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Does FedEx Hire Felons?


A criminal record does not have to be a sentence to unemployment. Nonetheless, looking for a job as a felon is never a piece of cake. Many companies discriminate against ex-convicts despite the nature of the felony or how long ago it occurred. Have you had a hard time trying even to be considered for a decent job? You can consider applying for a position at FedEx. You probably have come across distinct FedEx delivery trucks shipping or delivering parcels and desired to work at the company. But the question is, does FedEx hire felons? If you are looking to get this question answered, you should look no more because this article aims at informing you of everything you need to know when applying for a job at FedEx if you have a criminal history. FedEx is a rapid package delivery multinational company known for its fast and great services. According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in 1973 by Frederick W. Smith as Federal Express Corporation. By the time, Frederick was still a student at Yale, and this was part of an assignment on ways to provide urgent delivery services. The company’s headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. Later on, in 1994, the Federal Express Corporation changed its name to FedEx and has ever since grown rapidly. Today, with several branches, 430 000 employees, and continuing to grow, FedEx has gained a reputation as the worldwide leader in rapid delivery services.

Applying For a Job at FedEx as A Felon; What Does It Mean?

Does FedEx hire felons? Yes, FedEx hires felons but on conditions. According to The Relaunch Pad, FedEx is an equal opportunity employer. Additionally, they were named the best company to work for in the United States in 2018 by Fortune Magazine. Their branches include; FedEx logistics, express, freight, and supply chain, which allows them to have many entry-level positions, from managers to package handlers to delivery drivers, couriers, or even customer service. According to Hire Felons, there are many attractive features about working at FedEx. These are; above-average wages, great hourly rates, generous benefits packages like medical insurance, and you are likely to get a raise every three months. As a felon, you are likely to qualify for a job as a truck loader or package carrier. However, this largely depends on the nature of your crime.

Understand The FedEx Application Process

FedEx deals with postage and delivery of packages. Taking this into account, the employees should be trustworthy and accountable. Additionally, there are many customers to staff interactions during postage, delivery, or retrieval of the packages. Therefore, FedEx is very careful when hiring its employees. It has a very precise interview process. When you apply for a position at FedEx, they will call you first and do a telephone interview before setting up a face-to-face interview. During this online application, they will test your behavioral attitude and personality. If you pass this phase, you will go through several other interviews, including a face-to-face meeting or panel interview. After completing and passing this initial phase, they will email you requesting a background check.

Everything You Should Know About FedEx Background Check?

Most companies conduct a standard background check on their employees. It is done to verify the information you filled out on the job application. FedEx does not ask for your criminal record during job application giving you an equal opportunity to compete for employment. However, after the initial phase of your application, they will ask for your consent to run a background check. Additionally, you have to provide proof of identities such as a national ID card and passport. This may vary depending on the nature of the job you are applying for. If you seek a driving job, you must have a driving license. However, if your felony involves vehicles, you may have difficulty getting a driving position at FedEx. The company is also very keen on checking your criminal history when you apply for a position as a package handler and a drug test for the warehouse positions. However, the company does not discriminate against felons but considers factors like the nature of the offense and the number of convictions. Additionally, the company checks how long the felony occurred and whether you served your sentence fully.

Background check is done on finalists who have passed the initial phase of the interview. At this point, more than often, the company is usually ready to make you a job offer. Normally, a FedEx background check takes about one to three days. Typically, they will go through your information, including your criminal history. However, depending on the state you live in, your criminal record may not be accessible for the background check. For instance, companies can only perform a background check for up to seven years in states like California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington. Therefore, if you have a felony record older than seven years and live in one of these states, FedEx will not consider your record. If you pass the background check, you will receive a call to inform you and invite you for an orientation, after which you will start your job.

Should You Run a Background Check on Yourself?

Conducting a background check on yourself before applying for a position at FedEx is optional. However, it is wise as it gives you an upper hand on what the company will find when running a background check on you. If the results come in and you have a question, it is wise to consult with an attorney. You can conduct several background checks on yourself, for instance, the court in which you were charged, credit reports, and driving records.

Bottom Line

By now, it is clear that FedEx is a felon-friendly company. Therefore, do not hesitate to send in your application. However, if they perform a background check on you and you do not pass, it is not the end of the world. Take the experience as a lesson and use it to benefit your next application.

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