Why Smith & Wollensky is One of NYC’s Finest Steakhouses

Steakhouses remain one of the most popular options for dining out in New York City, despite the diversity of the restaurants. If you are a fan of steakhouses and you are eating out in New York, there are some fantastic options, and each of these has its own advantages that make it stand out from the competition. Arguably, one of the best steakhouses in this city is Smith & Wollensky. This is a chain restaurant with locations across the United States and in several international locations. Here is an overview of just some of the reasons why Smith & Wollensky is one of NYC’s finest steakhouses.


According to the New York City Official Guide, Smith & Wollensky offers everything you would expect from a traditional steakhouse, both in terms of the ambiance and the food offerings. They say that the restaurant has nice linen table cloths and enormous flower arrangements that give the restaurant an element of formality while remaining elegant. In terms of the food, they say that they deliver the perfect steakhouse offerings, such as large slabs of meat, delicious lobster, and a good range of seafood. According to this guide, Smith & Wollensky is a great place for business dining. Zagat’s review of Smith & Wollensky supports the view that this restaurant has both fantastic food and a great vibe. They describe the restaurant as being a time-honored steakhouse that with old-school flair service and generous portions. Zagat also says that this restaurant has undeniable appeal and that you will usually find crowds of business executives entertaining their clients. In fact, it is likely that you will find that the restaurant is busy no matter what time you visit.

Of course, the main consideration when deciding on the quality of a steakhouse is the food and drink they serve. There are four menus to consider at Smith & Wollensky, including lunch, dinner, grill and drinks menus.On the lunch menu, the raw bar is an alternative to the appetizer menu, which offers a good choice of seafood and meat dishes, along with some soups. For those with a smaller appetite, the salads are a lighter alternative to the larger entrees. Most of the lunch entrees are items from the grill, with a vast selection of steaks with a choice toppings and sauces. Regardless of which steak you choose, diners say that they are cooked to perfection. Other options from the grill include lamb chops, veal chops, lemon and pepper chicken or burgers. There is also a selection of seafood dishes for non-meat eaters. The menu here is like being in New York City; there is something for everyone.

The Menu

The dinner menu is predominantly the same as the lunch menu, with the exception of live Maine lobsters and lobster tails. No matter whether you are dining at lunch or dinner, there is a selection of potatoes and side dishes that you can order separately to accompany your meal. An alternative to eat from the main dinner menu is to choose something from the grill menu. This features a good selection of entrees with just some of the options including roast beef hash, steak salad, Memphis ribs, various chicken salads, and salmon Waldorf. In addition to what is available on the menus, Smith & Wollensky serves a selection of bar snacks.

Another highlight of a meal at Smith & Wollensky is choosing something from the drinks menu. This predominantly consists of exciting cocktails that you can enjoy before or after your meal. However, if you prefer wine to accompany your steak, then there are also plenty of wines to choose between. Furthermore, there is also a bar from which you can order beers and spirits if you prefer.

Overall, the range of food available is excellent and the menus feature something for everyone. Everything is cooked well, and the steaks are prepared to your liking. However, the standard of the food is not the only reason to consider dining at Smith & Wollensky. The place has a nice vibe for formal dining that is well-suited to business meals and special occasions. Also worthy of note is the excellent level of customer service that you will receive when dining at this establishment. It is noted for its friendly staff and the attentive nature of the service.


Price is an important consideration for many people when choosing a restaurant. Smith & Wollensky is at a slightly higher price point than similar steakhouses in the area, although it is not the most expensive steakhouse in New York City by any stretch. This reflects the outstanding quality of the food and the overall dining experience. You can expect to pay between $120 and $150 per person for an appetizer, an entrée, side dishes, and drinks.

Smith & Wollensky is also available for private dining. The restaurant has a second floor that is reserved for this purpose and there are skylit rooms that you can book separately or together. It is suitable for various sizes of part and for different types of events. If you wish to use one or more of the private dining spaces at this restaurant, it is essential to book in advance. This restaurant also hosts special events at various points throughout the year, such as wine week, and the menus may differ at these times. Another service they offer is food delivery, which is fantastic if you want to have guests round to your home for a fine dining experience.

What makes a great steakhouse is a matter of opinion. So, if you want to try Smith & Wollensky for yourself, you will find the New York location on 3rd Avenue. It is open between 11.45 am and 11 pm on weekdays, and between 5 pm and 11 pm at the weekends. You are welcome to walk in off the street as making a reservation is not essential. However, you may wish to book a table in advance if you plan to eat its at peak times or if you are dining with a large group.

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