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Does FedEx Drug Test Its Employees?


Yes. FedEx Corporation drugs test employees of all types, although who gets tested and when they get tested may vary based on several factors detailed below. And for the most part, the company does not release a detailed drug test policy to review; however, it may be helpful to read about the specifics mentioned in the company's Code of Conduct.

FedEx Corporation is an American umbrella company that was founded in Arkansas in 1971. The company is now headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx Corporation was one of the first shipping companies to provide overnight delivery services. It's core operating companies include a variety of e-commerce and transportation service-related businesses. FedEx Corporation's 2021 fiscal annual revenue was $84 billion.

Much of FedEx's work includes government contracting as supplemental air cargo support for the United States Postal Service. FedEx services customers worldwide in more than 220 countries, with its approximate number of team members at about 600,000.

If you have an interest in working in one of the many job capacities offered by FedEx, the good news is that the company ranks impressively at #21 in Fortune Magazine's World's 25 Best Workplaces. The following narrative details FedEx's company policies regarding drug testing.

When Does FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx conducts drug tests at various points in its hiring and employment processes – including random testing. FedEx Corporation, with a zero-tolerance drug policy, is designed so that the company provides its staff and customers with a healthy & safe environment in which to work and conduct business.

Remember that FedEx employees may come into contact with dangerous items and materials, which can lead to an accidental hazard that impacts workers or clients. 

Drug testing of FedEx employees should be expected 

  • During pre-employment and other points in the hiring process.
  • Randomly –
    • Every six to eight months
    • Should an accident occur
    • When changing positions within a FedEx company or subsidiary
    • If someone suspects an employee of being under the influence of drugs/alcohol

Note also that FedEx employees who drive certain trucks and machinery are required to take and pass the Department of Transportation's (DOT's) five-panel mandated drug screen (opioids, amphetamines, marijuana/THC, phencyclidine (PCP), and cocaine). These five classes of drugs test for 14 different chemical substances.

Drivers can anticipate a drug test before they begin driving and random tests as required by the DOT.

Other FedEx employees are tested for drugs, but the timing and frequency of the testing will depend on the company's requirements and the employee's position and responsibilities. Office or warehouse workers may not be subjected to random drug tests as these types of tests are not required to comply with federal law. However, FedEx may include discretionary, random testing at these locations as a part of FedEx's policies.

What Type of Drug Test Does FedEx Use?

FedEx Corporation uses urine, blood, breath, or saliva swab drug tests for its employees, although when and how they are used depends on a variety of factors. Bear in mind that this company will suspend (or fire) an employee if they fail one of the required random drug tests.

Why does FedEx Conduct Drug Tests?

There are several important purposes for FedEx Corporation's drug testing policy. But above all, FedEx Corporation and its subsidiaries drug test employees and staff members to ensure each complies with required safety and security guidelines and state/federal law.

Many FedEx employees are drivers who are required to comply with the United States Department of Transportation's drug testing and physical requirements. Note that drug screenings may vary based on the location or job responsibility. Some locations may require an annual test, whereas others have a two-year testing window. Other essential reasons to drug test employees include the following –

  • Drug testing is an effective method or way to prevent FedEx employees from behaving unpredictably from the effects of drugs or alcohol. Ultimately, this erratic behavior will likely impact the workplace's productivity levels and may even become dangerous.
  • Drug testing is an important screening tool that helps the company avoid hiring or recruiting new prospects who consume marijuana, alcohol, - or anything else that might alter one's ability to think or react quickly enough.

If you test positive on a drug screen test for other FedEx jobs and positions, it is unlikely that you will receive the job offer or the promotion you were hoping for.

When is the FedEx Drug Test Conducted?

FedEx conducts drug tests at various points in its hiring and employment processes. You can expect to be tested - at the very earliest - when you have been offered a job – which may be at your first interview!

If you are thinking about working for FedEx, you should anticipate that a drug test may be required -

  • During pre-employment and other hiring processes.
  • Randomly –
    • Every six to eight months
    • Should an accident occur
    • Changing positions within a FedEx company
    • If an employee is suspected of being impaired or under the influence of drugs/alcohol

What Substances Does FedEx Test For?

FedEx Corporation's drug testing policies typically include screenings for alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, oxycodone, and PCP. However, FedEx drivers may be subjected to drug tests that meet the requirements of the U.S. DOT - Department of Transportation, which may take up to one week to complete in its entirety.

Within the five-panel drug screen, there are fourteen drugs that may test positive. These tests, which are performed at 3rd-party organizations, include the following –

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana (with the psychoactive chemical THC)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamines & Other Stimulants
    • Methamphetamine
    • Amphetamine
    • MDMA
    • MDA
  • Opioids
    • Codeine
    • Hydrocodone
    • Morphine
    • Hydromorphone
    • Heroin
    • Oxycodone
    • Oxymorphone

The test may also screen for alcohol and hallucinogens, and sedatives, among other chemicals. If FedEx or the 3rd-party company finds there is a problem with the first sampling, it would not be an unusual request to ask for the potential hire or employee for a re-test. Remember, a drug screening can identify recent use of prescription drugs and illegal substances.

When Will I Receive My FedEx Drug Test Results?

FedEx's drug testing protocols are straightforward and relatively quick. The process only takes several minutes, with results usually received in 24 to 48 hours. This might be delayed should the original sample test be problematic.

What Happens IF I Fail The FedEx Drug Test?

As a leading company for its customers and employees, FedEx drug tests its employees to make sure the FedEx work environment is safe and no one working for FedEx is under the influence. And to ensure applicants and current employees are clear-headed enough to follow safety and security processes and guidelines.

If you fail to pass FedEx's pre-employment drug test, the reality is that you will be disqualified for the job immediately. This is particularly true for those applicants seeking a career as a FedEx driver or heavy machine operator.


What Companies Are Subsidiaries Of FedEx Corporation?

These include:

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Office
  • FedEx Dataworks
  • FedEx Supply Chain
  • FedEx Custom Critical
  • FedEx Logistics
  • FedEx Services
  • TNT Express

Will FedEx Let You Retake A Drug Test?

Although nothing is written in the company's Code of Conduct, it has been reported that potential new hires and job applicants can re-test after six months.

Does FedEx Do Random Drug Tests For Package Handlers?
As noted above, FedEx seeks to maintain a drug-free work setting. Job applicants are required to take a drug test as a regular part of the hiring process. If a package handler's responsibilities require a DOT certificate, the package handler may be randomly tested for drugs.

Does FedEx Drug Test At The Interview?

No, not unless they make you a job offer on the spot. Drug testing starts when an offer of employment is given. This is also the time when a criminal background check is performed.

In other words, FedEx Corporation and its subsidiaries will typically require a drug screening as a pre-employment measure - after a job applicant has successfully finished the interview process.

Can I Refuse To Take A FedEx Drug Test?

Yes, anyone can refuse a drug test for employment at FedEx. However, refusing to take this required test can result in the loss of a job opportunity at FedEx.

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