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What is Fansly and Can it Compete with Onlyfans?


Fansly is a social media platform that lets content creators interact directly with fans. Since Fansly hosts adult content, it's frequently compared to OnlyFans and has even been described as an OnlyFans competitors.

What Is Fansly?

Fansly is a subscriber-based platform that allows content creators to hide photos, videos, and other types of content behind a paywall. Users can access that content by paying a monthly subscription fee. Many creators on Fansly also offer additional services for tips, such as photos, videos, and private messages.

While Fansly isn't exclusively for adult content, the site is very popular with adult content creators, and many of its features are specifically designed for creators within that niche. For example, Fansly creators can send photos to subscribers that are partially covered. Subscribers can pay a fee to reveal the entire image.

Since Fansly launched, it's become very popular with both content creators and users. Currently, the site has more than 2 million content creators and over 130 million active users. According to Fansly, its most successful creators are earning more than $10,000 per month.

Who Owns Fansly?

Fansly is co-owed by Select Media LLC, a comapny based in Baltimore, MD, and CY Media LTD, which is located in Kamares, Cyprus. While Fansly initially launched in 2020, the site saw rapid growth in 2021, a time when many creators were concerned that OnlyFans would ban adult content. Thanks to this, many people have come to see Fansly as an OnlyFans replacement.

Even though Fansly hasn't been around for long, it's managed to attract many well-known creators, including Twitch streamer Amouranth and cosplayer Indigo White. The main focus on Fansly is adult content, but it's not all that the site offers, and some of the top Fansly models create content that isn't sexually explicit.

Fansly is an international company, and it's available in most parts of the world. Currently, the only countries that restrict Fansly are The Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

Is Fansly the Same as OnlyFans?

Fansly and OnlyFans aren't identical, but the two sites are very similar. Not only are they both subscription services that host adult content, but the sites have many of the same features. In addition to subscriptions, both sites let users make one-time direct payments to the content providers that they're subscribed to.

While the two sites clearly have a lot in common, there are some key differences that set them apart. OnlyFans has creators set a fixed subscription price, but Fansly lets creators set subscription tiers. Creators can set prices for each tier and choose the benefits they want to offer.

"I absolutely love that on Fansly, you can have multiple tiers of subscription," says Gabby, a Fansly creator. "I have a basic tier and premium options."

Most Fansly and OnlyFans creators charge around $5 to $15 a month, but both sites allow creators to charge even more. On Onlyfans, creators can charge up to $49.99 a month, but on Fansly, subscriptions can be as high as $499.99 per month!

In addition to subscription tiers, Fansly allows users to follow accounts without paying a subscription fee. Creators have the option of offering free content to tease what they're offering to subscribers. This is a great opportunity for creators to convert free users to subscribers.

What are the Commission Rates?

Fansly and OnlyFans have the same commission rates, with 80% of earnings going to the creator and 20% going to the platform. However, Fansly users can increase their rates by referring others to the platform.

On Fansly, creators earn a 1% commission for every subscriber they refer and a 5% commission on models they refer to the platform. After the model's first year, that commission rate is lowered to 1.5%. Commission rates are similar on both sites, but on Fansly, creators can get paid more frequently.

OnlyFans has a minimum payment threshold of $20. Creators can get paid weekly or monthly or request a manual withdrawal once they meet the payment threshold. It usually takes 3 to 5 days for payments to process.

Fansly allows users to request payments at any time, and payments typically take 1 to 2 days to process. Payments can be withdrawn directly to your bank account. Fansly withdrawals appear as payments from Secret Media LLC, helping creators to maintain their privacy.

On OnlyFans, subscriptions are renewed each month. While Fansly also offers monthly subscriptions, creators can also offer other options to subscribers. For example, creators can give fans a short trial or create multi-month subscription bundles to sell to fans.

What Kinds of Features Does Fansly Offer?

Fansly offers a variety of features that are designed to help creators engage with their fans. Creators can send out community polls to see what their followers are interested in. They can also upload stories, which are full-screen photos and videos that subscribers can view for up to 24 hours.

Along with these features, Fansly offers social media integration with Twitter and Twitch. The site also gives creators access to in-house analytics, which lets creators see how their content is performing. Fansly also allows creators to schedule content and choose when it's posted to the site.

Creators can create albums and collections to organize the content that they share with subscribers. In addition, creators are given access to a personal vault that they can use to store images, videos, and other media.

Even though Fansly is primarily a subscription service, creators can earn money in a variety of ways. In addition to subscriptions, creators can make money via:

  • Selling private photos and videos
  • Tips from fans
  • Livestreams
  • Private messages
  • Selling items to subscribers

Fansly also offers features that help keep creator accounts secure. It uses backend technology that prevents users from downloading content directly from the site. Fansly also offers two-factor authentication, which can keep unauthorized users from getting access to accounts.

