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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Galveston, TX

Rudy and Paco

Due to its coastal location in southern Texas, fresh fish and seafood are plentiful. This is probably why seafood restaurants are such a popular option in this city. No matter whether you want to enjoy a casual meal out with friends or a romantic dinner in a fine dining restaurant, you will find an excellent seafood restaurant to suit your needs. If you are a seafood fan and you are planning to dine out in this city, the following are the 20 best seafood restaurants in Galveston to help you choose the best place for you to eat out.

Fisherman's Wharf

10. Fisherman’s Wharf

An affordable seafood restaurant that serves high-quality food with no frills is Fisherman’s Wharf, says 10 Best. Two of the top options on the menu are the red snapper and the fried calamari. There is also a vast array of sandwiches and pasta dishes from which you can choose. One of the best aspects of dining in this restaurant is its location on a restored pier, with the option to dine outdoors.


9. Clary’s

Many people consider Clary’s one of the finest restaurants in Galveston as it has many positive points. The first point to note is that it is in a fantastic location that treats diners to stunning views across the bay. Another reason it is so popular is the standard of the dishes, which include options such as gumbo, fettuccini Alfredo with crab meat, broiled flounder, and lump crab in cheese sauce. Finally, the standard of the service is another element that makes this restaurant stand out from the competition. Located on Teichman Road, this restaurant offers views over Offatt’s Bayou and toward Moody Gardens Hotel. It has been open since 1977, and it is run by Clary Milburn.

Pelican Club

8. The Pelican Club

The Culture Trip says that the place to visit for a five-star dining experience is The Pelican Club, which has Chef Ross Warhol at the helm. Locally caught, fresh ingredients are used to create contemporary cuisine. Some examples of the dishes served include scallops with beef risotto, shrimp and buttered grits, parmesan-crusted red snapper, and Creole gumbo.


7. Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant

One of the longest-standing seafood restaurants in Galveston is Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant, as this establishment has been opened since 1911. The chefs at this restaurant give a personal touch to each of the dishes they prepare. This restaurant is one of the best options if you want to spend a romantic night in a seafood restaurant as the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date.

Rudy and Paco

6. Rudy & Paco

If you enjoy traditional seafood dishes, then this restaurant is a good option for you. However, some of the traditional dishes have a South American twist, so they are full of flavor. There is a particular influence from Nicaraguan cuisine on the menu. Although most of the menu consists of seafood dishes, there are also some beef and chicken options for meat-eaters. Although it has a large and inviting dining room, it gets extremely busy due to its popularity. Therefore, it is best to ring in advance to makes a reservation, especially at the weekends.

Saltwater Grille

5. Saltwater Grill

The freshly caught fish and seafood are cooked either on the kettle or on the grill at Saltwater Grill. Some of the options on the menu include gumbo, Italian fish stew, bouillabaisse BBQ oysters, mussels in chardonnay, and fire-roasted shrimp. Diners like that there is an open kitchen at this restaurant, which means that they can see their order being freshly prepared. You will find this restaurant on Postoffice Street

Willie G's Seafood

4. Willie G’s Steakhouse and Seafood

Not only is Willie G’s one of the best seafood restaurants in Galveston, but it is also one of the overall best restaurants in any category. From the seafood options on the menu, some of the best options are grilled tuna sandwich, spicy blackened snapper, and grilled flounder. There is something for everyone on the menu at Willie G’s as they serve juicy Angus steaks for meat lovers. This restaurant I in a prime spot on Harborside Drive on the northern shore of Galveston Island.

Mario's Seawall

3. Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant

Those who are fans of both Italian cuisine and seafood should book themselves a table at Mario’s Seawall Restaurant. Although there are Italian classics on the menu, such as lasagne and spaghetti dishes, a large section of the menu is devoted to seafood options. Some of the ingredients that feature strongly on the menu are shrimp, crab, and snapper. This is also a fantastic place for pizza lovers, as there are many topping varieties available on their wood-fired gourmet pizzas. Mario’s is a great place for family dining as the staff is walking and there is a nice ambiance for people of all ages.

Cajun Greek

2. Cajun Greek

Seafood is synonymous with both Greek and Cajun cuisine, and you can enjoy both types of cuisine when you dine at Cajun Greek. This restaurant will suit diverse tastes, due to the inclusion of both Cajun and Mediterranean dishes on the menu. Those who prefer Cajun cuisine can choose from meals such as boiled crawdads, poboys, and catfish. Diners whose preference is for Mediterranean cuisine can choose dishes such as gyros, Mediterranean shrimp, and blackened flounder. If you are adventurous to try a fusion of both types of cuisine, the Cajun Greek snapper is a popular option. There are also sandwiches and burgers on the menu.


1. Salsas Mexican & Seafood Restaurant

According to 10 Best, the best seafood restaurant in Galveston is Salsas Mexican & Seafood Restaurant. Both meat and seafood dishes are available at this Mexican restaurant, along with some vegetarian options. From the seafood selection, some examples of dishes include fish tacos, shrimp cocktail, ceviche, and shrimp fajitas. Diners can eat out on the patio with a margarita, and there are regular happy hours when cut-price meals are available.

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