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20 Things You Didn't Know About FullStory


FullStory is a tech startup that provides its clients with an app that gives them information about customer experiences through recorded data in one platform that is easy to use and powerful in capturing useful details. The company has gained a solid footing in the software and business industries with its high investor confidence and powerful results for clients. If you're not yet familiar with the company, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about FullStory to bring you up to speed.

1. FullStory is a fairly young company

According to Crunchbase, FullStory hasn't been in operation for that long. It was founded in 2014, which makes the company just seven years old as of 2021. The business has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The legal name of the business is FullStory, Inc.

2. FullStory is a versatile enterprise

FullStory is listed under five main industry categories. This is because of the scope of the services that it provides for its clients. It is an Internet company with a focus on E-commerce. It is also an analytics firm that helps with marketing. It provides Software as a Service for clients which firmly lands it under the headings of five different industries.

3. FullStory has three founders

The founders of FullStory are Bruce Johnson, Joel Webber, and Scott Voigt. Bruce has founded two organizations and is a serial entrepreneur. Before helping to launch FullStory, he worked as an engineering director for Google at its Atlanta office. Joel Webber is also a serial founder who has established two companies. His previous endeavor is a business called He is still actively involved with the latter and works at two jobs simultaneously. He launched on June 1, 2012, followed by his involvement at Fullstory in March of 2012.

4. Scott Voigt is the chief executive officer at FullStory

Scott Voigt is the third member of the core group of founders who work hard to make FullStory a success. He is not only a founder but also serves as the CEO of the company. He is in charge of bookkeeping, support, sales, marketing, and anything else that needs to be done. Scott was also a co-founder at He is a serial entrepreneur who attended the Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned his BS in management, and the Wharton School, where he graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship and finance. He also worked at the oldest and largest venture capital firm in the Southeast part of the nation, called Noro-Moseley Partners.

5. FullStory is led by a twelve-member executive leadership team

The core team of executive leaders at FullStory consists of twelve members. Chandra Robrock is the Support Specialist Lead. Josh Humphries is a software engineer. Scott Voigt is a co-founder and chief executive officer. Wil Hergenrader is the revenue operations lead. Joel Webber is a co-founder. Craig McCown is a software engineer. Stephanie Brubaker is a senior director of engineering. Ian Smith is a director of engineering.

6. FullStory has a seven-member board of directors.

The board of directors for FullStory is comprised of seven members. KristenBruce Johns Wendel joined the board of directors in August of 2018. She is a member of the leadership at FullStory and currently serves on one board of directors in an advisory role. Ron Shah joined the board in April of 2019. He is a partner at Stripes. He currently serves on twelve boards of directors in advisory roles. Alex Estevez joined the board of directors in March of 2016. He currently serves on one board in an advisory role. Ted Schlein is a general partner at Kleiner Perkins with two portfolio companies. He currently series on twenty-nine boards of directors in advisory roles. Kaim Faris joined the board in May of 2017. He is a general partner at GV. he currently serves on fifteen boards of directors in advisory roles. Bruce Johnson and Scott Voigt, both co-founders of FullStory also serve on the board of directors as board members.

7. FullStory uses a complex array of technologies

The FullStory website actively uses a complicated grouping of technologies. It uses seventy-five technologies that are distributed across sixty technology products and services. Although there is a spider web of systems at work, they all function seamlessly for a smooth user experience. Some of the technology products used include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, Viewport Meta, iPhone Mobile Compatible, and others.

8. FullStory has a high IT budget

It creates a huge overhead expense that can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, depending on which products are used and which plans are subscribed to. It also takes a staff of IT professionals to ensure that all of the programs are running efficiently and smoothly.

9. FullStory maintains an edge over its competitors

FullStory is a unique company that is different from other companies in its industry. It has secured a variety of trademarks and patents for the intellectual properties that it has developed. This means that none of the competition can use products that copy or imitate the items that are under patent or trademark. So far, FullStory has secured two registered trademarks in the scientific and technological services category, along with nine registered patents in the computing and calculating category.

10. FullStory's website has a high amount of traffic

We also learned that the web traffic for FullStory is high. It has received 261,138 visitors in the past 30 days. This number gives it a ranking of number 135,767 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. Over the summer, the site has seen a decline of 9.34 percent in web traffic, which means that there were even more monthly visitors in months past. Summer is vacation time and it can account for the small decline in visits.

