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The 10 Best Golf Courses in Spokane, Washington

Hangman Valley Golf Club

If you’re visiting Spokane, Washington, don’t forget to pack your golf clubs. The County seat of Spokane County is home to some truly extraordinary golf courses, some offering the kind of challenge that would test the skills of even the most seasoned pro, and others offering a great confidence boost to novices. If you’re struggling to know which ones are worthy of the admittance fee, then, fortunately, help is on hand with our round-up of the ten best Spokane golf courses. The only real question is which to visit first…


10. Esmerelda

For novices, few golf clubs in Spokane are quite as ideal as the exemplary Esmerelda. While it’s a step-up from par 3 courses, it’s still the kind of fun experience that allows amateurs to enjoy a great round without being threatened by too many tricky holes. With a total distance of only 6,249 yards, it’s perfect for those without too many big clubs in their arsenal. Those looking for a great confidence boost and an affordable game will struggle to find better.

Deer Park Golf & Country Club

9. Deer Park Golf & Country Club

For a great value, local golfing experience, Deer Park Golf & Country Club is a great choice. In addition to a challenging but rewarding course, the club boasts a number of great amenities and “added extras”, including both individual and group golfing lessons for those looking to improve their game, a yearly three day summer camp run by PGA professional Dan Amann, a huge, 1,300 square foot, well equipped pro shop, and an excellent junior golf program for youngsters.

Hangman Valley Golf Club

8. Hangman Valley Golf Club

For those who like their golf courses to come with a view, Hangman Valley Golf Club’s first-rate course is guaranteed to please. Its 18-hole par-72 championship public golf course is a divine combination of challenge and reward, featuring well-bunkered greens, water features, wide fairways, and immaculate greens. Its spectacular setting, meanwhile, affords plenty of camera-ready moments. Completing the lineup of attractions is a well-stocked pro -shop, the opportunity to rent equipment if you forget to bring your own, and the chance to score some lessons with the resident PGA golf professionals.

The Coeur d'Alene Public Golf Course

7. The Coeur d'Alene Public Golf Course

Covering approximately 143 acres, The Coeur d'Alene Public Golf Course is one of the smallest courses in Spokane - but one of the most affordable. If you’re constrained by budget, you’ll find few clubs willing to offer admittance for quite so great a rate as this excellent non-profit. In addition to the low rates, you’ll find plenty to satisfy you in the immaculately kept fairways, short, fun course, and excellent amenities. Once you’ve finished up on the course, don’t miss a stop off at the club’s excellent restaurant; a great place to relax with a cold beverage, some tasty snacks, and an exemplary service.

Meadowwood Golf Course

6. Meadowwood Golf Course

Set on the beautiful Liberty Lake just 18 miles east of Downtown Spokane, Meadowood Golf Course is the kind of course that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. Its artful combination of strategically placed trees, bunkers, and water features will give scratch golfers all the challenge they need to keep entertained, while the varying sets of tees ensure novices can enjoy a great round without feeling overly intimidated. It may be some years since Golf Digest ranked Meadowwood “One of the Top 10 Best Public Golf Courses in the State of Washington” (23, to be exact), but the Par-72 18-hole championship golf course has lost none of its appeal in the intervening years.

Indian Canyon Golf Course

5. Indian Canyon Golf Course

A few of the short but succinct comments made by visitors to Indian Canyon Golf Course on Spokane City Voter gives you a good idea of what to expect from this excellent course: “Golfers far and wide love this course”. “I always have the best time here.’ “Great place”.” Great course”. With its scenic views over downtown, dramatic elevation changes, challenging holes, and exquisitely rewarding game, we’re loathed to disagree.

The Creek at Qualchan

4. The Creek at Qualchan

The modern, target-style course at The Creek at Qualchan offers a very solid game that’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding golfing aficionado. It may be the newest addition to Spokane’s line up of courses, but it’s already established itself as one of the most popular, thanks in no small part to its exquisite setting. If you can tear your eyes away from the scenery, you’ll find a course that’s 2 parts challenge and three parts rewards, with enough head-scratching moments to keep even the most seasoned pro on their toes. With reasonable rates thrown in for good measure, there’s little doubting its appeal.

Wandermere Golf Course

3. Wandermere Golf Course

With tree-lined, undulating fairways, well-maintained greens, characterful holes, and fabulous amenities, Wandermere Golf Course is unquestionably one of the highlights of Spokane’s golfing scene. Nestled in the Little Spokane River Valley, it offers visitors some stunning views- but they’d be well advised to keep their eye on the ball and not on the vistas. For all the gentle beauty of its setting, Wandermere is one of the most challenging courses in the area, stretching the talents of even the most seasoned pro to their limit.

Circling Raven

2. Circling Raven

As North Idaho’s Best Course and a Golf Digest Top 100 Course, Circling Raven narrowly misses out on a place at the top of our list by a hair’s breadth. Situated in 620 acres of wetlands, woodlands, and Palouse grasses, the course makes the most of its natural setting to offer a uniquely challenging, but rarely intimidating, game. If the course itself wasn’t enough to warrant your attention, the excellent range of amenities on offer at the club (including a pro shop, a regular calendar of golfing events, a spa, shopping and cultural recreations, a casino, and a first-rate restaurant) surely is.

Downriver Golf Course

1. Downriver Golf Course

It may be Spokane’s oldest golf course, but age hasn’t withered Downriver Golf Course’s appeal one bit. With beautiful views of the sparkling Spokane River, its setting offers plenty of camera-worthy moments, while its variety of tees make for a great experience for all skill levels. As firm a favorite with locals as with visitors, this is one golfing experience you don’t want to miss.

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