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20 Things You Didn't Know about Truecaller

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Truecaller is an application for Android and iOS devices that are used to identify unknown numbers. The application claims over 100 million users worldwide, making it one of the most successful phone number identification services with a brand name. Truecaller's servers use numbers from various sources, including social networks, search results, government organizations, business listings, and user data. The company also provides a reverse phone lookup service in India, allowing users to find personal information about each other based on the phone number. Truecaller was initially developed as 'Truemessenger' by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam, two Swedish entrepreneurs of Iranian descent who wanted to create a service to identify unknown callers and block spam calls. In 2009, the application was released as a free download for Nokia's Series 40 phones and an Android version in 2011. Mashable chose Truecaller as one of the 15 apps related to social media that should be on your phone. Cnet praised Truecaller for its "effective app that identifies unknown callers and protects you from spam calls" but criticized it for not allowing users to block unwanted numbers. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Truecaller has experienced issues with government censorship in Pakistan over the accuracy of phone numbers registered under the national database and the 'Aadhaar' system.

1. You can make video calls using Truecaller

Did you know that you can now make video calls on Truecaller following the integration of Truecaller with the video calling app Duo? According to the company, users can create high-quality video calls globally using—any mobile network.

To make a video call:

  • · Tap the call button and select your contact or a new person from your phone contacts or recent incoming calls
  • · Click 'video call,' which will take you to Duo's interface for making video calls via Wi-Fi or cellular data.

2. Set Truecaller as your default dialer

A default app is an application that pops up on your mobile screen every time you get a new call. This means that if you set Truecaller as your default dialer, it'll open every time you get an incoming telephone call. To set Truecaller as your device's default phone app:

  • · Open the App Drawer
  • · Go to Settings > Default Applications
  • · Tap 'Truecaller' and then tap 'Always.'
  • You can also change the default messaging app from Truecaller to another application such as WhatsApp.
  • 3. Make Truecaller your default SMS App
  • To make it your default app:
  • · Open up the Settings menu on your mobile device
  • · Go to Application Manager > All or Messaging (depending on what type of phone you have)
  • · Go to Truecaller and toggle 'Receive SMS' to on
  • · From here, you can make mobile payments using the app by linking your debit/credit card account with it.

One of the best things about Truecaller is that it works even if you don't have an internet connection. The application manages to identify numbers through its servers without ever needing access to your contacts or other personal information stored on your phone.

4. You can search numbers using names, email IDs

Truecaller lets you search contacts saved in your phonebook for numbers that match the name of the connection. This feature can also help you search for numbers stored via email address. If you receive a call from an unknown number, you can look it up on Truecaller and gather information about the caller before deciding whether to answer or ignore it. This will save you from missing important calls from people you might not know.

5. You can unlist your number from Truecaller

You may choose to deactivate your Truecaller profile at any time, and all the information on it will be removed immediately. To do this, go to the 'My Profile' section of the app and select 'Unlist.' If you want to list your profile again, go to the same area and choose 'List my Truecaller number.' You can also unlist your number by emailing from the email address associated with your account and requesting that they remove your number.

6. You can see who is online

If you go to a contact's profile in Truecaller, you will find their last seen status indicating whether they are currently active on the app. It allows you to see who is online and available to talk without making a call. Again, this feature is also available for your own Truecaller profile. If you go to the 'Profile' section and tap on 'Last Seen,' it will show other users who are currently active on the app and who aren't.

7. You can send 'flash' messages

A flash message is a brief text message that is automatically deleted after it has been opened. This feature lets you share notes with your contacts without having to type them out or send regular SMS/MMS. If you're chatting with a friend, open the chat and click on their profile picture. It will reveal a menu that includes an option to send them 'flash.' If they receive your message, they will get a quick notification alerting them of your incoming message. This will allow them to view it for a few seconds before it disappears. Select the '+' sign at the top of the main chat window and look for the flash option to use flash messages.

8. You can block specific numbers

  • There are sometimes some numbers constantly trying to call or send text messages to your phone, and you don't want to receive them. Truecaller lets you block specific numbers so that they can no longer contact you via calls or SMS.
  • You can also set a universal spam message for all blocked contacts sent back if they try sending an SMS/MMS to you.
  • To block any number:
  • Go to the contact you want to stop and tap on their three-dot menu icon > select 'Block' from the options that show up. To unblock anyone, click on the three-dot menu again, tap 'Manage' and then tap on the ones you want to clear.