11. FullStory is most popular in the United States

FullStory's website receives more visitors from the United States than from any other country in the world. Fifty-nine percent of the traffic comes from this country with a current monthly visits decline of 6.43 percent. Ten percent of the visitors are from the United Kingdom which shows an increase in monthly visits of 31.82 percent. Six percent of the visitors are from Canada. Five percent are from India and five percent from France. The analytics recorded help decision-makers at FullStory to see where the greatest interest is being shown and where there might be a need to increase marketing.

12. FullStory is a venture capital-funded enterprise

According to Techcrunch, FullStory's last fundraising event raised $103 million. The business has participated in seven rounds of venture capital fundraising with the most recent was a Series D round closing on August 4, 2021.

13. FullStory is backed by eight investors

There is a total of eight investors providing funding for FullStory. The most recent investors to come on board are Salesforce Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital. The total amount of venture capital funds raised for FullStory is 172.2 million. This shows that the investors have high confidence that the business will yield a decent return on the investments that are being made. Other investors include Stripes, GV, Permira, also a lead investor, Glynn Capital Management, and Kleiner Perkins.14. FullStory has trademarked their favorite phrase FullStory has a favorite phrase. It describes when there is a Java blip or things are running too slow for them in an online environment. They tend to over-click on a link. When they get into this repeat clicking frenzy it is called "rage clicking," and the phrase that FullStory has secured a trademark for is "rage clicks." We're still trying to understand why they have a trademark on the phrase, but they may plan to use it at some point in the future for their marketing efforts. We were not able to find a full explanation for the trademark.

15. The FullStory platform offers to ease frustration

The CEO of FullStory shared that they're well acquainted with the errors that can occur when using the online environment. Although FullStory does not offer a fast fix for most of the situations, it does offer a few bits of help along with way. It offers a few suggestions to users that might help to solve the problems.

16. FullStory is a unicorn company

We also learned that after FullStory completed its most recent round of venture capital fundraising, it had an impressive valuation. FullStory is valued at $1.8 billion. This puts it above the requirements to achieve unicorn status. FullStory has achieved a remarkable level of success that is nearly double the valuation necessary to become a member of the elite and exclusive unicorns with a valuation of at least $1 billion.

17. FullStory attracted thousands of paying customers

The CEO of FullStory shared that it caters to a diverse crowd of customers. So far, it has amassed a clientele of 3,100 who are paying. They are from companies that specialize in a wide variety of goods and services including the Financial Times, JetBlue, VMware, Peloton, and others from SaaS, retail, travel, finance, and more. It is estimated that for 2021, there will be over fifteen billion user sessions through FullStory's platform with over a trillion interactions that involve clicks taking place. FullStory has received a seventy percent increase in its year-over-year revenue estimates.

18. FullStory has plans to grow and expand

FullStory is in a good place financially, and it's planning to make even more forward progress. The strategic plan for the company includes investment in research and development to enhance its current products and deliver an infusion of more real-time intelligence. Information that can be passed on to customers with valuable insights will also increase through the products and services. There are also plans to advance the company more deeply into the Asia Pacific and Europe. This will increase FullStory's presence in these countries. The planned expansion is exciting for staff members, FullStory owners, and its investors.

19. FullStory plans to expand its workforce

The FullStory workforce is currently made up of 318 team members. With the recent infusion of funding, the company is set to increase the number of people it employs to get ready for its forward movement and expansion. We noticed that FullStory has listed 43 new position openings on its LinkedIn website. Many of the positions offer remote convenience for the new workers, while some will report to the local offices. Jobs are open in various locations throughout the country including in Seattle, Washington, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, New York City, New York, San Francisco, California, San Diego, California, Los Angeles, California, the Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland area, Boston, Massachusetts, Sacramento, California, and some jobs that are open to anyone who is living int he United States for remote work. We also saw that they've listed a few position openings for people living in London, England, in the United Kingdom. This is evidence that FullStory is expanding its operations into Europe.

20. FullStory is a privately held business

FullStory is a privately owned for-profit company. Control of the company has been retained by its owners with advisement by its stakeholders and investors. You won't' be able to find shares of FullStory stock available for purchase or trading on any of the nation's stock markets. This is because it is not a publicly-traded company. Our research revealed no indication of plans to take the company public shortly. FullStory is doing quite well financially through its investors and the revenues that it generates through its platform. It is on a solid financial footing with a valuation of nearly two billion dollars. We do not see this company going public at any time soon, but it still bears watching. We expect to hear more great things about FullStory in the months and years to come. It has the potential to rise to the top of its industry.

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