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10 Companies Similar to U-Haul


U-Haul is an American trailer and truck rental company offering storage and moving services. The company started its operations in 1945. Leonard Shoen is the founder of U-Haul, and its headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations to be the leading service provider. When it comes to moving and storage, U-Haul is a household name. They have a wide variety of rental trucks and provide moving supplies such as moving boxes, bikes, bags, wheelchair careers, and hitches. If you are looking for companies similar to U-Haul, the following is a list of ten companies like U-Haul.

10. Penske

Penske is a top truck rental and logistics company offering its services in North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. If you are looking for fleet maintenance and truck leasing, Penske is your go-to service provider. In 2020, the company reported net earnings of $164.5 million. According to Go Penske, they have employed approximately 36,000 employees in all their companies worldwide. North America has a fleet of about 300,000 vehicles stationed in their 2500 stores.

The company has different rental trucks of 12ft, 16 ft, 22ft, and 26 ft. Their services are similar to U-Haul because they offer labor and moving supplies. Penske is more than a yellow moving truck. If you are looking for a company to help you move your family across town, or if you have to move to a new office Penske offers incredible transport and logistics solutions. The company understands that its services are vital to your family and company, the reason why they provide innovative solutions. Besides truck and logistic services, Penske is committed to sustainability initiatives. They have environmental compliance, where the company is committed to protecting the environment during the business.

9. Rush Enterprises

Rush Enterprises is one of North America's largest commercial vehicle companies and car dealers. It is one of the top competitors on U-Haul. They provide moving services and truck leasing. In 2020, their annual revenue and net income amounted to $4.7 billion and $114.9 million, respectively. The company is similar to U-Haul because it operates its business using the franchise model. They have approximately 8800 trucks which they lease to consumers through Idea-Lease franchises and 45 Pac-lease. Rush Enterprises has an additional 1000 trucks contracted under maintenance agreements. Rush Enterprises is more than profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

The company honors people, culture, and values. These three things work together to make this company a unique mobility service provider. They have work-ready moving trucks, and you can choose between moving trucks, flatbed trucks, van body trucks, and refuse trucks. The moving trucks are created for maximum cubic capacity. Rush Truck Center has a wide variety of moving trucks available in multiple sizes. There are various options, including underbody storage boxes, attic storage, walk rumps, and dual-opening side doors.

8. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck is a rental company with over 2800 operations. The company operates more than 32,000 trucks making it the second-largest rental and mobility company in the United States. They have approximately 1100 employees, and in the last financial year, the company reported an overall turnover of $374 million. Budget Truck Rental is similar to U-Haul because it provides moving supplies and a complete package of moving services. If you want to rent one of their trucks, you can choose the ten, twelve, sixteen, and twenty-four feet trucks.

The parent company of Budget Truck is Avis Budget Group. Budget Truck is known for having an extensive fleet of truck rentals. They also provide moving materials like boxes, furniture pads, and dollies. Renting a truck for a local move or a long-distance relocation is easy. The best thing about Budget is that they have a mobile app that you can use to make reservations, review their truck sizes, search for locations, and schedule moving pickups. Unfortunately, they don't offer self-storage facilities and storage containers.

7. Avis Budget Group

Avis Budget Group is the parent company of Budget Truck Rental. It is one of the leading companies in car rental and mobility solutions. The company has three prominent brands; Avis, Budget, and Zipcar. The three brands collaborate to provide a wide range of services like car and truck rental and leasing. According to Avis Budget Group, Avis Budget has over 11000 locations in more than 180 countries. They have been in operation for over 70 years, providing them with vast knowledge in managing global fleets.

Avis is committed to offering innovative mobility solutions. As a mobility company, Avis believes that moving services should be integrated and connected to the demands of customers and other businesses. One of the company's biggest successes is the creation of the Avis mobile app that was invented in their Kansas mobility lab. This app has helped them revolutionize mobility services and move them forward. To keep up with the stiff competition in this industry, Avis Group is continuously evolving its business to meet the present and future needs of partners and customers. They have developed new vehicle mobility models, including the Internet of Things.

6. Home Depot Truck Rental

As the name suggests, Home Depot is a company providing its customers with home improvement retail and truck rentals. It is one of the largest companies in the US under the Home Improvement Retailer category. Initially, the company started by offering customers transport services, but it later changed to become an independent moving business. In recent years, Home Depot has recorded steady growth in its operations. According to My Move, in the previous financial year, their fiscal revenue increased by 19%, increasing the payment to $132 billion.

The company started providing home moving services, making it a top competitor with U-Haul. Home Depot moving trucks have a fitted ramp that makes it easy to put items in the car. However, the trucks do not have a dolly. If you want a dolly, you can rent it from the company or get yours. You will also need to look for your moving blankets, straps, boxes, and other necessary moving materials. It is advisable to source these items before renting a moving truck. The size of the moving truck will depend on your needs. For example, moving things from a one-bedroom apartment or a studio will require a home depot box truck.

