. The expense of the research and development process means that TPT must commercialize and bring in profits that will help to offset the costs.

19. Candidate selection begins in 2019 for clinical trials

We also learned that Turning Point Therapeutics has a timeline in their strategic planning model which outlines their research and development phases, along with the different phases of the clinical trials. We noted that there are ten groups of patients who will have differentiated tumor types, and treatment histories and these groups have been separated to get the baseline results because every small detail can make a difference. The researchers and clinicians can leave no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with every possible known factor that could possibly have an impact on the treatment results. Some trials are still under development and some are already underway, but others are still pending.

20. Turning Point Therapeutics needs our support

Those who see the droves of investors who are anxious to lay their money down to get in on the potential rewards of another bioscience and pharmaceutical research and development company may give the general public the wrong impression. Yes, it's a big-money industry, and it's a fact that we spend far too much on life-saving treatments, but while we're in the process of determining how to engineer the best possible treatments, we must realize that it takes a lot of money to find these answers. We applaud their efforts while realizing that a high price tag for treatments just released is to fund further research and to help defray the overhead. We wish them the best of success in their efforts that have the potential to enhance the quality of life and longevity of the human race.

Liz Flynn

Written by Liz Flynn

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