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20 Things You Didn't Know About Mollie

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Mollie is a Dutch payment startup that is intent on disrupting the industry. The startup is on the move with its payment platform that provides website owners with an easy-to-implement method for integrating payments into an app or a website. The company has made strides in growth as a young company with high investor interest and support, and a strong foundation for its planned expansions and growth. If you haven't heard about Mollie, it's worth checking out. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Mollie that might pique your interest.

1. Mollie is a firmly established payment platform

According to Crunchbase, Mollie is a Dutch payment processing platform. The startup has achieved remarkable success since its initial launch in 2004. The company has been in business for more than sixteen years. It has built a solid base of approximately 50,000 clients who use the app to complete online payments. It serves merchants with a simple payment solution that takes the hassle out of purchasing and integrating it into websites and apps.

2. Mollie offers multiple payment methods

Mollie provides merchants and end-users with an array of payment methods. The accepted payment platforms for the site include Bancontact, SEPA Direct Debit, Cartes Bancaires, Giropay, ESP, Bitcoin, PayPal, iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, SoFort Banking, Amex, and many others. It is fulfilling the mission of making payments simpler and hassle-free.

3. Mollie is a versatile tech company with multiple focuses

Mollie is on a mission to make payments reliable and innovative through its technology-focused platform. It is listed under five related industry categories because of the scope of services it provides. First and foremost it is a financial services company. It provides mobile payments options, it serves those in E-commerce and it is a FinTech that provides useful apps.

4. Adriaan Mol is the founder

Adriaan Mol is the sole founder of Mollie. he is a Dutch tech entrepreneur who founded the company in 2004. t the time he was just 18 years old and already an engineer. Later in his career, he co-founded a second company called MessgeBird. He is also an investor who puts funding into startups that are based on technology, financial services, and communications.

5. Mollie has a small executive leadership team

There are just three persons on the leadership team for Mollie. Adriaan Mol is the founder and chief executive officer. Marco dos Santos is the chief technology officer. Isabelle Giegling is the head of data. This may be a small team but the rampant success and growth of Mollie show that they are a tight-knit group of professionals who know what they're doing. They've succeeded in leading Mollie to solid posturing in the financial series and e-commerce/payments industry. They're top-notch.

6. There are two members on Mollie's board of directors

Mollie has a board of directors that is comprised of two members. Similar to the executive leadership team, Mollie has kept this governing and advisement body small, yet efficient. Remco Boer joined the board of directors in 2014. He currently serves as a director at Mollie. He serves on one advisory committee. Muz Ashraf joined the board in September of 2020. He is a principal at TCV. Mr. Ashraf currently serves on four boards in advisory roles. The board for Mollie exists to provide direction and advisement for the strategic planning and forward movement of the enterprise.

7. Mollie uses advanced technology to power its website

Mollie has not disclosed the annual budget for technology and IT expenses but it is easily into the tens of thousands of dollars if not more. The company's website actively uses 59 technologies to provide a seamless experience for its users. These technologies are working behind the scenes, distributed over 35 different technology products and services. Some of them include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Google Font API, Viewport Meta, and several others.

8. Mollie maintains an edge or its competition

Mollie uses a unique platform that features the use of intellectual property that cannot be copied. Although the firm has not disclosed the precise name of the technology product, it is owned by Mollie. They have secured one registered trademark in the scientific and electrical apparatus and instruments category. This means that none of its competitors can use the same or closely similar technology.

9. Interest in Mollie's products is growing

The web traffic to the official Mollie website shows that the average number of monthly visits is growing by a rate of 0.66 percent. The site averages 3,155,042 visitors per month, which is astronomical. One of the most impressive statistics we've discovered about Mollie is that it is ranked as number 17,337 on the worldwide web. When you consider the fact that there are millions of registered websites on the internet, this ranking, which is based on the average number of visitors is solid.

10. Most of Mollie's traffic comes from The Netherlands.

The analysis of the web traffic to the Mollie website shows that the site is the most popular with people from The Netherlands. Seventy-five percent of the traffic originates in this country with a monthly visits growth of 0.16 percent. Ten percent of the visitors come from Belgium with a monthly visits growth of 5.33 percent. Six percent of the web traffic is from Germany, and two percent from the United States, showing a monthly visits growth of 4.99 percent. Two percent of the web traffic comes from people in the country of France. Overall, the statistics show that there is international interest in Mollie's payment platform.

11. Mollie is a venture capital-funded startup

Mollie receives funding from venture capital and angel investors. So far the total amount raised over three funding rounds is €780 million with the latest round closing on June 22, 2021. The funding was in the form of a Series C round.

