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20 Things You Didn't Know About Skello


Skello is a young startup from France that provides software as a service for its customers. It makes scheduling and communicating with teams fast and easy processes and it also automates the payroll process. The suite of solutions offered by the platform has made it popular with businesses in Europe. If you've not yet heard of the business, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Skello to help you know more about it.

1. Skello is still in its infancy

According to Crunchbase, Skello has only been in operation for five years as of 2021. It was founded in 2016. The headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company is registered under its legal name Skello SAS.

2. Skello is a versatile enterprise

The main focus of Skello's platform is to provide technology for businesses. It is listed on the internet under four major industry headings. It is a Software-as-a-Service company that is also categorized under Software, Computer, and Business Information Systems. The benefits of Skello include helping managers with necessary indicators and calculations in real time for payroll, productivity, and staff ratio.

3. Skello has four founders

Four entrepreneurs got together to establish Skello. The founders are Emmanuelle Fauchier Magnan, Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaus, Samy Amar, and Thibault Desplats. It is a woman-founded and woman-led company.

4. Skello uses a complex array of technologies

The Skello website is powered by a total of 36 technologies. This complicated system is distributed across 31 technology products and services. Some of them include iPhone Mobile Compatible, LetsEncrypt, jQuery, Google Analytics, Viewport Meta, HTML5, and several others. Although Skello does not disclose the overhead costs for its IT division, this type of technology easily runs into the tens of thousands annually for subscriptions.

5. Skello is a popular download

Skello's apps have been downloaded thousands of times recently. Over the past thirty days, Skello's apps have been downloaded a total of 7,837 times, according to the analytics reports for the website. The most popular of Skello's apps are Skello, and La Badgeuse by Skello. The apps are most commonly downloaded through the Itunes Connect and Google Play app stores.

6. Skello is experiencing a growth in web traffic

Analytics for the Skello website shows that the website has been visited a total of 89,559 times within the past thirty days. This number reflects a monthly visits growth rate of 12.02 percent. It has resulted in Skello achieving a ranking of number 300,662 of the millions of websites registered n the world wide web.

7. Skello is the most popular in France

The highest percentage of visitors to the Skello website are from France. Ninety-five percent of the visitors are from this country. the monthly visits growth over the past thirty days has increased by 27.62 percent over the past 30 days. Three percent of the visitors are from Poland. One parent is from the United Kingdom. one percent are from Argentina and less than one percent are from Tunisia. This is valuable information for key decision-makers at Skello because it tells them where the most interest is being shown in the products and services offered by the company. The information helps make strategic plans for expansion into new markets where the highest interest is shown.

8. Skello has a core leadership team of three members

The core executive leadership team at Skello is comprised of three members. Samy Amar is a co-founder and also serves as the chief information officer. Emmanuelle Fauchier Magna is a co-founder who also serves as the chief operations officer of Skello. Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux is a co-founder who also serves as the chief executive officer of Skello. Benoit Eveillard is the growth traffic manager who provides support for the core executive team.

9. Skello is a venture capital-funded enterprise

So far, Skello has participated in a total of four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round concluded on September 16, 2021, in a Series B round. Skello is considered an early-stage venture capital enterprise. The total amount raised is $54.4 million. Skello is supported by eight investors including XAnge, Aglae Ventures, Patech, Thomas Landais, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Guillaume le Dieu de Ville, Wilco, and Agoranov. Investor confidence in Skello's potential for providing a healthy return on their investments is high.

10. Skello is a privately held company

You won't find shares of Skello stock for sale, trade, or purchase on any of the public stock exchanges. This is because the company has not yet filed for an initial public offering. The founders of the company have decided to keep it as a privately owned enterprise. It is currently funded by venture capital funding through private investors. The most recent fundraising round raised $47.3 million.

11. Skello keeps companies within the law

One of the most fascinating things about the programming of the Skello software is that it is tuned in to the current labor laws. this is an extremely helpful feature for businesses that use the software and services. According to Techcrunch, the software automatically accounts for collective agreements and local labor laws when it performs its other automated functions and calculations for customers. It also manages work schedules for the entire company.

12. Skello works with multiple industries

The Skello apps and software are compatible with companies across all industries throughout the world. This versatile enterprise provides software solutions for pharmacies, bakeries, retail, hospitality, escape games, gyms, and several other industries. This is one of the reasons why the company is growing at such a fast rate. It offers a product that is applicable for almost all types of businesses.

