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20 Things You Didn't Know About Zolve


Zolve is a fintech startup that delivers fair access to financial products for all citizens. It is a global neo bank that is changing the way that the world conducts financial transactions in a new digital age. If you're not yet familiar with this outstanding new firm, don't feel bad. It hasn't been in operation for long, but it is making news in business because of its rapid success. Here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Zolve to bring you up to speed.

1. Zolve is a brand new company

According to CrunchBase, Zolve is a fintech company that was launched in Bangalore, India in 2020. As of October 2021, the company has only been in operation for 11 months. It hasn't even been in business for a year and it's already making the news as a powerful new startup that is destined for greatness.

2. Zolve has set a record

We also learned that Zolve is the first company to offer seamless financial services that are cross-border. It is a neo banking startup that serves people with financial and banking services, who are looking at international migration. It is the first business of its kind to provide this kind of service and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

3. Zolve is a versatile company

Zolve is listed across three industries on the internet. It is a FinTech company that provides banking and other financial services for its clients. The legal name of the company is Zolve Innovations, Inc. The company is active in the country of India and one other country. It is off to a good start, but according to the founder, this is just the beginning as Zolve has a long-range strategic plan for moving into more countries.

4. Zolve uses a complex array of technologies

Zolve uses a complicated aggregate of technology products and services to power its website. It uses a total of 65 technologies to provide users with a smooth and seamless experience when using the site. These technologies are distributed across 17 technology products and services. Some of them include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, SPF, Viewport Meta, and several others.

5. Zolve's website is growing in popularity

Zolve has only been in operation for less than a year, but the monthly visitor numbers are continuing to rise. Over the past 30 days, the total number of monthly visits to the website was 27,301. The number of monthly visits has resulted in Zolve achieving a ranking of number 729,488 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web.

6. Zolve is the most visited by people in the United States

Although Zolve was developed and launched in the country of India, the largest percentage of visitors are from the United States. Sixty-one percent of the web traffic comes from people in the US, with a monthly visits growth rate of an astronomical 653.07 percent. Twenty-six percent of the web traffic comes from the United Kingdom. Ten percent of the web traffic comes from India, and one percent comes from South Africa, with an additional one percent from Hong Kong. These statistics from the website analytic report is valuable information that helps strategic planning committees to determine where the greatest interest in Zolve's products and services is coming from. It will be used to determine the next steps for the enterprise concerning growth and expansion into new geographies. It also shows them where they need to do more marketing work.

7. Zolve is a venture capital-supported company

Zolve has participated in two rounds of venture capital fundraising. The most recent round of Series A fundraising was completed on October 26, 2021. The total amount raised so far is $55 million.

8. Zolve has secured high investor confidence

Zolve attracted the attention of 12 investors, 3 of which are lead investors. The most recent investors to join in fundraising efforts include Tiger Global Management and Accel. They are joined by Lightspeed India Partners, Alkeon Capital, DST Global, a lead investor, Kunal Shah, Greg Kidd, Founder Collective, Blume Ventures, Rahul Mehta, and two other investors that have chosen to remain anonymous. We can reasonably assume that investor confidence is high in Zolve because of the tens of millions of dollars that its investors have put into the growth and expansion of the company. There is a strong belief that Zolve will continue to grow and expand into other geographical regions of the world, and deliver a solid return on the investments put into the new startup.

9. Zolve's success surprised its founder

According to Your Story, when Raghanandan G launched his new company in February of 2020, he did not expect the company to grow so quickly. Within the month, Zolve saw more than 40,000 sign-ups for its financial products and services. The initial response to the offerings was far above what he had initially anticipated. Currently, Zolve has more than $1.5 million worth of deposits in the bank accounts it provides for its customers. That's not bad for a company that has only been in operation for eleven months.

10. Zolve is a disruptor in the FinTech industry

The mission of Zolve is to provide immigrants to the United States with access to FDIC-insured US bank accounts, complete with debit and credit cards. The goal of the company is to make financial systems and banking services boundary and borderless, so anyone who moves from one country to another can obtain these services without the need to pay high fees for the services. It is a neo-bank which is a new alternative financial system that links people into the digital world of finance, and it's been received with open arms by tens of thousands of people who move from one country to another. Zolve is disrupting this sector of the financial industry with its groundbreaking new products and services.

