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The 20 Best Places to Live in Atlanta

Buckhead Forest

With its mix of old school Southern charm and 21st century sophistication, Atlanta is unquestionably one of the Southeast’s most popular spots to live. The city is alive with world-class dining venues, excellent shopping outlets, and awe-inspiring attractions, not to mention a booming economy and a plethora of excellent job opportunities. Whether you’re a young professional looking to take your first step on the property ladder, a retiree looking for a safe community with plenty of amenities, or a family looking for a great school district, you’ll not be short of options. The only problem you might face is deciding which of the city’s eminently desirable areas to choose. Fortunately, help is on hand with our round of the 20 very best places to live in Atlanta in 2019.

20. Midtown

Providing you don’t mind spending around $700,000 on a home, Midtown makes for a supremely attractive destination. Its thriving arts scene, vibrant community, and buoyant commercial business district attracts an almost never-ending supply of young professionals into the area, while the range of restaurants and boutique shops on Midtown Mile is one of Atlanta’s biggest draws.

19. Old Fourth Ward

The small neighborhood of Old Fourth Ward is fast becoming one of Atlanta’s hippest destinations for the young and the creative. “In recent years, the Old Fourth Ward has become a striking symbol of intelligent gentrification in the Georgia capital,” Cameron Decker, an Atlanta based Realtor tells Life Storage. “It’s a place where abandoned warehouses are being converted to lofts and small businesses are thriving–while the authentic flavor of this historic area remains preserved.” With the dining and retail opportunities of Beltline and Ponce City Market on its doorstep, there’s no shortage of recreation on offer, while the bike and pedestrian-friendly streets make it ideal for young families.

18. Alpharetta

As one of the best suburbs in Atlanta, Alpharetta has plenty to recommend it. Crime, unemployment and poverty rates are all reassuringly low, while the median household income of $98,489 stands far above the national average of $55,322. Property prices may be on the high side at $364,900 for a single-family home, but with its excellent schools and first-class range of services and amenities, few would question its value.

17. Avondale Estates

As an almost permanent fixture on rankings of the best suburbs in Atlanta (and #1 best according to Home Snacks), Avondale Estates has more than its share of perks. The unemployment rate is an appealingly low 4.1%, while the poverty rate of 3.5% is even lower. Households average the hefty annual salary of $102,708, while the abundance of green spaces, safe streets, and excellent amenities affords a very attractive lifestyle indeed.

16. Colonial Homes

Few would dispute the value of investing the relatively minor sum of $145,201 on a property in the lovely Colonial Homes neighborhood of Atlanta. Along with the delightfully affordable property, the neighborhood boasts an outstandingly low crime rate, a delectable range of eating establishments, and a good little selection of shops. The median household income stands at the above-average figure of $70,008, while families are well served by a decent handful of good local schools.

15. Sherwood Forest

You might not find Robin Hood in the charming Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Atlanta, but what you will find is 1,340 supremely well educated (61% of the population has a master's degree, and another 27% have a bachelor's), not to mention supremely affluent, residents. Most households are earning the extraordinarily high median income of $190,741 (which may go some way to explaining the whopping $846,200 median home value), while all, regardless of income level, are sure to be lapping up the excellent range of restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops, as well as the unfeasibly low crime rate and safe, walkable streets. Schools, as you’d expect, are of a similarly high standard to the rest of the neighborhood’s amenities, with the local Grady High School scoring some of the best test and graduation rates in the state.

14. Atlantic Station

In Atlantic Station, affordable housing (expect to pay just a smidgeon above $200k for a good-sized property) collides with an excellent standard of living. The end result is one of Atlanta’s most desirable neighborhoods. Expect low crime, a range of excellent schools, a decent median income of $57,012, and a great variety of indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. As an added boon, the movie theatre is by all accounts one of the best in Atlanta.

13. Buckhead Heights

Those looking to live in a small, friendly community would be hard pushed to find better than the delightful Buckhead Heights. With a population of just 1,971, the neighborhood has an appealing small-town vibe… which somewhat belies the excellent range of amenities and services on offer. Both the job market and education system are first-rate, with most households enjoying a hefty median household income of $105,982. Its proximity to the heart of Atlanta, meanwhile, guarantees that if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on your doorstep, you won’t have to far to go to get it.

12. Druid Hills

The intriguingly named Druid Hills is a small neighborhood that packs a mighty punch. As well as offering a supremely low crime rate, it boasts a clutch of top-rated schools, first-class amenities, and a job market so buoyant that most of its 3,819 residents enjoy the superb median income of $117,069. With benefits that attractive, it’s little wonder so many homes fetch the hefty price of $549,455.

11. Chastain Park

The lovely Chastain Park comes with a list of benefits a mile long. Its small community of 6,459 is diverse, welcoming and friendly, while its superbly low crime rate guarantees the kind of safe streets kids can wander without worry. The plethora of excellent job opportunities ensures one of the highest median incomes in Atlanta ($148,977, to be precise), while the amphitheater, park, youth programs, and variety of shopping and dining venues more than justifies the $696,809 median home value. Those looking to enjoy the lifestyle without the price tag can take heart in the distinctly affordable median rent of $571.

