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The 10 Best Water Parks in Washington


One of the best places to relax is a waterpark. They're great places to cool off, and many offer dry attractions when you've had your fill of slides and lazy rivers. Washington state is an excellent place for them. Even though the western side of the state has a reputation for being rainy most of the year, some of the parks are in closed structures, so you can cool off without splashing in urban puddles. Additionally, each park offers unique attractions and fun for the whole family. If you want to go a little further from where you lived, you'll find nearby hotels and maybe even some unexpected spots. Visitors from out of state will also find these parks unique from other parks they may have already visited, primarily because Washington offers some of the most beautiful scenery and many different types of environments. So, next time you plan your trip to Washington or want to get away somewhere in the state you call home check out one of the 10 best water parks in Washington.

Slide n Splash

10. Slide 'n' Splash Indoor Mini Water Park, Seattle South

This is one of the smallest parks on the list. It's located in the Red Lion Inn & Suites in Federal Way, Washington. If you want to visit, you'll have to stay overnight since it's limited to guests staying in the hotel.


9. Lynnwood Recreation Center, Lynnwood

This is another small park on the list. However, it's still a great place to spend an afternoon or the better part of a day. Younger kids will undoubtedly enjoy it, and for everyone else, several water slides are fun, so you will enjoy going down them several times.

Snohomish Aquatic Center

8. Snohomish Aquatic Center, Snohomish

If you want to find fun for the whole family near Seattle, this is a great pick. It's a large park run by the local school district and includes a pool and dive area. Kids aren't left out; there's a floating playground with climbing walls and a swing. They can also jump off from it. Don't worry; it also has several giant waterslides for thrill-seekers. One additional note, it also has the Flowrider and is the only place you'll find one in the area.


7. Southside Family Aquatic Facility, Spokane

For a thrilling 200 hundred foot water slide, look no further than this park. There are also swimming pools, including one that's heated in case the weather takes a slight turn, or you want to stay until evening. Like many other parks on the list, Southside has a lazy river and a playground for some dry fun. YOu can also play a game of basketball before you cook a delicious meal in the Barbeque area.

Surf n Slide

6. Surf 'n Slide Water Park, Moses Lake

If you want a fun vacation but don't want to take a long trip, this park is a great spot. It's located in Central Washington, so the summer weather typically stays warm and sunny. It's also a great place if you love to swim. You can also enjoy a 300-foot lazy river or the two 200 foot waterfalls. Young children also have a waterslide just for them, the Baby Octopus Slide. It's also located near many local hotels so if you don't do everything you want on the first day you can quickly go back the next.

Henry Moses

5. Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Renton

Seattle's Child featured an article about this park. So, although you won't find a lot of thrills, this is an excellent option if you have younger children. It does have a 26-foot high slide, so you'll have the opportunity to play in the shallow pool. Teenagers won't be bored since there is a lazy river. It's best to get there early since many people line up before the park opens, and if you show up later, you're likely not to get a deck chair to catch a few relaxing moments before you have to chase after your kiddos.

Wild Waves

4. Wild Waves & Enchanted Village, Federal Way

According to Great Wolf, there are several water slides that make this part a must-visit, including Riptide and Raging River Ride. Don't worry; it has some more relaxing options like a lazy river and hot tubs. Little children will have fun here too, with a variety of rides just for them. If you prefer to stay dry, you can check out the zip lines.

Wild Waves

3. Birch Bay Waterslides, Blaine

According to Birch Bay, the park has been open for 35 years. There are eight slides at the park, including Hairpin, Corkscrew, and Twister. They also have the river ride, which you can do with a one or two-person tube. If you want a bigger splash, you can check out the Ramp slide, which ends with a drop into a four-foot pool. One of the best thrills at the park is the Black Slide which has a 60-foot drop.

Gail and Carolyn Shaw

2. Gail and Carolyn Shaw Aquatic Center, Chehalis

The Aquatic Center is one of the newest parks on the list, opening in 2014. Not only does it have fun water slides it also has a large pool to splash around. You can also relax under a giant mushroom or enjoy a sandy area that will make you feel like you're at the beach. Don't worry; there are plenty of benches to relax in the shade if you get tired.


1. Slidewaters, Chelan

I have personal experience at this park. When I visited my grandparents over the summer, they took me there several times. It's located near Lake Chelan, a picturesque lake in Eastern Washington. There are a variety of water slides and a lazy river when you need a little while to relax and sunbathe. Additionally, they have small kids' areas for toddlers so they can enjoy safe fun. The park has several thrill ride water slides, including the Corkscrew, which has several 360-degree turns.

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