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20 Things You Didn't Know About Envista Holdings

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Envista Holdings is one of the world's biggest dental products companies. It holds impressive market positions within the dental products arena, featuring a broad assortment of products and materials, including technologies for imaging. Investors see Envista Holdings as a good option for diversifying their portfolios through the purchase of shares of stock in the highly rated company. In case you're not familiar with Envista Holdings but are interested in finding out more about them, here are 20 things that you probably didn't know, but might find useful.

1. The company is relatively new

If you've not yet heard of Envista Holdings, then you're in the majority. It's only been in existence since 2018. The company has grown rapidly since its inception with an employee base of roughly 12,800 workers. The speed at which the company has grown is nothing short of phenomenal. There hasn't been enough time since its IPO to make an analysis of stock performance, but it's definitely a company to keep your eye on.

2. Envista Holding serves over 1 million dentists worldwide

Like any profession, dentistry requires a large overhead of manufactured goods from digital imaging equipment to the materials used for crowns, caps, fillings, and dental prosthetics. The list goes on. Envista Holdings provides dental consumables for a wide range of dentists in over more than one hundred and fifty countries throughout the world.

3. They lead the market in volume

Envista has entered the market with the sale of orthodontics, dental implants, digital imaging technologies and the cover 90 percent of clinical necessities for dental diagnostics, treatments and for the prevention of dental issues. They also provide products used for enhancing the aesthetics of client smiles. What this means is that they develop, manufacture and distribute almost everything that a dentist needs to stock supplies and perform the necessary testing, diagnostics, and treatments in the dental setting.

4. They operate under several companies

Envista Holdings operates through three main companies. These are Ormco, KaVo Kerr, and Nobel Biocare Systems. These companies have a broad international reach with their marketing and sales, making Envista one of the largest providers of dental consumable products. Their sales in 2018 totaled $2,845 million with seventy-percent coming from the sale of services, spare parts and consumables.

5. Envista enhances patient care

One of the goals of Envista Holdings is to provide dentists with the supplies and equipment that will enhance patient services. This is accomplished through the use of state of the art equipment that delivers precise and fast diagnostics for improving the speed at which treatment plans may be designed to better serve the patient. They offer industry-leading products, technology, and solutions which make it easier for achieving the highest quality in the delivery of dental services.

6. There is over a century of innovations combined in a new company

Although Envista Holdings was just founded in 2018, the talented staff bring more than 125 years of combined experience, knowledge and innovation to the table. Envista didn't climb up in the ranks with record speed by cutting corners on quality in their workers, developers, manufacturing staff or marketers. They insist on meeting stringent guidelines for quality and adherence to established standards. They brought the very best of the best together in the company that is highly respected in the dental products and equipment industry.

7. Envista provides consultation and training services for dentists

In addition to providing tools, equipment, and dental supplies for dental practitioners, Envista also offers digital consultation. They offer support for dental professionals with regard to every interaction that they may have with their patients. They offer a range of comprehensive education and training programs which give dental professionals opportunities for professional growth throughout the span of their careers in the service delivery field.

8. Envista is broken down into three major divisions

There are three main companies which make up Envista Holdings. Each has its own specific function and area of expertise. Kavo Kerr is the company that provides imaging products, supplies, and solutions which dentists require for offering their patients the best possible service and patient outcomes. Nobel Biocare Systems provides implant-based dental restorations. They also provide high-quality tools and other dental products. In addition to this, Nobel also offers training for dental professionals. Ormco is the division which provides orthodontic products which are supported by excellent customer service. In addition, they also provide educational support for dental professionals.

9. Envista has made some major acquisitions

Envista Holdings relies upon three main companies, but it has made over twenty-five acquisitions over a time-span of 15 years at Danaher, according to its website. It's actually fascinating to look back at the history of the company at Danaher and see how they strategically added companies which brought along with them new perspectives in the industry, as well as new skills which helped them build and diversity their extended team. They also acquired companies that brought new technologies to the group. This was the key to achieving the diversity of services and products which are broad in their expanse. This was all a part of the fifteen-year strategy which culminated in the development of Envista Holdings.

10. Danaher maintained the majority of voting power

Following the successful completion of Envision Holding's Initial Public Offering, Danaher maintained a majority of voting power for the company's outstanding shares. Envision Holding is Danaher's new newest dental company. Envision was able to get on its feet so quickly because of smart strategic planning and the acquisition of the companies that would set it on solid footing to assume a rapid top position within multiple markets of the dental supplies and equipment industry.