How Do You Get Fans on Fansly?

Most Fansly creators earn between $180 to $250 per month, but it's possible to earn much more if you build a following. Fansly has a built-in search functions, but users can only search for creators based on their username. Since there are limited options for discovery, many creators opt to promote their content outside the platform.

Since Fansly is integrated with Twitter and Twitch, it's easy for creators to share promos on these platforms. Some social media platforms, like Instagram, don't allow users to promote OnlyFans. Fansly isn't as established as OnlyFans, and currently, most social media sites don't have these restrictions.

Not only are creators able to promote content on a variety of platforms, but sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Telegram have groups for Fansly creators. These groups can be an excellent way to connect with creators and promote an account to current Fansly users.

Additional Features

While Fansly lets users follow pages for free before they subscribe, creators can also offer discounts or special offers. Many creators offer short-term discounts when promoting new content on social media. Creators also have the option of offering users a trial before they subscribe.

Fansly users can also search for content that's in a specific category. If there aren't many users creating content in a particular category, targeting that category could help you reach that audience.

Recently, Fansly introduced a For You feed. This feed allows Fansly users to scroll through videos and photos and discover new accounts. Fansly creators can share content from their page or create exclusive content for the feed.

Is Fansly More Popular Than OnlyFans?

When it comes to popularity, Fansly and OnlyFans are neck and neck. While OnlyFans is considered to be the dominant platform, there are actually more content creators on Fansly. There are 1.2 million content creators on OnlyFans, but Fansly is home to over 2 million content creators.

Fansly is clearly popular with content creators, but OnlyFans has the edge when it comes to subscribers. There are more than 170 active subscribers on OnlyFans, while Fansly has over 130 million subscribers. In addition, OnlyFans has a stronger social media presence and better name recognition.

With that said, it's important to keep in mind that OnlyFans launched back in 2016. It's been around for much longer than Fansly, and it's had the chance to introduce more features. OnlyFans is currently more popular than Fansly, but it's possible that Fansly will eventually be the dominant adult subscription platform.

What Are Fansly's Pros and Cons?

Fansly gives creators flexibility and offers all kinds of appealing features, which has helped the site grow quickly. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of creating content on Fansly include:


  • Creators can offer free content
  • There are referral systems for fans and models
  • Social media integration and support
  • Fast payouts
  • Chargeback protection
  • Different subscription tiers


  • It can be hard to build a following on the platform
  • Restrictions on selling items
  • Less brand recognition than OnlyFans

Which Is Better: OnlyFans or Fansly?

Fansly and OnlyFans both have advantages, and the best platform for you will ultimately depend on what you're looking for. OnlyFans has great name recognition, but they have more content restrictions than Fansly does. Many creators also report that it can be hard to verify an OnlyFans account, especially if you don't have a strong social media presence.

Building a following on sites like OnlyFans and Fansly can be difficult, but new creators may discover that it's easier to find an audience on OnlyFans. OnlyFans suggests creator profiles to users, which can help creators to attract new subscribers.

In 2021, OnlyFan announced the company would be banning sexually explicit content. Although the company reversed this decision after backlash, the controversy left many creators feeling like they couldn't depend on OnlyFans.

"There was a huge announcement by OnlyFans that they would no longer allow explicit content," says Twiggy, a model and content creator. "I was like, okay, that's enough. I'm going to make the switch."

Many creators opt to use both OnlyFans and Fansly so that they can reach the audiences on both platforms. Having a presence on both sites can also give creators security. Even if one site changes its terms, the creator will still be able to earn money on the competing platform.

Other Sites Like Fansly and OnlyFans

While Fansly and OnlyFans are at the top of the adult subscription platform game, there are many competing sites offering a similar service. Some of these platforms include:

  • Unlockd: On Unlockd, creators can keep 85% of their earnings. Creators also have the option of getting paid in cryptocurrency.
  • Fanvue: Fanvue is a creator site founded by YouTubers. In addition to subscriptions, creators can send pay-per-view messages.
  • LoyalFans: On LoyalFans, creators can sell clips in a video store. It also offers pay-per-minute cam sessions.
  • Fancentro: Fancentro is very similar to Fansly and OnlyFans, but it offers more discovery features.
  • iFans: iFans hosts adult content as well as other creators. It's known for its great referral program.

Final Thoughts

Fansly hasn't been around for very long, but it's already a major OnlyFans competitor. It offers many of the features that OnlyFans is known for, as well as additional features that are exclusive to the platform.

While Fansly isn't quite as popular as OnlyFans, it has a massive audience and has been seeing steady growth. Whether you're interested in creating content or want to view the content that other people create, both OnlyFans and Fansly are worth checking out.

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