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10 Things You Didn't Know about Paul Copplestone

Paul Copplestone

Who is Paul Copplestone, the CEO of Supabase? You may even be wondering what Supabase is. As a starting point, it is a company that allows other individuals to build applications quickly and relatively easily. The difference here is that all the software developed by his company is open-source, meaning that anyone and everyone can have access to it. That's definitely an interesting point and one that makes most people want to know more about the person who works as the CEO. If you are interested in learning more like so many other individuals, here are 10 things you probably don't know about Paul Copplestone.

1. He doesn’t think people should make it so hard for businesses to succeed

He has often said that he doesn't think other business professionals should make it so hard for small businesses to succeed. As far as he is concerned, there is a big problem in the entrepreneurial world, especially when it comes to tech startups, where everyone wants to safeguard all of their information so that no one else can get access to any of it under any circumstances. To a certain extent, he understands that desire. However, he also believes that it's necessary for everyone to help each other in order for the best things to happen. When people start hoarding things as opposed to sharing them with each other, no one wins. That's why he's always been careful not to fall into that trap.

2. He likes being challenged

Like most entrepreneurs, he loves to be challenged. When someone thinks that something is impossible, that's exactly what he sets out to achieve. He loves the idea of taking something that was once thought to be too difficult to pull off and then doing exactly that. He says that since he was a small child, if someone told him that something couldn't be done, he would go out of his way to prove otherwise. For him, it's as much about the challenge as it is anything else.

3. When he gets involved with something, he practically obsesses over it

He admits that he has a tendency to obsess over things, but only because he wants everything that he is attached to, to be the best that it possibly can be. That is especially true when it comes to his professional life. If he knows that he is creating an algorithm or developing new software that other people are going to be using, and he wants to make sure that it's user-friendly and effective before anyone else gets their hands on it. To that end, he has a tendency to obsess over it in hopes of achieving that goal without missing anything crucial.

4. He likes to know that he makes life easier for other people

At its core, his desire to make software easier for others to use comes down to his desire to make life easier for other people in general. It really all comes back to his feelings that everyone should do their part to make things easier for the next person. As far as he's concerned, he's just doing what he needs to do to help others. Perhaps he's even hoping that some people will be inspired by his work ethic and follow suit.

5. He’s always looking for a need to be filled

He does the same thing that a lot of other entrepreneurs do. He looks for something that needs to be changed, corrected or improved and then finds effective methods to do exactly that. That is precisely how Supabase came into existence in the first place. It was only when its predecessor, Firebase, essentially dissolved that he decided it was time to do something similar, all the while improving on the initial design. As previously mentioned, he also made it available to the public as opposed to only providing access to a select few.

6. He leads by example

As you might have learned by now, he doesn't have a tendency to tell other people what to do like a dictator. Instead, he leads by example. As far as he's concerned, it doesn't matter if you're talking about the professional world or someone's private life, leading by example is always far superior to telling everyone else what they should be doing, especially if you are doing something completely different.

7. He loves the world of computers

He's always had a special fondness for the world of computers. Perhaps it goes back to the fact that there is always a constant involved when one is working with computers. The gray areas that complicate things so much in life don't tend to exist when working with these types of machines. In fact, everything is for more exact, more black and white.

8. He’s been coding forever

Everybody has a special talent and his appears to be coding. Truth be told, he's been coding for the majority of his life. It's something that has always come easy for him, so much so that he could practically do it in his sleep.

9. He actually hires people to try and hack his software

One of the more interesting things about him is that he actually employs people for the express purpose of trying to hack into the software he designs. He wants to employ the best hackers he can find and then he gives them free range to try anything and everything they can think of in an attempt to hack into his system. It's a very unique way of finding out whether or not there are bugs in his software programs that need to be worked out before they are distributed to the public. It's also been one of the more effective methods of ensuring that his programs have a high degree of resilience against hackers.

10. He loves coffee

This is a person who really, genuinely loves his coffee. After all, he has to have something to keep him up during all those late nights of creating new software programs. According to him, if it's caffeinated, he'll drink it.

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Written by Allen Lee

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