9. You can create a spam folder for SMS

A spam folder is a folder that stores all the messages you receive from unknown numbers. Truecaller lets you create a spam folder to keep all such statements in one place and block those you don't want to communicate with. You can set up your spam filter by going to 'Settings' and scrolling down until you find 'Spam Settings.' Here, you can either send all SMS messages that display as spam directly to your spam folder or mark them as spam.

10. With Truecaller, you can see who is calling

You don't always have to answer calls, and sometimes it's better to find out who the caller is before deciding whether or not you want to take the call. You can do this by tapping on your incoming call screen and scrolling down, where you will be able to see the caller's name and profile picture.

11. You can see when people joined Truecaller

After your initial login, you will be able to see when the individual in question has joined the platform by checking their start date, which is displayed under their contact information in their profile. Additionally, you can click on any of these dates for more info and history about the contact.

12. You can block spam SMS and calls

To block spam SMS and calls, click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of your Truecaller app. Go to 'Settings' > scroll down and tap on 'Spam.' Here, you will find two different sections for filtering Spam SMS and Call Filtering, where you can add numbers to the blocklist depending on whether they are an SMS sender or a caller.

13. You can verify your profile to get a badge

As of May 2016, there are over 1 billion users on Truecaller. If you are one of them, you can go to the 'Profile' section in the app and tap 'Verify.' Verifying your account will help protect it from being abused by individuals with bad intentions. In addition, verified profiles will get a badge on their profile picture, which designates them as official Truecaller users. When receiving notifications after someone views/scans your profile, ensure that the 'Profile Badge' option is checked under 'Settings > Notifications > Profile Badge.' Additionally, if you want to get a Truecaller badge of your own, make sure this option is checked.

14. You can search numbers using names

You may enter the name of any contact in the search bar at the top of the screen and press 'Find' once you've finished typing. If any numbers match the name you entered, they will show up. If not, order again and press 'Find.'

15. You can block all private numbers

If you're getting too many spam calls from unknown numbers (or worse - people with blocked caller IDs), then go to 'Settings > Calls & Messages > Call Blocking' and add numbers to your blacklist. As such, all private numbers that you add to this section will be blocked from calling you.

16. You can block unknown SMS senders

If you're receiving spam SMS messages, go to 'Spam Settings' (see no. 10) and tap on the option that says 'Unknown Senders.' This will reveal a list of all the numbers that are allowed or denied access to your device. You don't have to answer any SMS or call that you don't recognize. Just press the 'Block' icon next to their name.

17. You can run the app on most operating systems

You can find the links to download Truecaller for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone right here. But you can also download it for BlackBerry, Nokia S40, and Symbian, as well as Nokia Asha if you follow this link. Truecaller is available in 18 different languages, so you might have to scroll down a bit to find yours depending on your region. TrueCaller is not limited to just your phone's operating system. You can also run it on your desktop or laptop computer, as Truecaller is available for Mac and Windows users here.

18. You can search for businesses nearby

To quickly find the number of any business near you, tap on the 'Me' button at the top left corner of your screen and select "Nearby.'' Here, you will be able to see relevant businesses in your area.

19. You don't have to save numbers anymore

If you've installed Truecaller, the next time someone asks for your number, you can give them your handle instead of having to worry about saving their number (and then forgetting it later on). This is because Truecaller automatically saves numbers behind the scenes whenever you receive a call or SMS from someone.

20. You can undo a sent SMS and flash message

If you sent an SMS by mistake, go to 'Settings > Privacy' and tap on the option called "Undo Message.'' Here, select the number of seconds you want before the message is erased. In addition, if you want to delete a flash message you sent in the same way, tap "Undo Flash' and select the number of seconds.

Experience the benefits of this uniue app

TrueCaller is the leading mobile phone directory service, connecting more than 1.7 billion users across more than 200 countries with their contacts through calls, texts, and social networks. With more than 50 million numbers added to our global database each month and our crowd-sourced spam list that grows by nearly 2 million numbers every day, you can rest assured that Truecaller is the only phone app you'll ever need. With Truecaller Premium, you can make yourself even more identifiable with a unique caller ID that allows people to see your name and photo before they pick up your call. From spam blocking to search by name or number to quickly identifying incoming calls, Truecaller makes the world less complicated by connecting you to the right people. The mobile phone directory service TrueCaller has been expanding its feature set lately to provide more relevant information for users. With the new version 8.32 of Truecaller, the company has announced that the application will also identify business numbers and show pictures of contacts when requested by users. Furthermore, Truecall Now that you know a little more about Truecaller, why not sign up to use it today? There is a lot more information on the site itself, and you can also download the app from Google Play or iTunes.

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