11. Zolve is active in two countries

So far, Zolve has developed full financial and banking services in a collaborative effort that includes two countries. It is active in the United States with its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. It also operates from its Bengaluru headquarters in India. Zolve is a global FinTech company that is just getting started with plans to expand its operations into new territories soon.

12. Zolve is geared toward immigrants

The financial services and products that Zolve offers are designed to make it easier for people who are US immigrants to banking and credit card accounts. There is no requirement to possess a social security number to open these accounts. This is one of the features that sets it apart from other financial institutions. It is far easier for immigrants to open FDIC-insured US bank accounts with credit and debit card services as soon as they enter the country. Zolve has partnered with the Community Federal Savings Bank to provide these services.

13. Zolve is one of the fastest-growing Fintechs

What we found to be the most impressive about Zolve is how quickly it is growing and becoming established. It's rare for any company to achieve the success of this degree in less than a year of its launch. The founder initially envisioned earning the trust of around 500 customers within the first year of operation, but instead, the number quickly grew to 42,000 users, which meant that the leadership needed to adjust the scale plans.

14. Zolve offers free services

Any new immigrant to the United States is free to apply for Zolve's products and services in a convenient online application platform. The application process is free of charge. It only takes ten minutes or less to receive a response from the website. All that is needed for identification is a valid is a and passport.

15. Zolve puts trust in its customers

Another unique feature of Zolve is that it puts a high level of trust in its customers. It provides applicants with a Zolve credit card that is backed by Mastercard. The card is unsecured and has a high limit. For the first six months, there is zero percent APR, to help new immigrants become established in the country. There are also no foreign transaction fees associated with the card and no application fee. This is a financial service that is hard to find as not that many companies offer such helpful benefits for first-time applicants.

16. Zolve provides customers with modern technologies

Zolve has quickly evolved into a multi-service financial company that offers modern conveniences for its customers. It has already delivered an on-the-go mobile app that is integrated with Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. It provides customers with reminders, payment alerts, and access to their direct deposits. It also provides them with other financial tools along with educational resources to help them responsibly build their credit ratings.

17. Zolve customers have high-level protection

Zolve is a legitimate financial services company that is backed by the FDIC. This insurance protects all of its customers with up to $250,000 in protection. The backing lends a high level of legitimacy to Zolve, which is important for any new financial institution that is just getting established and building its reputation. Additionally, there are no minimum balance or social security number requirements for opening a deposit account with Zolve. The company operates with products and services that make access much more convenient than traditional banking and credit institutions. It's no wonder that it has already attracted the interest and loyalty of so many new account holders.

18. Zolve is currently hiring

According to LinkedIn, there are 23 new job openings at Zolve. All of the new jobs are for positions that are located at the headquarters in Bengaluru, India. It looks like Zolve is busy building its infrastructure at its home base before it begins another expansion into new territories. The leader of the company is taking things slow and steady. He is not rushing to go into new territories until the company is solid in its infrastructure, which is a wise move for ensuring the continued stability of the organization.

19. Zolve is a privately held company

Zolve is a privately owned company with one founder. Raghunandan G launched the company as a single owner and he maintains control over the institution. The company has not yet filed for an IPO, which means that you won't find any shares of stock for Zolve listed on any of the public stock exchanges. It is currently financed by its private investors. While this may change in the future, so far, there has been no mention of going public. It does not appear that Zolve needs to solicit funding from the sale of its shares because it has all of the support necessary from its private financial resources.

20. Zolve's founder is a serial entrepreneur

Raghunandan G is a solid and established entrepreneur and businessman. He received his education in India, earning his bachelor's degree and his master's. He is a tech engineer who has also served as a consultant in past jobs for the corporate financial world. He brings years of experience and education to the job. Zolve is not the first company that he launched.

He left his job as a consultant to launch his first company called Serendipity Info Labs Pvt. Ltd in November of 2010. He served as founder and director. In January of 2011, he launched, occupying the same positions and running both companies simultaneously. Raghu launched a company called Start-ups in May of 2015 and still serves as a startup enthusiast for the organization.

He launched Zolve in December of 2020, making it operational in February of 2021. This is not his first rodeo and he has a strong talent for establishing new companies and building them up to be successful enterprises. It appears that he is getting better at it with each new venture. Zolve is a company to keep your eye on as it is likely to change the world of finance for people with immigrant status.

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