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Why Quality Meats is One of NYC's Finest Steakhouses

Quality Meats NYC Dining Room

Quality Meats in New York City is one of the most stylish and celebrated eateries in the state. It serves some of the finest steaks and meats in the greater New York area. It also has a large menu with a variety of options and tastes for the whole family. This includes a kids menu, which offers unique tastes and special flavors for its youngest patrons. Quality Meats also has an extensive wine list that features many California wines that go great with steak. They are also experts at pairing the right wines with the right steak. This is not an easy job, but it is one that they have perfected with over a decade of service. One of the great parts about the restaurant is that is it is not limited to steak. There are other platters to choose from which include the seafood platter and salmon which has been praised as “delicious” in authentic online reviews.

Modern Design

One of the first things that jumps out about the restaurant is the unique and modern design that is apparent upon entering the building. The restaurant’s interior was designed by a company called AvroKO that creates modern and trendy design features. One of the things that makes Quality Meats unique is the “meat hook” lighting fixtures which hold the lighting for its guests. This is just another reminder that the first focus is getting the highest quality meats in the greater New York area. The design also features trendy soft lighting that is not too harsh and allows for a relaxed dining experience. The entire restaurant was created to put the patron at ease. It’s not surprising that Quality Meats spared no expense or detail while creating the theme of the restaurant. It is good to appreciate all of the intricacies that went into making Quality Meats one of the finest dining destinations imaginable.

The Menu

Another great aspect of Quality Meats is the cocktail menu which features a wide variety of spirits and drinks, some of which aren’t even mentioned on the menu. If you are feeling adventurous, try the “Pappy Van Winkle” an option that is not even listed. This is a fine bourbon that has been aged for years and can cost thousands of dollars. It is just one of many upscale drinks that the restaurant offers to its most high-scale clientele. Though, they treat everyone that walks in the door just right. There are cocktails for all different kinds of people at various price ranges. Some people even choose to just stay at the bar and try the extensive drink selection. Regardless of what your personal tastes are, it is important to view the different options that Quality Meats has to offer. Whether you want a fine meal or a simple cocktail at the bar after work, Quality Meats is there to make sure you are treated right.

Attention to Detail

Another strong aspect of Quality Meats is its outstanding service and attention to detail. Many food reviewers have been quick to praise how kind and prompt the waitstaff is. Waiting times vary, but the staff is dedicated to getting people seated quickly. Many waits are not over 5 minutes with a reservation. This is good news for people who have tight schedules and need to be seated promptly. However, it should be noted that times can vary substantially. It is not uncommon for longer wait times in the afternoons and evenings. Many people choose to head down to the bar to try out the drink menu in the case of a wait. This is a personal decision, but something that one should be prepared for if they attend the restaurant on a weekend. This is mostly due to the great food and wine list, a favorite of most regulars. If you plan to visit the restaurant during a busy period, it pays to have a plan in the case of a wait. The service is often top notch, but the restaurant is a busy place.


Another strong aspect of the restaurant is the different steaks that are offered. Whether you prefer a ribeye or a classically aged sirloin, you will be more than satisfied with the menu offers. There are also several sides to choose from, making for a complete dining experience. Some of the favorites include the “Green Goddess” salad which features parsley, chives, tarragon, and can be served with boiled eggs or chicken. This is one of the most popular salads on the menu and can complement a bigger meal or serve as a meal itself. There is also the filet mignon, one of the finest steaks that the restaurant has to offer. Regardless of what your personal tastes are, there is something to love at Quality Meats. Many have also praised the sides which include oysters, tuna crudo, crab cakes, and many more. There are plenty of options to choose from and their website includes downloadable menus to help plan your meal. The menu also features a separate section just for potato preparations. If you love the attention to detail, then Quality Meats is a destination that you need to check out.

Overall, there is no reason not to visit Quality Meats if you are in the greater New York area. The menu is outstanding, and every portion of the restaurant has been crafted to give the customer the best experience possible. It’s a great destination for friends or family as well. With its own kids’ menu and cocktail selection, everyone will have something to enjoy. The waitstaff is dedicated to excellence and wants to assure that the customer feels right at home in the restaurant. Quality Meats is a fun experience that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. No matter what you are in the mood for, this restaurant will have something that fits your taste. Visiting is a great opportunity to see the best kinds of steaks and food that New York has to offer. Do yourself a favor and check out Quality Meats today, it’s a decision that you won’t soon regret.

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Written by Liz Flynn

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