12. Investor confidence in Mollie is high

Mollie is a solid and established tech payment company that has been in business for more than a decade and a half. It has weathered the ups and downs of a worldwide economic system that has been thrown into turmoil. Investor confidence is high as reflected by the hundreds of millions that have been poured into the funding through its 11 investors, two of which are lead investors. General Atlantic, TCV, Blackstone Group, Alkeon Capital, HMI Capital, EQT, Eckhard Juls, Niklas Adalberth, Sebastian Siemiatowski, and one other are investors in the firm.

13. Mollie's founder bootstrapped the early days

According to Techcrunch, Adriaan Mols was living with his parents at the time that he first founded Mollie. He was just 18 years old at the time and already an engineer. There was good reason for him to still be living with his parents. He was just starting in his adult life. This shows the initiative that he had and his perseverance. He bootstrapped the startup and grew it slowly as he could afford. It didn't start as a multi-billion dollar company, but Mols has certainly built it to become that.

14. The latest funding round pushed Mollie over the top

Mollie's latest funding round that closed on June 22, 2021, raised an additional €665 million or $800 million in USD. This pushed its valuation to an all-time high. It is currently valued at $6.5 billion. That's six and a half times the required amount to qualify for unicorn status. The Dutch payments startup has by far surpassed unicorn status and is still on a roll. The Amsterdam-based startup that started as bootstrap is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The owner is a very rich man. Mollie processes almost $24 billion in payments a year as of 2021. This reflects a one hundred percent increase from the previous year. The statistics show that Mollie adds somewhere between 400 to 500 new customers every day. This is an astronomical rate of growth that shows Mollie is becoming more popular with every day that passes.

15. Mollie is growing its workforce

According to LinkedIn, Mollie currently employs 449 workers. We were interested in knowing if the company is currently hiring. when we checked the status we saw that there are 68 new positions advertised. Mollie is recruiting new talent to add to their workforce. This bump in the numbers is a significant increase in size. It will expand the current workforce as the company prepares for its impending expansion.

16. New jobs are available in Germany

When we looked further into the new jobs that Mollie posted, it was revealed that some of the positions are for the headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. However, there are also several jobs open in Munich, Germany. We saw a post for one position in Brussels, Belgium. These posts are evidence that Mollie is expanding its infrastructure in Amsterdam. It is also increasing its presence in Munich.

17. Mollie aims to surge ahead of Stripe

Currently, Stripe is in the lead with a greater market share, but that may not be the case for long. Executives at Mollie shared that they're eyeing a new market in the SMBs population which is currently severely underserved. They're planning to launch a campaign to target these populations and to find ways of improving access to tap this market that represents a large opportunity for Mollie to expand and grow yet further.

18. Mollie is making plans for improvement

The executive leadership at Mollie shared that they are aware of areas that need to be improved. Although Mollie is valued at billions, there are still areas within the industry where there are issues that do not yet have solutions. Mollie is doing market research and assessing growth areas to expand the scope of its operations by adding more financial services to its payment business.

19. Mollie will add more programs shortly

Mollie is planning to add four new programs to its current platform. They're looking into developing and launching a service that would provide working capital for small businesses. This is just one of the new additions we'll be seeing soon. There is also a need to issue credit cards along with corporate card programs, as well as business banking options and expense management services.

19. Mollie has yet to make its first acquisition

Mollie has not yet made any acquisitions. It's an option that is being discussed, however. The leadership at Mollie is looking at the situation with some skepticism. It's not the way that they prefer to grow the business. Mollie's advisors prefer to go with an organic model that avoids some of the pitfalls of taking on new companies and attempting to integrate them into the overall strategic plan. They further shared that the acquisition strategy is one that they recognize as one way to achieve growth and to expand, but at this time, it's not an avenue they're planning to take. They're looking at hiring talented staff and maintaining their original methods. Mollie will continue to reinvest in their own company through training their staff and enhancing customer service.

20. Mollie has a unique marketing model

Mollie started as a bootstrapped company. Unnecessary spending has kept the business on solid financial footing. The growth that it has achieved has been through word of mouth up until this time. Mollie has avoided large marketing investments and advertising campaigns. It is impressive that the startup has made such a positive impression on its customers that it has achieved a huge boost of traffic and conversions to customers merely by word of mouth. Mollie's customers are happy with the results they receive as the firm delivers precisely what is promised. They plan to continue with the same business model while adding more services in the financial sector, and continuing to put the customer needs as a top priority. Mollie is a startup to keep your eye on in the months to come.

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