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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Gloucester, MA

Gloucester House Restaurant

Gloucester is a city that has a coast on two sides, and it is located in Cape Ann in Essex County, Massachusetts. Due to its coastal location, the restaurants in this city have an excellent supply of fresh fish and seafood that they can use to create top-quality seafood dishes. Although seafood features on the menus of most restaurants in this city, there are some that specialize in serving seafood dishes, .and there are options to suit all budgets and tastes. If this is the type of food you enjoy, the following are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Gloucester, MA, for you to try.

Topside Grill

10. Topside Grill

A combination of Italian and seafood entrees feature on the menu at Topside Grill. The interior of the restaurant features nautical décor, and there is sidewalk seating for those who want to eat outdoors on a nice day. Although this is a casual hangout, diners have praised the quality of the food and the affordable prices. They have also praised the level of customer service received. You will find this seafood restaurant on Rogers Street in Gloucester.

Roy Moore Lobster Co

9. Roy Moore Lobster Co.

If you are a fan of lobsters, then one of the best places to eat in Gloucester is the Roy Moore Lobster Co. on Bearskin Neck. It is a no-frills seafood eatery with lobster as the main feature on the menu. However, there are plenty of other seafood options to choose from if you are not a lobster fan. This waterfront eatery has outdoor seating only, so it is somewhere to visit on a nice day. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a seafood market that specializes in lobster. It is important to note that this restaurant has a bring-your-own-booze policy.

Halibut Point Restaurant

8. Halibut Point Restaurant & Pub

Halibut Point Restaurant & Pub is a traditional and historic tavern on Main Street that features antique photographs as part of its décor. Although this venue is famous for its seafood dishes, especially its chowder, it is also known for its excellent burgers. Diners can choose to eat in the atmospheric dining room or to enjoy an alfresco meal on the tree-lined patio. There is a fantastic range of beers to choose between to accompany your meal.

The Market Restaurant

7. The Market Restaurant

You are guaranteed to only see the freshest fish and seafood ingredients on the menu of The Market Restaurant, which is located on River Road. The menu changes daily to reflect the availability of what is locally and seasonally available. This means that you can enjoy something different each time you visit this small restaurant. Another aspect of dining here that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike is the pretty views due to the waterfront location of the restaurant. Although this restaurant does not have a full liquor license, they do serve a decent selection of wines and beers.

Causeway Restaurant

6. Causeway Restaurant

This snug restaurant on Essex Avenue has a marine-themed interior. It is known for its jumbo portions of seafood, although there are also meat entrees and some pasta options on the menu. Although this is a no-frills bring-your-own-booze eatery, guests have praised the cooking of the seafood, which is available grilled or fried. Diners have also praised the portion sizes, the friendly staff, and the speed of the service.


5. Passports

Located on Main Street, Passports is a rustic haunt with art on the walls that serves American seafood plates with an international twist, so there are flavors to suit all palates. Diners have commented that the menu is large enough to give you lots of options, but not so large that it is confusing or overwhelming. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the mango salmon. Another aspect of dining here that people have said they love is that they serve signature popovers instead of bread.

Seaport Grille

4. Seaport Grille

Seaport Grille is a waterfront eatery on Rowe Square. Strictly speaking, this is a surf n’ turf restaurant as although they specialize in seafood, there are also options on the menu for meat lovers. Therefore, there is something for everyone on the menu at Seaport Grille. It is also known for its delicious desserts and signature cocktails. Other than the food, there are also events each week at this venue which makes it a place worth visiting.

Lobsta Land

3. Lobsta Land Restaurant

As you walk along Causeway Street, you will come across Lobsta Land Restaurant. Established in the 1980s, this restaurant predominantly serves Italian and American seafood dishes. However, there are some options on the menu that come from other international locations. On the menu, you will see dishes such as clam chowder, crab cakes, lobster bouillabaisse, curried scallops, and coconut-battered shrimp. This is a good restaurant to visit if you enjoy trying different flavor combinations.

Mad Fish

2. The Madfish Grille (Now Closed)

One of the best places to enjoy some waterfront dining is at The Madfish Grille, which is along Rocky Neck Avenue. From the dining rooms of this restaurant, diners can enjoy stunning views across Smith Cove. The atmosphere in this restaurant and the staff will give you a warm and friendly welcome. Some of the most popular dishes on the New England-style menu are the seafood stew, the boiled lobster, the grilled salmon, and the scampi-style shrimp bowl. This is a fun place to eat that has live music at the weekend, so it is a great place

Gloucester House Restaurant

1. The Gloucester House

According to BB Online, the best seafood restaurant in Gloucester, MA, is The Gloucester House. Open since 1958, The Gloucester House is one of the most well-established and respected seafood restaurants in Gloucester, and it is particularly well-known for its fried calamari. However, it offers a diverse menu with a wide range of New England dishes, such as the Gloucester House lobster special, seafood casserole, baked haddock, broiled scallops, and a seafood platter. You will find this seafood restaurant at the historic Seven Sea Wharf.

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