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The 10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is the city of Angels but some neighborhoods are far out of the reach of affordability for the average blue-collar worker. If you've been looking for a place and are discouraged by the high prices of rent and homes, don't lose hope. There are actually some parts of L.A. that have an affordable cost of living. Here are the 10 most affordable places to live in Los Angeles for your consideration.

West Covina

10. West Covina

According to First Team, the tenth most affordable place to live in Los Angeles in West Covina. This is a neighborhood that has a median home price of $556,090 with an average annual income that offers an affordable ratio for making a home or rent payments. This is a highly desirable place to live because of the low crime rate of just 2.54 per 100,000 residents. If you're looking for a moderately affordable place to live in Los Angeles County, this is one of the better choices for those who are fully employed.

La Verne

9. La Verne

Laverne is a suburb of L.A. that is highly desirable with its low crime rate of 2.82 per 100,000 and its highly rated public schools. The unemployment rate is a low 3.9 percent, making it possible to find a job if you're a new resident of the area. The average home selling price in LaVerne is $458,656, which makes it one of the more affordable suburbs to live in in LA County.

Bell Gardens

8. Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens is one of the better options for living on the cheap in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is not far from the West Covina neighborhood. It's one of the few places in the county to allow legalized casino gambling. The city does well from the revenue generated by the establishment. The average selling price of a family dwelling in Bell Gardens is $520,888, with a higher average family income that makes it an affordable suburb to live in.

La Puente

7. La Puente

According to, La Puente is one of the more affordable suburbs of Los Angeles. It's a moderate-sized community of around 40,000 residents. The people in this area are generally close-knit and community-minded. There are tons of outdoor recreation opportunities in the area. The median home price is $498,690, with plenty of job opportunities. It's a short commute of 20 miles to the downtown area of Los Angeles.


6. Cudahy

Cudahy is a smaller community of just 24,000 residents and a more dense population concentration. It's the smallest city within the county but you won't get much space from your neighbors. The median home price in Cudahy is $472,43. The cost of living in Cudahy is lower than the state average. This makes it one of the most affordable places to live in LA as well as within the state of California.


5. Paramount

Paramount is not far from South Gate and Long Beach. This is a city that is known for its diversity and vibrant neighborhoods. It's a city of 54,000 residents, but they're spread out over a larger area. This makes the city a haven for anyone who prefers living in a secluded neighborhood that is quiet and peaceful, yet offers suburban vibes. The average cost of a home is $464,896. The wages are commensurate with the cost of living to make this one of the more affordable places to live in Los Angeles. In addition to a lower cost of living, Paramount also offers 10 pubic parks, a bicycle path, and some of the best places to dine in the county.


4. Palmdale

Palmdale is the fourth most affordable place to live in Los Angeles. The city has a median home price of just $340,320. This is lower than any of the previous cities included in our list. The city is situated in an area of 106 square miles with desert landscapes and approximately 40 neighborhoods within its borders. There are upscale subdivisions in the city that are more expensive, but many of the more affordable neighborhoods are also found within Palmdale.

Crenshaw City

3. Crenshaw City

Offerhome lists Crwenshaw City as one of the more affordable suburbs of Los Angeles. Crenshaw City is located south of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It's situated between Palos Verdes Peninsula and Wilshire Boulevard. It's just a 23-mile drive to the heart of L.S. The population of Crenshaw City is 26,759 residents. This is a smaller town where you can enjoy a little more open space due to the less dense population of the area. Most of the people living in this town are middle class. The median home value is $326,642 with a median annual family income of $53,326. This gives Crenshaw City an affordable ratio for monthly home payments to income.


2. Sunland

Sunland is a city that is 19.5 miles to the northwest of Los Angeles. It's far enough out to enjoy a less dense population and a more relaxed lifestyle. There are 19,165 residents living in the town of Sunland. It's a smaller neighborhood that attracts people who have moderately higher incomes of $67,316 per year. The median value of a home in this town is $399,675, which puts the ratio of income to monthly home payments at an affordable rate of 0.015.


1. Lancaster

Lancaster is a neighboring suburb of the city with a population of 157,368 residents for those who like the amenities of a big city without the high cost of living. People who live in Lancaster earn a median income of $50,193 per year. This is plenty to afford the median home value of $159,200, which is fairly inexpensive by most standards. There is plenty to do with downtown around 60 miles from the suburb. There are plenty of attractions and outdoor activities available. It's not far from the Tehachapi mountains if you like hiking and outdoor recreation.

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