11. The IPO was led by some of the world's biggest names in finance.

The Initial Public Offering was managed by leaders in finance, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan. Baird, Evercore ISI, and Jefferies will co-manage the issue. Envista brought in approximately $23 billion in sales for the 2018 fiscal year. The net earnings for 2018 amounted to $230.7 million which reflected a decline over the previous year under Danaher.

12. Danaher started the ball rolling

Danaher is a leader in science and technology operating on a global level. They evidence a strong commitment to assisting their customers in solving some of the most complicated challenges in order to improve the quality of life in humans throughout the globe. Danaher serves as the umbrella for several world-class brands which have assumed positions of leadership throughout the health care, applied and environmental end-markets. Danaher maintains a team of 71,000 associates who are committed ot a common culture and abide by the established operating system, which is referred to as the Danaher Business System to "Help Realize Life's Potential.

13. Envista Holdings is a Danaher corporation spin-off

Envista Holdings can be classified as a spin-off of a series of three companies which previously fell under the Danaher Corporation umbrella. Nobel Biocare Systems, KaVo Kerr, and Ormco Companies were taken from within the fold and crafted to form a separate entity that was named Envista Holdings Corporation. The initial public offering was scheduled for the second part of 2019, allowing the new company to go public and start trading stock shares. The three companies compose the dental segment of Danaher, and the president and CEO of the new Envista Holdings Corporation was named. Amir Aghdaei was a Danaher group executive in charge of the dental division of the company and is now in charge of Envista Holdings Corp.

14. The name of Envista is significant

In case you're wondering where the founders came up with the name, Envista is actually the blending of two root words which are taken from the Latin language. en is a prefix which means to be within. Vista means a view. When combined the logo which is comprised of concentric circles, the name and imagery are intended to reflect the company's overarching goals of achieving endless possibilities in the future through collaborative efforts.

15. The culture is built upon 4 core values

Envista has established its company values which are designed to create the overall culture of the company. These are: ‘Better Choices, Better Outcomes,’ ‘Relationships Built on Trust,’ ‘Innovation in Action,’ and ‘Continuous Improvement as a Competitive Advantage.’ these values are taken directly from the heritage passed on by Danaher, and the same business model under which Danaher operates has been adopted by Envista Holdings Corporation.

16. Envista Holdings Corporation is the home of several top brands

When we spoke of the more than 25 acquisitions made for the development of Envista Holdings, Danaher skillfully made these purchases with the knowledge that the companies would contribute to the overall value and quality of the newly public company. Included in this conglomeration of commingled service providers, product manufacturers, and educators/trainers. In addition to the three main companies, they are joined by i0CAT, Dexis, Metrex, Pelton & Crane, Implant Direct, and Orascoptic.

17. The IPO is recent

The Initial Public Offering Date of Envista Holdings Corporation is September 17, 2019. The offer price was set at $22 per share with a price range between $21.00 to $24.00 per share. The offer shares amount was set at 26.8 million with a deal size of $589 million.

18. Envista Holdings has the potential to change dentistry

We've all complained about the high prices of dental work, along with the fact that dental insurance coverage has declined in the past few decades. In many cases, the limitations on use are used up before all necessary procedures are completed within a year. There is a possibility that Envista, through its innovative technology will help to improve the way that dental services are delivered, and possibly result in better early diagnostics and a reduction in the extensiveness of the work needed to save distressed teeth.

19. The outlook for Envista Holdings is bright

Envista is off to a running start. What makes this company such a good bet for investors is that it is created to meet an existing need in the dental supplies and equipment industry. These are products and services which are always going to be in demand. Along with the extras that Envista offers, including education, training and professional development for those who are practicing in the field of dentistry and orthodontics, Envista is likely to have as much business as it can handle without further expansion of the operation. We see this company growing and expanding in the years to come.

20. Envista Holdings is a brilliant concept

Danaher made a wise move when the set about to separate their dental related businesses into a separate entity. The market is so broad when it comes to dental supplies, equipment, technology and the need for professional development, training, and educational resources. Development of this new corporation was years in the making and the decision to create a spin-off company which would deal strictly in the dental and orthodontic industry markets was nothing short of brilliant. We learned that it took some 15 years to put the strategies into operation through the methodical acquisition of the right companies to bring together. Envista Holdings Corporation seems to have come together in the blink of an eye, but that wasn't the case at all. Prior to the official announcement of the company's formation, it was already in the works. This is one of the reasons why Envision was able to move up into the top market positions so quickly. Also, we've not yet heard about future plans for expansion, we're expecting more acquisitions and an even stronger positioning within the market in just a few short years.

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