10. Virginia Highland

According to Life Storage, the neighborhood of Virginia Highland combines “vibrant city living with small-town community charm”, and we’d be hard pushed to disagree. With a great selection of housing that veers from modern townhouses to elegant Victorian mansions, walkable streets, and a good range of attractions (including the hugely popular Beltline, Ponce City Market and Piedmont Park), it’s easy to understand the allure of this hugely desirable neighborhood.

9. Brookwood

Those looking to experience some of the best living that Georgia has to offer would do well to consider the small neighborhood of Brookwood. With a population of just 5748, Brookwood has the kind of tight-knit, cozy community we’d all love to be a part of. The superlative array of amenities on offer, meanwhile, ensures everything you need is on your doorstep. Housing is an affordable $292,426 for a good-sized family home, while the above-average median household income of $76,074 ties in with the supremely low unemployment and poverty rates

8. Peachtree Park

There’s a lot to love about the small but mighty neighborhood of Peachtree Park. As well as benefiting from a median income of $131,028, residents can expect clean, walkable streets, an outstandingly low crime rate, several highly rated public schools, a family-friendly, welcoming community, and a first-rate selection of boutiques, local businesses, and dining venues. The median home value may be on the high side at $437,202 for a 3 bedroom house, but few will quibble over the price when it comes with such an A+ standard of living.

7. Brookwood Hills

If you want safe, clean streets, excellent schools, great job prospects, easy access to the best cultural and recreational opportunities in Atlanta, and an above-average median income of $88,035, then start saving. While the living in the supremely desirable enclave of Brookwood Hills may be outstanding, it comes at a price: for a decently sized 3-bedroom house, expect to part with around $714,856.

6. Peachtree Heights East

If you want to live in one of the safest areas of Georgia, cast your eyes in the direction of Peachtree Heights East. According to the most recent reports, the violent crime rate stands at zero, while property crime is also well below the national average. A clutch of good schools services the area, while the proliferation of excellent job opportunities affords residents the very attractive median income of $133,331. Clean, walkable streets and an abundance of excellent amenities and services complete the pretty picture.

5. Johns Creek

With 83,397 residents, Johns Creek is a medium-sized suburb of Atlanta that comes with a hugely attractive list of features. The crime, unemployment and poverty rates are all below the national average, while the diverse but highly educated community is friendly and welcoming. The schools are some of the best in the area, while the plentiful job opportunities guarantee a robust median income of $113,609. The year-round schedule of events, meanwhile, is superb, with the Johns Creek Arts Festival and Founder's Day Parade being particularly popular.

4. Buckhead Forest

The Buckhead Forest neighborhood of Atlanta may only have 2,670 residents to its name, but in terms of desirability, it's punching far above its diminutive size. Amenities and recreational pursuits are bountiful, while its median home value of $244,382 is eminently affordable, even if it is a smidgeon above the national average. Crime is low, the median income of $85,591 is high, and the community has that kind of close-knit, friendly feel we’d all want to be a part of.

3. North Buckhead

“North Buckhead is the best place for young professionals to start their careers, make friends, and enjoy the amazing city of Atlanta,” says one resident of North Buckhead on Niche, while others enthuse “Truly great place to live, work and play! Beautiful, diverse homes. Lovely parks (with more coming). Great neighbors and amazing schools,” and “Great place to live, work, and raise a family. Very convenient to all major roads, and easy access to the interstate. Many outstanding restaurants, and lots of diversity.” Combine those comments with the supremely affordable median home value of $127,084, and you can understand why this small neighborhood of Atlanta ranks as one of its most desirable.

2. Collier Hills North

Combining exceptionally affordable housing (most 3-bedroom houses can be had for a song at just $198,726) with a first-class standard of living, Collier Hills North makes an exceptionally great choice for any first-time buyer looking to get their foot on the property ladder. The schools serving the area are all predictably excellent, while the crime rate is one of the lowest in the region (last year, there were no reports of violent crimes at all, while property crime was too low to warrant much of mention). Thanks to the excellent job opportunities, the median household income stands at a very healthy $77,763, while the range of shops, bars, and restaurants in the area gives the lucky 3,296 residents plenty of places to spend their considerable disposable income.

1. Decatur

For those looking to experience the very best Atlanta has to offer, Decatur is the obvious choice. Crime is exceptionally low, while the median household income is conversely high at $92,263. Amenities and recreational opportunities are abundant, guaranteeing the 22,022 strong population plenty by way of entertainment. The younger generation, meanwhile, is assured of an excellent education thanks to the clutch of first-class schools that serve the area. High property value comes with the territory: expect to part with around $418,700 for a three-bedroom home. Those looking to experience the delights of the suburb without the price tag may want to consider renting; at just $866, the median rent is well below the national average of $949.

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