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20 In Demand Summer Jobs for Teachers

Three long months away from the classroom may seem a dream, but without any paychecks coming in, that dream can soon become a nightmare. If you’re in a panic about finding a way to fill the gap, take heart… plenty of companies across the US are on the lookout for people with your exact skill-set. Whether its mentoring kids at summer camp, tapping into the talents of child geniuses, getting kids to be creative with tech, or teaching youngsters the joys of swimming, you’ll find no shortage of fun, rewarding opportunities... luckily for you, you won’t have to search too far to find one with our list of the top 20 summer jobs for teachers.

1. Counsel kids at the YMCA

Unless you’ve had more than your fill of kids doing term time, camp counselling is a great way to keep busy, earn a few bucks and soak up some sunshine in the process. Camps tend to lack the regime and formality of school… couple that with a load of new activities for you to try out, and you might end up having more fun than the kids! There’s no shortage of summer camps across the country looking for new conscripts, but if you’re unsure where to start, try the YMCA for a full list of current opportunities.

2. Help disadvantaged youngsters with Upward Bound

If you don’t want to change gears completely over the summer, a teaching job could be just the ticket. Upward Bound, a federally funded organization that helps disadvantaged students prepare for college entrance, is always on the lookout for talented teachers looking to lend a helping hand. Positions vary from teaching, mentoring, and counseling… if getting financially rewarded for your altruism sounds appealing, ask your local college or University if they have any vacancies on the program.

3. Get active with Rover

Want to swap kids for animals? I don’t blame you… if being paid to play with some cute canines sounds like your kind of deal, you’re in luck. These days, there’s plenty of time- poor, cash- rich pet owners desperate for a helping hand or two. Whether it’s as dog walker or pet sitter, you’ll find no shortage of owners willing to dole out the dosh for an hour or so of your time. Check out the classified sections of your local paper for opportunities, or, if you want to get high tech about it, download the Rover App, a quick, convenient way of connecting pet owners with job searchers.

4. Transcribe with Rev

If you want to spend the summer with no boss hanging over your shoulder, no noisy colleagues stealing your sandwiches, and no requirement to even get dressed, an online job like transcribing could be just the thing. Companies like Rev are always on the lookout for talented typists... although bear in mind they pay per audio minute, so you’ll need to have quick fingers to pull in a profit. Payments are issued weekly via PayPal, so you’ll never have too long to wait between salaries. If you’re able to speak (and type) in any foreign languages, you can expect to see a little more in your paycheck than you would otherwise.

5. Prepare exam students as a SAT Instructor

If you don’t mind spending the summer in a classroom, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities as a SAT/ACT Prep Instructor. The Princeton Review is always on the lookout for teachers willing to help kids prep for their exams – check their website for a list of openings in your area and to begin the application process. Other organizations to offer similar opportunities include Kaplan, Huntington Learning Center, and Sylvan Learning.

6. Change the future with TinkerEd

Fancy sharing your thoughts on educational technology? If you’re looking for an outlet for your opinions, take a look at TinkerEd. The company serves as a mediator between Edtech companies and teachers, given the latter the feedback they need to develop, modify or overhaul the equipment they produce from the people who actually use it. Not only will you get to inform the educational environment of the future, you’ll also get a sneak preview into the new technologies coming your way …. and, lest it be forgot, earn yourself some nice little pocket money in the process.

7. Give back as an AmeriCorps Vista Associate

If giving back to the community while bringing down your student loan sounds like the ideal combo, check out AmeriCorps Vista Summer Associate program. Each summer, the foundation offers participants the chance to join their charitable, community-based efforts for 8, 9 or 10 weeks. You won’t get “paid” as such, but you will receive a very healthy living allowance and a $1,289 Ed Award towards your student loan. You’ll also have the satisfaction of contributing to an endeavor that’s been helping lift people from poverty since 1965.

8. Get fighting fit as a Sport’s Coach

The next on our list is for fitness fanatics only… couch-potatoes need not apply! If you’d rather spend the summer keeping fit and being in the great outdoors than mooching around the house, teaching the next generation some skills at a summer sports camp might be just the thing. Every year, hundreds of opportunities arise for participants willing to coach kids in everything from baseball and volleyball to hockey and football. The hiring process usually starts early, so if you’re interested, make sure to start applying in late winter/ early spring at the latest. For more details and a list of participating venues, check out the US Sports Camps website.

9. Have a party at the pool

If you love swimming and want to engender the same passion in kids, Happy Swimmers could be right up your street. The nationwide provider of swimming lessons is always on the lookout for people who are a) good with kids, b) have previously worked as a swim instructor, c) have a valid driving license and car and d) have CPR certification. If you tick all the boxes, you can look forward to a fun-filled summer getting paid to splash around in the pool. For details of the application process and a list of participating venues, check out the Happy Swimmers website.

