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20 Things You Didn't Know About Brivo


Welcome to the new age of security, welcome to Brivo. Brivo provides those in need of a superior security to provide solutions to their situation. Whether it's a multi-tenant facility, a single home, vacation rental properties, or corporation, Brivo has your physical security needs covered. With Brivo, your smartphone is your key, a convenient, frictionless way for individuals to gain entry. At the time of this writing, Brivo has over 23 million users, and services 40 plus countries. As Brivo puts it, "Our mission is to protect lives, assets and facilities with the best products and services, from people who are passionate about quality."

1. Brivo Wins PropTech Breakthrough Award

PropTech awarded their "Vacation Rental Platform of the Year" award to Brivo. The PropTech Breakthrough Awards tip their hats to the best tech companies in the real estate industry. The fact that Brivo is consistent with innovations and actionable ideas made them the stand out business for this award. Brivo's efforts regarding the Smart Home for Vacation Rental homes means that property managers as well as homeowners can handle multiple properties with ease with regards to security issues.

2. Brivo's Smart Security Trends Report Researched Security and COVID-19

Brivos's Smart Security Trends Support of 2021 researched how security was impacted by COVID-19. The results were interesting. It seems that 75 percent of those questioned felt that the pandemic made the need for more physical security more crucial. Also, when asked about security and cloud tech, 60 percent believed that cloud security tech was in need of improvements. According to Steven Van Till, “Property technology has evolved rapidly in the past year with a major shift in how security and facility management leaders recognize the benefits that Cloud technology can provide to them. accelerated by the trend toward working offsite during the pandemic, organizations need the ability to remotely manage security and access control, and see what’s going on in real time, without being on-site. This is accomplished through the Cloud."

3. Brivo Smart Home for Vacation Rental Home Security Solution

The Smart Home for Vacation Rental Home automation platform lets property managers and property owners keep tabs on their vacation home properties with ease. In fact, they can manage multiple properties from the convenience of one dashboard, remotely. Log reports are available daily. Features include: Keyless entry, thermostat control, sensors, and garage door control.

4. Brivo Launches a Facial Detection Software

Brivos' facial detection software has made the identification process faster and easier than ever before. Brivo Snapshot examines each frame, selecting those which provide the best imagery. Steve Van Till, CEO and founder of Brivo stated, “If you’re doing this three times a day, you don’t really care that it takes you a minute every time,” he said. “If you’re doing this hundreds of times per day, those minutes add up and they become an almost impossible burden for getting value out of integrating video and access control.”

5. Brivo's Physical Access Control Manages Access.

Physical access control deals with how a person enters a location. By 'how' we are referring to just what they use to enter the building. A key would be an example of a physical access control object. At Brivo, physical access control is usually accomplished by providing a form of identification credential such as a card, fingerprint, facial recognition, or fob.

6. Brivo Unveils the Unified Reader/Controller with ACS100

Brivo's Cloud Based Access Control and Smart Apartment Automation Solutions unveiled ACS100. The main benefit is Brivo's concept of 'Fluid Access'. Fluid Access allows users to unlock doors remotely and safely. In appearance, the Brivo ACS100 Reader/Controller is a panel of clean, contemporary design,which attaches to the door of your choosing. But that's not all, it's also combined with Brivo's very own Smart Reader. The cloud connection is completed with Brivo OnAir and Brivo Mobile for secure, remote unlocking of doors.

7. Brivo Launches a Financing Program

In a move to make security more accessible to people, Brivo announced its own financing program. This financing program is developed in such a way as to allow those interested in having a high quality security system more available by financing it for them. This decreases any upfront costs. Due to the global pandemic, businesses realized the need for additional, physical security. However, the pandemic made many individuals and businesses short on funds, so Brivo introduced installment financing, which allowed businesses and individuals to pay on an installment plan while they received the protection they needed and deserved.

8. Brivo Launches Brivo Visitor

Called a "fully integrated kiosk solution for visitor management", Brivo's new system, Brivo Visitor, works by generating photos of visitors to the property. In the old days guests would sign in at the front desk. However, with Brivo Visitor property managers are now notified as to deliveries, guest arrivals, etc. which goes way beyond the signature method. Now, you don't just depend on a doorperson at a front desk, but you also get Brivo's Visitor's arsenal of security tech to help monitor reception areas, rental apartments and stand alone offices, and so forth. According to John Szcygiel, EVP and COO of Brivo, "Modern offices want a fully integrated security ecosystem that enhances the occupant and visitor experience at the same time it provides security, Brivo Visitor meets this need with an additional layer of security, matched with a welcoming visitor experience. Employees and tenants appreciate it because they get immediate notification of guest arrival on their mobile phones.”

9. Brivo Acquires Parakeet--its First Acquisition

In March 2020, Brivo made it's very first Acquisition: Parakeet. Parakeet is heavily involved in providing smart office solutions, which is what drew Brivo's attention to the firm. Brivo CEO Steve Van Till believes that this gives Brivo more punch when dealing with smart office solutions “Our dealers understand that as long as they are only doing building access control and cameras, for example, that they can only have so deep of a relationship with a particular customer, so this gives them a more complete solution in their markets and allows them to have more options and services that they can sell, and, of course, it is a recurring revenue type of product, so that is s natural fit.”

10. Brivo's Access Control Will Work With Different Doors

It's quite understandable to question the types of entries and if Brivo's access control will work with them. First of all, know that Brivo access control is a keyless system. Because it's keyless, it can work with many different types of doors. For instance, it will work with cabinets, elevators, gates, store fronts, and so on. Keyless entry means there is no physical key, but there are fobs, pin numbers, keycards, and so on.

