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The Top 20 Steakhouses in New York City

Peter Luger Steak

There are many cities out there that contain some of the best restaurants and food on the planet, and then there’s New York. As far as most steak lovers should be concerned, New York City has the best food in the world. While I don't live in New York City anymore, I've had my fair share of fantastic steak. 

And growing up on Long Island, I've traveled to NYC on more than one occasion for the fantastic steakhouses all over the place. There aren’t many places in the world where you have what feels like unlimited steak options.  Now, there are many incredible steakhouses in New York, but only a few stand out above the rest. So we are going to look at the top 20 best steakhouses that New York City has to offer. So as not to get into too many arguments, there is no order to this list.  It's just a list where these steakhouses belong.  Plain and simple.

20. St. Anselm - 335 Metropolitan Avenue

St. Anselm NYC

Out in Brooklyn is St. Anselm, and with fierce competition from another name on out list, the folks over at St. Anselm strive to be the best. Located in Williamsburg, St. Anselm is a no-fuss, straight-to-the-point steakhouse. The steaks are good, the sides are large, and the prices are very reasonable.

19. The Palm Restaurant - 837 Second Avenue (and Palm Too)

Originally established in 1926 by Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi, The Palm Restaurant is one of the city's standout steakhouses. The restaurant is still family-owned today, and it is a unique location that serves not only steakhouse classics, but Italian food as well. So in addition to filets, rib-eye steaks, and crab cakes, you can also get dishes like veal marsala or chicken parmigiana.

18. Sparks - 210 E 46th St


According to Zagat - A “quintessential” “NY classic”, this 1966-vintage Midtown “temple of beef” “still shines” with “huge” cuts of “mouthwatering” meats and an “exhaustive” wine list administered by an “experienced” team; “manly” – bordering on “stodgy” – surrounds and “power-lunch” prices are all part of its “old-world charm.”

17. Keen’s Steakhouse - 71 West 36 Street

Keens Steakhouse Bar

Keen’s Steakhouse is a New York staple and is certainly a legendary location. Keen’s has been serving guests with some of the best meals in the city since it first opened its doors in 1885. Since it’s been around that long, you just know it has to be great. It’s a classic steakhouse complete with dim lights, walls adorned with thousands of tobacco pipes, a terrific whiskey selection, and obviously some pretty incredible steaks.

16. Ben and Jack’s - 255 5th Avenue

Ben and Jacks

There are two Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse located in the city, however the one on 44th Street is currently under renovation. Founded and owned by brothers Ben and Jack Sinanaj, and with the help from some other family members, Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse is another great place to eat. The Sinanaj brothers had been working in New York kitchens since they were young boys, and eventually opened up their first steakhouse in 2005. Ever since, it’s become very popular and is certainly a great place to eat.

15. Porter House New York - 10 Columbus Circle

The Porter House

Located in the Time Warner Center, Porter House New York is another leading steakhouse within the city. Chef Michael Lomonaco serves up some pretty great steaks at a very reasonable price (at least, by New York terms). They have a large menu and with over 500 different types of wine, it’s always an easy pick.

14. American Cut - 363 Greenwich Street

american cut nyc

Located in TriBeCa, American Cut is another excellent steakhouse that you should visit the next time you’re in the city (or if you live there and haven't checked it out yet). Created by Iron Chef Marc Forgione, American Cut is a modern joint that’s actually fairly large for the city since there are 180 seats in total here. Menus at steakhouses are usually fairly similar, but at American Cut you can also enjoy dishes like veal, lamb, and chicken so if you’re not in the mood for steak, they have other offerings.

13. Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse - 9 Pennsylvania Plaza

Constantly rated as one of the best steakhouses in the city, Nick & Stef’s is a high-class, quality steakhouse that serves up some choice meats. This is a restaurant where the traditional steakhouse meets fine dining, and you’ll probably want to wear a jacket to this one. But it’s worth getting dressed up for, as their food is pretty spectacular.

12. Christos Steakhouse - 4108 23rd Avenue

Christos Steakhouse

While Christos is a bit out of the way from downtown since it’s out in Queens, it’s another great steakhouse that’s worth eating at. It used to be a Greek restaurant but has since been converted into a premium steak joint that has a lot of people talking. It feels like an old-fashioned chop shop with some Greek elements that make it certainly very New York. The menu is expansive and large, and they have something for everyone.

11. Strip House - 13 East 12th Street

Strip House Steakhouse NYC

Strip House has actually three different locations in the city, but we are going to look at the one that’s downtown. It gives off the vibe of a classic steakhouse mixed with modern elements, so it’s just perfect. As the name implies, they are known for their strip steak here, yet obviously everything is great. They serve the classics, some seafood, and a few dishes that are more “progressive”.