10. Get instructing with Lindamood-Bell

School might be out for summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop teaching… unless you really, really want to, of course. As a provider of such vital learning skills as reading, spelling, math and language comprehension, Lindamood-Bell is always on the lookout for energetic, empathetic individuals with a passion for teaching. As an added incentive, sign up for two years on a trot to bag yourself a $500 rehire bonus. A full list of current opportunities can be found on the Lindamood-Bell website.

11. Teach English with VIPKID

VIPKID is an ESL program looking for enthusiastic teachers willing to help children in China develop their language skills through one-on-one tutoring. Before you panic… you don’t have to travel all the way to Asia to take part; the program is 100% online. Pay is $7-9 per 25-minute class, and you can expect a $2 bonus per lesson if you hit a minimum of 45 classes each month. The only requirement is a degree, but you will have to go through a pretty intense application process before acceptance (expect several rounds of interviews and a mock exam). For more details about the application procedure, check out the handy information on We Are Teachers.

12. Impart your wisdom at Connections Academy

Keep your teaching skills in shape over the summer with a tutoring position at Connection Academy. The Academy offers opportunities up and down the country for teachers looking to teach grades K-12 in various subjects. The best part? The programs are all online, meaning you can teach your class without so much as leaving the house. More details on the application process can be found at the Academy’s website.

13. Test your child-care skills as a Nanny

The long summer holidays can be demanding on busy parents, which is why so many call in outside help. offers a host of childcare and live-in nanny positions, along with opportunities in senior care, housekeeping and pet care. If you’re fun-loving, willing to lend your hand to the odd bit of cleaning and don’t mind sharing someone else’s home, a position in care can be a rewarding (if sometimes challenging) solution to your summer job requirements. Check out the website for more info and current opportunities.

14. Get arty at the Interlochen Institute for the Arts

If you’re passionate about art and would like to inspire others to feel the same, an instructor position at the world-famous Interlochen Institute for the Arts might be the perfect way to spend your summer. Their summer camp attracts more than 3000 international students each year, resulting in a huge demand for talented instructors of art, drama, creative writing and music. If you fancy the idea of having fun, fostering artistic talent and working alongside some like minded folks, make your way to the institute’s website to get your application underway.

15. Enjoy the great outdoors with Outward Bound

Working at Outward Bound is definitely not for the sedentary, but if you’re full of vim and vigor, a summer position at one of their wilderness courses might be just the ticket. Those who fancy a summer of activity but don’t want to leave the city will be pleased to know the organization also runs urban centers, meaning you can still enjoy your Starbuck’s fix while teaching disadvantaged kids the benefit of outdoor pursuits. If this sounds the job for you, take a look at the organization’s website for more info.

16. Teach child prodigies at the Summer Institute for the Gifted

If you’re the kind of teacher who likes to learn as much from your kids as they learn from you, a few weeks at the Summer Institute for the Gifted might be your perfect opportunity. Each year, the institute offers rounds of 3-week summer sessions for academically gifted students. Courses are held at leading universities up and down the country, so you shouldn’t have too far to travel. The institute hires on a rolling basis, so get your application in early to be in with a chance. For more info, check out the SIG website.

17. Help special-needs students with Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning is dedicated to giving special-needs students who don’t necessarily flourish in a traditional classroom setting the chance to catch up on their learning in a specialized, dynamic environment. The institute runs an annual Summer Journey program that’s always on the lookout for bright, empathetic teachers. If you fancy putting your skills to the test in a challenging but very worthwhile environment, check out their website for details on how to apply.

18. Teach literacy at the Institute of Reading Development

The Institute of Reading Development (IRD) offers reading comprehension and literacy classes to students of all ages and learning stages. Be warned- the application process is tough. Before you even get to take a class, you’ll need to go through several rounds of interviews and complete an intensive (albeit paid) training course. If you’re willing to stick it out, you’ll be rewarded with a handsome pay and the satisfaction of setting kids up for future success in a dynamic, supportive environment. If your curiosity has been piqued, check out the Institute’s website for more details.

19. Get creative with Youth Digital

If you’re firmly abreast of the latest developments in technology, put your knowledge to the test with a summer teaching position at one of Youth Digital’s nationwide summer camps. The organization aims to teach kids about new technology in a fun, interactive way. If you know a thing or two about coding or game design, or just want to inspire kids to get creating with tech, check out the Youth Digital website to find details of your nearest camp.

20. Refresh your skills with Varsity Tutors

If you don’t want to lose your teaching skills over the long summer break, keep them refreshed with a tutoring position at Varsity Tutors. The organization provides everything from test prep to math coaching, literacy skills to geography tutoring. If you have a specialist area of expertise, let them know… Varsity Tutors USP is matching the particular skill-set of their tutors to the unique needs of its students. All sessions are completed online, with the average tutor pulling in around $20 per hour. To get your application underway, head over to their website.

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