11. Brivo CEO, Steven Van Till Receives the Lippert Award

In honor of his outstanding leadership with regards to Brivo, CEO Steven Van Till was recognized for his achievements in the security industry. The Security Industry Association (SIA) chose Steven Van Till, to receive the George R. Lippert Memorial Award. Steven is also the chairman of the SIA Standards Committee, filling a crucial role in the development of security technology and upholding SIA standards, Till accepted the award with gratitude, “I am honored and humbled to be selected from among all the people whose contributions brought about these many improvements in our ability to serve our customers and the public at large.”

12. Brivo Partners with Alula

When Brivo saw the potential of growth by teaming up with Alula, they were very eager to begin. Alula is a user friendly, easy to install Smart Security System which uses Slimline Touchpad, cost effective starter packages, and 5G signal. Both Brivo and Alula are extremely happy with their new partnership, Brivo CEO states, “We see this as an important extension of our platform to provide simply better security to our customers, with a maintenance-free cloud-to-cloud API integration that leaves all the technical details to us so that integrators can install and configure both systems quickly in the field. What we like about Alula is that, like us, they are a hybrid IP-native product and cloud company that provides extensive connectivity to over 100 of the top independent central stations, which is what we need to cover the needs of our 1,000+ dealers and resellers.”

13. In 2017 Steven Van Till Received the Hauhn Award

On November 15, 2017 Brivo CEO, Steven Van Till received the Jay Hauhn Excellence in Partnerships Award. This award is presented to a Security Industry Association member who has exhibited the best practices and performance for that year. Van Till introduced the OSDP, or Open Supervised Device Protocol to SIA, as well as performed well in a voluntary position when it came to introducing industry stakeholders,and fought to maintain SIA standards.

14. Steve Van Till Wrote the ASIS Book of the Year

The book, The Five Technological Forces Disrupting Security: How Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and IoT are Transforming Physical Security in the Digital Age, won the ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year for 2018. The awards were held at GSX, September 23 thru the 27. Written by Brivos CEO Steven Van Till, it goes over the issues that cloud, big data, IoT, mobile and social media present to modern day security services. It supplanted that discussion with viable solutions to possible issues with the disrupters. “Winning this award is among the highlights of my career, The recognition by the world's largest organization of practicing security professionals means that the subject matter is adding value exactly where I hoped it would: To the actual business of making our world a safer place to live.”

15. Brivo Teams Up With Eagle Eye Networks

In 2015 Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks partnered up with the purpose of integrating two systems: Brivo OnAir and Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. The result of such a pairing of technologies is surveillance system that offers users cloud-based control. The users get video verification of entries and exits, and live streaming. According to CEO Steven Till, "Partnering with Eagle Eye Networks to integrate both companies’ best-in-class cloud solutions was a natural fit. Eagle Eye Networks video management system’s secure remote access and camera flexibility is a real winner for our customers.”

16. Dean Drako Acquires Brivo

In 2015, Dean Drako acquired Brivo for $50 million. As far as company leadership goes, Dean Drako will operate as the chairman of Brivo, while Van Till will stay on as the CEO, and lead the company. Dean Drako is the CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, and sums up the partnership, “My goal was to acquire the physical security industry’s best access control system. Brivo’s true cloud architecture and open API approach put it a generation ahead of other access control systems. Cloud solutions provide exceptional benefits, and Brivo is clearly the market and technology leader. Brivo has also been committed to strong, long-standing relationships with its channel partners, which I believe is the best strategy for delivering extremely high customer satisfaction.”

17. Brivo Onair Integrates with Other Systems

The Onair system by Brivo has been designed and developed to integrate seamlessly with other security systems if need be. Like the SaaS feature, this allows users to construct a security system that best suits their needs. After all, the end result is to craft the perfect security eco system for you, and no one else. If you need to integrate with a third party camera, you can, and so on. Whether it is a household, multi-tenant building, health care clinic, or company reception area, Brivo's Onair system has you covered.

18. Brivo's SaaS offers Many Benefits You Might Not Be Aware of

Saas stands for Software as a Service. Saas is designed to be attuned to the user. For instance, instead of purchasing an entire security software package that contains features you may never use, Saas uses an "on demand" method. This means that you only pay for the elements of the security system that you need at that time. This method of doing business means that the client never has to put cash out for any feature they don't need. The flexibility of SaaS guarantees that the client will be able to tailor the system their way. If you're curious, you can check out their whitepaper here

19. Bravo Mobile Pass is integrated into the Brivo Onair Access Control System

The Brivo Mobile Pass is integrated into their Brivo Onair Access Control System. Some may be slightly confused with how it's used, so here a summary. The Brivo Mobile Pass is an app you can download from Google. The Pass allows people to unlock any door that has a connection. If you're on the road and your child needs access to your home, you can unlock the door remotely, if you're a property manager and you need to unlock a door remotely, with Brivo Mobile Pass, you can.

20. Steven Van Till Was Inducted into the SSI Hall of Fame

Brivo CEO, Steven Van Till was inducted into Security Sales and Integration Hall of Fame, 2019. Established in 2004, the SSI Hall of Fame's purpose was to give credit where credit was due by honoring those in the industry by inducting them in the Hall of Fame. Inductees must have shown themselves to be ethical and achieve success within their position, as well as having an impact in the security industry. Inductees are also respected leaders, promoted the industry via protecting property and individuals.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a brief run down on one of the best security companies in the industry today. With its diverse technologies and drive to be the best in creating security solutions that meet the needs of the client, Brivo has proven itself to be above its competition when it comes to quality of product and surety of service. Whether the property is a vacation rental, high rise, health clinic, educational facility, Brivo will have a solution for you that is shaped to your particular security needs.

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