10. The Old Homestead Steakhouse - 56 Nineth Avenue

Exterior of Old Homestead Steakhouse NYC

For more than one hundred years, The Old Homestead Steakhouse has been offering diners some of the finest steaks in the entire world, and it is consistently praised as one of the top locations in New York. Lead by executive chef Oscar Martinez, The Old Homestead has a diverse menu and they serve lunch as well (many steakhouse only do dinners). Take your pick from 40 day aged rib steak and large filet minions, or enjoy a kobe burger or Chilean seabags, The Old Homestead has you covered.

9. Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse - 440 Ninth Avenue

Like Strip House, Uncle Jack’s has three different locations and all are absolutely excellent. This is an iconic and well-known steakhouse in New York, and many consider their steaks to be the absolute best. Despite only opening up in 1996, Uncle Jack’s quickly became one of the top steakhouses in the entire city.

8. Quality Meats - 57 West 58th Street

Quality Meats NYC Dining Room

Founded by Michael Stillman who was the son of Alan Stillman, one of the Smith & Wollensky founders, Quality Meats is another standout steakhouse in New York City. The ambiance and interior are certainly non-traditional and feel more artistic that other steakhouses (a positive in my book), yet they have all the classic favorites that you’d expect.

7. Minetta Tavern - 113 Macdougal Street

Minetta Tavern New York City

Recently resorted and rebranded, the Minetta Tavern is now a hot spot for great steaks. From New York strip steaks and filets to dry aged burgers, there’s a lot to choose from over at the Minetta Tavern. The bartenders here are also pretty well known and they serve up some great cocktails.

6. Gallaghers Steakhouse - 228 West 52nd Street

Gallaghers Steakhouse New York City

Perfectly situated a quick walk away from Broadway and Times Square, Gallaghers is extremely inviting. From the window outside and when you walk in, you’ll see their meat locker with all of their cuts aging to perfection. A true artists displays their work, and that’s what their steaks are. From prime rib to Maine lobster, Gallaghers has it all and they’ve got the history to prove it.

5. Del Frisco's - 1221 6th Ave

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse embodies the rich tradition of the classic American steakhouse, serving USDA Prime Beef, fresh seafood and premium wines from their award-winning wine selection.  It's a bit on the pricey side but if you're interested in a power lunch type of crowd, a roaring atmosphere and steak that differentiates itself from the rest of the pack, it's worth a visit.

4. Smith & Wollensky - 797 3rd Avenue

Tried and trusted, the Smith & Wollensky brand is a trusted name within the steakhouse industry, and their New York location is still not only one of the best steakhouses in the city, but the country as well. It’s an upscale restaurant that serve all the classics, and they even deliver as well. Having lunch or dinner here is never a mistake.

3. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse - 4 Park Avenue

Wolfgang's Steakhosue

There are five different Wolfgang’s Steakhouse locations in the city, and all serve extraordinary dishes. The restaurants were founded by Wolfgang Zwiener who used to be the head waiter at Peter Luger, but after 40-years there, he wanted to create his own restaurant. The location on Park Avenue was the first when it opened in 2005, and as you can see, business has been good considering how much they have expanded not only in New York, but the world over as well.

2. M. Wells Steakhouse - 43-15 Crescent Street

M Wells Steakhouse NYC

You would not expect to find an incredible steakhouse located in an old car garage in Queens, but that’s exactly what M. Wells is. Okay, it doesn’t look like a car garage at all obviously, but it’s still cool to mention. This is a non-traditional steakhouse that, while does have the classics, they also serve many avant-garde dishes. The atmosphere is extremely unique as a black and white film is usually playing on a projector. When you want to break away from boring and traditional steakhouses, but want one that still delivers, M. Wells is the place to go.

1. Peter Luger - 178 Broadway

Peter Luger

Some will argue that Peter Luger is now all but a tourist trap (aka hipsters in Brooklyn), while many will tell you it’s the best steakhouse in the world. Regardless, Peter Luger has been in business since 1887 and has so many awards over the years. It’s easily the most famous steakhouse in the city and a favorite among many. When a new steakhouse opens up anywhere in the country, they look to see how they compare to this iconic location. It’s still definitely the best-of-the-best, just bring cash with you because they still don’t take credit cards.  I personally prefer the one in Long Island but that's probably because it's just nicer on the inside.

Honorable Mention:

  • The Capital Grille
  • Morton's

While these are chain restaurants their NYC locations are absolutely fantastic.

Sebastian Hensiek

Written by Sebastian Hensiek

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