13. Skello is a disruptor in the tech industry

On an interesting note, many of the companies that Skello now serves previously used Microsoft Excel for managing their schedules before they made the switch to Skello. It's changing the way that companies schedule their employees for the better. The software solutions provide automation which helps to cut down on the amount of time that it takes to create employee schedules and more. It has the potential for disrupting the industry by changing the status quo and raising the bar. The platform is easy to administer and it is becoming popular on the European front.

14. Skello works in an online format

Skello is accessed by clients online. The software is purchased through an app store then downloaded for instant use. It is used by managers and by employees. Managers use it to view the current work schedule for a quick view of who is working and when they're scheduled for a shift. They can also fill the gaps by assigning employees manually to fill the gaps when it becomes necessary. Employees can access the Skello platform to view their schedules, but not the schedules of other employees. They also have the option to make requests for time off via the app as well as indicate when they are not available. If something comes up unexpectedly, employees may also use the app to trade shifts with other workers.

15. Skello is a useful retention tool

The leadership at Skello explains that the app is meant to be used as a means of increasing the efficiency of scheduling by providing a mobile component for the app that makes access fast and easy. It's intended to enhance collaboration for schedule building and maintenance for a smoother flow for both workers and managers. It's a useful tool for increasing team retention by giving workers more options for managing their schedules. It also lets managers see when there is a potential problem in achieving coverage for all shifts in advance.

16. Skello keeps companies legal

There are times when companies break the local laws unintentionally. In some countries, there are mandatory weekly rest periods. Skello is programmed to retain this information and to issue alerts that prevent workers from going over their legal work hours. It will not allow employees to be scheduled past the legal limits. Skello also has the capacity for counting overtime hours as well for calculating Sunday shifts and holiday hours and other special situations when allowed. It's a customizable program that helps to keep companies within legal limits automatically. Skello keeps track of every step to help reduce errors made in scheduling.

17. Skello works with payroll programs

The Skello software is easily integrated directly with most payroll tools. It can be used to generate reports that show all employee timesheets for specified periods. It's useful as companies are approaching the end of the month. These features help to make it easier for payroll staff by automating processes that tend to be tedious. It takes the information from the schedules in the system and integrates them into the payroll and accounting systems.

18. Skello is used by thousands of companies

Skello's software solutions are used across a tool of 7,000 points of sale. Skello is also looking to expand its operations past France and enter into other European markets. It's looking at increasing the size of its current workforce by double the number. As of 2021, 150 employees are working at Skello. The enterprise has set the goal of having 300 employees fully on board by the year 2022. This is possible because of the latest fundraising round that is earmarked for its growth and expansion over the next twelve months. Skello is on the move and getting ready to make some major moves as it becomes more global in its reach. The analytics from the website shows where the greatest interest in Skello's products and services lie and it's likely that these will be the areas that are first targeted for deeper penetration into the global markets.

19. Skello is currently hiring

According to LinkedIn, Skello is already in the process of increasing its workforce. The company has listed fifty job openings. All of the job announcements are for the candidate that is living in Paris, France. Skello is busy building its home infrastructure at the headquarters before it begins to expand its reach into other parts of Europe. This is a smart strategy that shores up the business before it begins its march into other areas. It has listed a variety of different positions that range from sales managers to account executives. We also saw a few executive positions open such as head of partnerships, financial analyst, Head of SBR/BDR, senior product manager, senior legal counsel, senior full-stack developer, and a host of sales and engineering positions. This is an exciting time in the development of Skello as the company is on the move and entering into its next phase of development.

20. Skello is a company to keep your eye on

Skello is an impressive startup that is just beginning to come into its own. The owners have made wise decisions in running the operation and developing their strategic growth plans. They've kept the operations local, building the infrastructure at home with a solid foundation before venturing too far into other markets. This slow and steady growth has resulted in a solid foundation to build upon. The most recent round of venture capital fundraising has provided them with the capital necessary to make new hires and to forge new partnerships with other countries. The products and services that Skello offers apply to companies across all industries. There is a lot of preparation necessary to prepare products that will work for the legal aspects of other countries. It's worked very well in France and can be replicated easily for other countries throughout Europe. So far, expansion plans are limited to Europe, so we're not anticipating seeing Skello offered to North American companies shortly. It's a company that bears watching as it is set to become a leader within its niche of the industry.

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