Why Uncle Jack’s Is One of NYC’s Finest Steakhouses

Uncle Jacks Steakhouse NYC

If you are dining out in New York City, you will find a huge choice of restaurants. Each of these has its own style, unique menu, and features that enhance the dining experience. One option that will suit most tastes is a steakhouse, and there is plenty for you to choose between. One of the finest steakhouses in New York City is Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse. Here is a look in more detail at what makes this restaurant one of the finest steakhouses in NYC and a restaurant that you should try if you are in the area.


Even if you do not live in New York City, you will probably have heard of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse. This restaurant was founded by television personality Willie Degel who is known for his appearances on ‘Restaurant Stakeout’. In this series, Degel offers restaurant owners advice about running a successful and popular eating establishment. Therefore, it is expected that his own restaurants are up to scratch. Due to Degel’s television fame, his steakhouses have become quite well-known. There are now two Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse locations in New York; one on Belle Boulevard in Bayside, and the other on 9th Avenue in New York. Just because the owner is famous, it does not necessarily mean that the restaurant is fantastic. The best ways to get a clearer idea of whether Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse is one of the best in NYC is to take a look at the menu and customer reviews of the food.

Hours and Menu

This restaurant opens earlier than many other steakhouses, so it offers both a brunch and a lunch menu. On the brunch menu, diners can choose from a range of dishes including steak and eggs, French toast bread pudding skillet, and eggs benedict. There is also a brunch prix fixe menu if you want to sample a selection of dishes. On the lunch menu, the dishes are completely different from what is on offer during dinner service. There is a selection of soups and salads, along with entrees that include burgers, meatloaf, sea bass, and a trio of filet. The dinner menu offers starters that are predominantly seafood or fish based. Meat from the grill constitutes most of the entrée menu, with a wide selection of cuts of steak. These are cooked to order as you like them. However, these are not the only options available. Diners have said that there is a fantastic char that is even on both sides. You can choose a seafood or fish dish, salads, burgers, or sandwiches. To accompany your meal, there are homemade bread, toppings, sauces, and sides.

If you have a big appetite, there are some amazing desserts to end your meal. Just a few examples of the desserts available include apple strudel, banana cream pie, chocolate souffle cake, and New York cheesecake. This is a fantastic place for families to eat out as there are kids’ options on all of the menus. It is also worth noting that Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse has a separate menu for diners following a gluten-free diet. For wine enthusiasts who like to accompany their meal with a bottle or two of wine, there is an extensive wine list, so you can find the perfect wine to complement your meal. The staff is happy to help you with your choice of wine if requested. There are plenty of other options if you are not a fan of wine, such as beers, cocktails, and spirits. Therefore, you can order your favorite tipple to accompany your meal.

Private Rooms and Ambiance

Both locations of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse are available for private hire, and you can choose to hire a private room or hire the whole restaurant. If you want to hire these restaurants for events, there are several set price menus from which you can choose for your guests. You can choose the best option to meet your needs, your personal preferences, and the size of your party. The New Yorker describes how Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse has classic décor that is typical of the speakeasy style. This gives the restaurants a warm and welcoming ambiance, while also having a fun and casual vibe. This means that these steakhouses are great for almost any occasion and are just as good for family dining or a night out with friends. The staff at these steakhouses are great as their friendly and helpful demeanor makes dining in the restaurants a pleasant experience.


The pricing at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse is varied. The brunch and lunch menus are very reasonably priced, especially if you opt for the prix fixe menus. Appetizers, lighter options, and sides on the dinner menu are comparable to or cheaper than many of this restaurant’s competitors. This reflects the more casual dining atmosphere earlier in the day. However, while some of the steaks are comparably priced, there are also some pricey options. On average, the total you will pay for your meal is very similar to the prices you will pay at most other steakhouses. If you opt for the Bayside location, the steakhouse is open from 11.30 am to 10 pm on Mondays, from 11-30 am to 11 pm from Tuesday to Friday, from 4 pm to 11 pm on Saturdays, and from 11 am to 10 pm on Sundays. The 9th Avenue location is open from 11.30 am to 10 pm on Mondays, from 11.30 am and 11 pm between Tuesday and Friday, and from 4 pm until 10 pm on Saturdays and Sunday. Although booking at these restaurants is not essential and you are welcome to walk in off the street to enjoy a meal, booking a table is sensible. This is especially the case if you are visiting at a busy time or if you are dining as part of a large group. Booking will ensure that you have a table that meets your needs and the size of your party.

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