Does FedEx Drug Test Its Employees?


Drug testing is a common employment practice for large companies. It’s meant to keep the company safe and productive and serves as a screening process for new hires. Though not every company drug tests its employees, FedEx has a strong drug testing policy that ensures their employees’ and customers’ safety. If you’re looking to work in a company with an excellent reputation, FedEx has a long-established history as one of the world’s most successful express delivery companies. However, you must stay clear of drugs before and after employment since it conducts random drug tests. Read on to learn the type of drug tests carried out, jobs offered, and how to prepare for a drug test.

Reasons Why FedEx Conducts Drug Tests

FedEx has a history of implementing strict policies to ensure a safe, drug-free workplace. This is particularly important as FedEx deals with hazardous materials, which can pose a genuine threat to the health and safety of both its customers and employees. For that reason, FedEx conducts pre-employment drug tests on all applicants for positions in which safety is a concern. FedEx uses the same testing method for all applicants, regardless of position. Applicants have to issue a urine sample during the hiring process. The facility administering the test must also provide FedEx with another test sample in case there is an issue with the first sample. This way, FedEx has proof that the applicants provided a sample and that their own urine was being submitted.

Types of Drugs and Substances Tested By FedEx

Applicants for employment at FedEx are only tested for an initial screen that looks into the following substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Oxycodone and PCP

An Insight Into FedEx Drug Testing Policy?

FedEx has a zero-tolerance drug policy. It is a policy that does not tolerate any form of impairment or intoxication. According to FedEx’s employee handbook, an employee may be discharged for a ‘felony, illegal use of a controlled substance’ and for a ‘positive test for the use of a controlled substance.

Methods Used by FedEx in Employee Drug Test

FedEx requires all candidates applying for employment to undergo a drug test before they start working at a site. The drug test consists of an initial screening called an “oral fluid” test, which takes place on-site at the time of application. If the initial screening indicates possible marijuana use within the previous 28 days, then a urine sample is scheduled right away to confirm or refute that possibility. FedEx uses different methods to test for drugs. The company has several options, including:

Urine drug test

A urine sample is taken by a doctor and analyzed in a laboratory. According to Detox Marijuana Fast, a laboratory can detect the presence of drugs in the specimen for up to four days after use. This is the most common type of drug test performed by FedEx.

Hair follicle drug test

Hair samples are collected and tested for drugs that can be detected by this method up to 90 days after use. This test can only detect long-term chronic use of drugs and is not as common as other types of tests.

Blood drug test

This type of test is for pre-employment screening. It is more invasive than an oral swab or urine test and gets performed if there is reasonable suspicion that an employee was under the influence or possessed illegal drugs while on the job.

Available Jobs at FedEx

FedEx offers a variety of employment opportunities: couriers, drivers, customer service representatives, sales professionals, accountants, and more. The company is popular for its generous hiring policy: it does not require college education for many positions and does not conduct credit checks during the hiring process. However, FedEx conducts background checks on applicants who qualify for management positions.

Tips on How to Prepare For the FedEx Drug Test

Simply put, you need to stop using drugs for at least 2-4 weeks before your test date. According to Healthline, it could take up to 30 days for the THC metabolites to leave your system. In addition, many individuals think that they can pass a drug test just by drinking water or taking a detox drink. These methods do not work., besides, employers know these tricks and specific ways of cheating a drug test.

Is It Possible to Beat FedEx’s Drug Test?

The only way to pass a drug test is by detoxing naturally and abstaining from drugs until the THC is out of your system. However, some drug testing options will help your chances of passing, such as purchasing a detox kit that can help cleanse your body of toxins before taking the test. Failing the drug test at FedEx could lead to termination of employment. To avoid this, you can try to: Drink lots of water before the test since it will dilute your urine and help your chances of passing the test. If possible, schedule your test for the early morning to give yourself enough time to hydrate properly. The best way to pass a FedEx drug test is to abstain from using drugs for the first few days before the scheduled test date. This will ensure that the metabolites have cleared out of your body by the time you show up for testing.

When Do Random Tests Take Place

FedEx requires all employees to read and acknowledge the FedEx Drug-Free Workplace Policy. This policy includes an acknowledgment of random drug testing, which occurs on an unannounced basis. The company only does drug tests if it has reasonable suspicion of drug use; for instance, if an employee:

  • Gets injured at the workplace
  • Is involved in or witness to a workplace accident or on-the-job injury involving a co-worker
  • Gets an accident driving the company vehicle
  • Is suspected of stealing FedEx property, such as cash or packages
  • Is late to work two times within a six-month period
  • Fails to show up for a scheduled shift without notifying his or her supervisor beforehand (even if he or she calls after being late)

Refuses to take the test, whereas there are compelling reasons that they are under the influence of drugs.

What Happens if an Individual Fails the Drug Test at FedEx?

Failure to pass the drug test at FedEx automatically disqualifies you from the chance. You may also be asked to pay for the cost of the drug test and any other costs associated with your employment processing. If you’ve been working and fail your drug test, you will be asked to leave the company immediately, and you may lose your benefits as well.


Working in a multinational fleet company is a dream come true to most people. Whether you’re going for an employment interview or have been working there, detoxing or staying away from drugs is imperative. You’ll never get a chance to work here with drug traces in your system.

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