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The History of and Story Behind the Modelo Logo


The Modelo logo is a complicated combination of wordmark and imagery. It is designed to represent the product along with the values and intentions of the brewing company. To fully understand each nuance of the logo, it is essential to know the history and purpose of the Modelo Brewing company.

History of the Modelo

According to Modelo USA, Modelo beer originated in Tacuba, Mexico. The company behind the brew set out to create the ideal beer in 1925. They employed techniques from international sources. Expert German brewmasters, widely recognized for their skill in the art of brewing, provided inspiration. A unique brewing process was developed in conjunction with a recipe that resulted in a well-balanced beer with a crispness. The brew was named Modelo Especial. The name means Special Model. A clear bottle and a gold seal on the bottle show pride that the company has in this product and their desire to show the color and represent it as a very distinct and unique brew. This tradition continues after more than 90 years of brewing the Pilsner style lager beer in a perfected and highly lauded beer.

The Modelo logo

In 2016, the Modelo logo was redesigned by the parent company Constellation Brands. This was to accommodate Casa Modelo as the new product they wished to add to the Modelo beer brand's portfolio. Members of this collection include Modelo Especial, Chelada, and Negra. The logo stands on its own as an easily recognized image with the brand name and a descriptor with distinct imagery that portrays the brand strength. Constellation asserted that its intent is to maintain a unified packaging campaign to preserve the integrity of the brand. The Modelo logo consists of a wordmark that stands out above the other features. The name of the brand Modelo takes center stage in a bold rounded modern style. The color is a dark blue with 3-dimensional styling with thin black lines and white space in between to give it this dimensional effect and make the letters stand out. The background is white with a faint gray image behind the wordmark. The word Cerveza is placed in a semi-arc in all capital letters above the center of the wordmark. To the left and the right of the wordmark are mighty lions rendered in a golden yellow. They are standing on their hind legs with their front legs extended forward as though they are holding the wordmark up from both sides. The lions are standing on a golden banner that features images of grain extending to the left and to the right of the ribbon banner with the year 1925 in the center. This image signifies the year that the brand was established.

The color scheme of the logo

Grupo Modelo identifies the colors approved for use for the Modelo logo. There are 4 colors used in the design of the logo. These are Ateneo Blue, Jasper, Spanish Yellow, and Brown-Nose. This color scheme is the creation of Keshav Naidu in conformance with the approved colors that are required by the brand.

The logo's origins and intentions remain a mystery

The internet is buzzing with a variety of logo enthusiasts who are trying to figure out the origins and intention behind the Modelo logo. Mental Itch assumes that the logo follows the traditions of marketing to represent the values of the brand. We know for certain that the lions show the strength of the brand. The golden yellow colors used in the lions and the banner show signs of strength and character. These are accurate when compared to the characteristics of the beer that has gained international approval from beer enthusiasts across the world. The gold also symbolizes an earthiness and a sense of richness. It is a clean color that stands for integrity and honesty. The brand maintains transparency in its origins and history but fails to pay tribute to the original creators of the logo and the unique font that has so far, not been precisely identified. It is assumed to be a customized version.

The slogan is represented in the logo without the need for words.

The Modelo brand slogan is "the fighting spirit." It's heard in every television commercial. We see this slogan represented in the imagery of the lions which are both poised for battle if necessary. We see their strength revealed as they hold up the name of the brand in the logo. The deep blue color represents authority, professionalism, power, loyalty, and trust, according to Logo maker. We get this impression from the quality of the product and the sophisticated representation of the brand. It's marketed for everyday people who grow and excel, performing spectacular feats in life. This suggests that it is a very special product, but it also encourages people from all walks of life to become inspired to pursue their passions and to become all that they possibly can in life.

Final thoughts

Although the Modelo brand has not disclosed details about the origin of the logo, nor have they given credit to the creators, it is a symbol that stands strong and represents the products and the company with great depth. We're left to assume that the imagery is the work of a professional branding agency, but this has not yet been confirmed. The logo is strong and powerful and it represents the values of the company as well as the quality of the product. Modelo is an internationally recognized brand that is known for its crispness and unique flavor. From the bold design of the font of the wordmark with its strong and capable lions and earthy rich color schemes to the softer curvaceous lines, this logo is a complex masterpiece in marketing design.

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