5. Hertz

Hertz is a car and truck rental company with its headquarters in Estero, Florida. It is one of the largest companies in the world with two subsidiaries, Dollar and Thrifty. Hertz has made a name for itself and has risen to be one of the leading competitors of U-Haul. In 2019, before the covid-19 pandemic, the company had annual revenue of $7.5 billion. According to Hertz, during the pandemic, the world faced a health crisis that threatened to squash the company's operations but remained afloat. Despite the pandemic challenges, the company pushed forward and rallied the support of investors.

Regarding moving services, the company is highly used for its mobility services across town and making large deliveries. They have a set standard of reliable and quality service in all their stores. The company provides dependable and professional moving services to its customers. Hertz is famous for its moving services, such as piano moving services, local moving, long-distance moving, and packing. For more information, head to their website, where you will find valuable content like moving tips and the type of truck to rent for your moving needs.

4. Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental is a subsidiary of Hertz offering moving services. The company was founded in 1958 and has grown steadily to be the largest car rental company in the world. They use a franchise business model where the company operates through franchise stores. Together with the parent company, Thrifty operates over 4000 car rental stores. The company is celebrated as one of the best brands in the travel industry. Their prices are budget-friendly and cater to leisure travelers' needs.

They have different types of vehicles to rent for different moving needs. If you have little moving supplies, you can rent a pickup. The more collections, the bigger the car. According to Finder, you can choose between a cargo van and other bigger vans ranging from 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. As a subsidiary of Hertz, they have similar prices. The only difference is in the base prices. One advantage of moving with Hertz is the ability to pay more and book a truck without paying a deposit.

3. Ryder Car Rental

Ryder Car Rental is similar to U-Haul because it is a transportation and logistics company. The company has an exceptional fleet of trucks and cars which they use to provide customers with supply chain management. As much as it is similar to U-Haul, it is also one of its top competitors. Ryder has approximately 39,000 employees, generating an average annual revenue of $8.42 billion. The company was roughly affected by the corona pandemic, and in 2020, it reported a loss. As the economies opened, Ryder up-scaled its efforts, and its operations stabilized.

After the pandemic, Ryder improved its services by offering different rental options in various sizes. It is easy to find a vehicle within your Budget and suits your needs. If you are making a small move, they have cargo vans. Larger moves will require bigger trucks like the straight truck or box truck. People who are shifting businesses can rent refrigerated trucks suitable for businesses. The smallest option for Ryder is the sprinter van measuring 14 feet wide and six feet interior height. It is the best vehicle for moving things from a college dorm to a studio apartment.

2. Alamo Rent a Car

Alamo is a Missouri-based car and truck rental company. The company's headquarters is in Clayton, but they have other offices located globally. Alamo is similar to U-Haul because both companies offer moving services. In 2020, the rental agency company reported net revenue of about $22.5 billion. Besides moving services, Alamo specializes in small cargo vans and pickup trucks. It has few options since it operates on a small scale. They have established its operations in over 1000 locations. Recently, Alamo redesigned its operations and streamlined its services in the rental process to improve the reservation and truck rental experience.

Part of this move entails launching a mobile app that will make booking reservations easier and finding a vehicle that suits your needs. According to Auto Rental News, the app will also feature other services tailored to give customers round-the-clock services. Alamo loyal customers are rewarded with the title of Insider, which comes with added benefits such as cost-cutting incentives. The company is Budget-friendly and is the best alternative for U-Haul if you are moving small items.

1. Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar is a French Car Rental company operating in Paris. The directors of this company founded it in 1949 in France. With time, they have expanded the company's operations to over 140 countries, with leading outlets in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. Europcar is owned by its parent company Green Mobility Holding. Green Mobility Holding has four leading brands; Europcar, Goldcar, InterRent, and Unbeeqo. They provide people with car rental and mobility services. By 2018, the company had employed close to 9000 employees, and its net income for that year amounted to $139 million.

As part of their services, they have Keddy, a brand known for leisure rental. Europcar Mobility Group is a significant contributor to the mobility industry. Its mission is to provide customer satisfaction through its extensive collection of fleet vehicles. For this reason, the company offers a wide variety of car and van rental services. Their rates depend on the amount of time you hire a vehicle. Compared to U-Haul, both companies provide similar mobility services, but Europcar is more efficient if you move a small load. Most of their vehicles are light commercial vehicles for renting. The company is looking forward to introducing a new segment exploiting market growth. The new element will help the company to upgrade its technological expertise and gain a leading position in the mobility sector.

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