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Five Wisconsin Breweries That You Must Tour


One thing Wisconsin is known for is its love for beer. According to TMJ4, 67.3% percent of people in Wisconsin would have at least one drink within the past month. The drinking culture in the American state can be attributed to its numerous breweries. The growth of breweries in Wisconsin resulted from an increased German settlement in the area in the 1830s. By that time, Germany had developed advanced brewing techniques, which they introduced in the state. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of breweries. There are too many breweries to mention, but we believe that there are some breweries you must tour. Tag along to learn about the five Wisconsin breweries that you must visit.

5. Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee

Upon entering the brewery, you will be amused at how the tours are conducted. During your tour, you will be required to sing the theme song to a 1970s sitcom called Laverne and Shirley. According to Roadside America, the brewery would be featured in the show's opening credits, hence why the brewery pays tribute to the show. The tour of this brewery takes three hours. For the first ninety minutes, you will get in-depth lessons on their brewing equipment and how they work. After that, you will have a chance to pair their beer with your favorite dishes like chocolates, cheeses, and meats. To be part of this tour, you have to purchase tickets online in advance. That is because their tickets usually sell out.

4. New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus

While you tour this brewery, you can visit the brewery's gift shop. You can buy various merchandise in the shop ranging from glassware, clothing, and keychains. If you want to purchase beer from this company, the management will direct you to a section called Hilltop Brewery Beer Depot. In this brewery, you will be given three beer samples which cost $8. However, those with a military ID will not pay for the samples. That is a way of the company appreciating their service without uttering the cliché statement, "Thank you for your service." According to Newsweek, many military personnel revealed how uncomfortable they were with the phrase, so it makes sense why the company is doing things differently. If you are a person living with any handicap and want to visit this brewery, you are in luck. For instance, there are parking spots for the disabled and elevators that they can use.

3. MobCraft Brewery and Taproom, Milwaukee

The tour usually lasts between 30-45 minutes, and you will learn about the company's history, how they brew beer, their crowdsourced model, and the Wild and Sour Program. We will discuss the last two concepts in detail. When you purchase tickets to tour this brewery, they entitle you to two complimentary pints of Mobcraft beer, a branded pint glass, and a coupon as a discount for when you visit the brewery in the future. In the company's crowdsourced model, you get to decide how the company makes its beer. You will submit your idea to them, and the company will brew your beer as suggested. Your beer will also be competing with others, so the one with the most votes will be made available for pick-up at the brewery. As for the Wild and Sour Program, clients will have a chance to sample wild and sour beers and learn how they are brewed.

2. Sand Creek Brewing, Black River Falls

On most brewery tours, you have to purchase tickets. However, this brewery offers free tours but only at specific times. To enjoy free tours in this brewery, you have to visit it on Fridays from 3:30 pm until 10.00 pm. If you are fond of history, the management will educate you about this company's history beginning from 1856. Still, on your Friday tour, you will be granted access to a tap room where you can have as many pints as you want. Some of the beers that you will sample include porter and stout, and cranberry ale, just to mention a few. You will be given some light snacks to take with your beer in this brewery. However, you are also allowed to carry your snacks. Another reason to admire this brewery is how pet-friendly they are. You no longer need to be distraught about leaving your pet behind as a pet owner. If you get tired during the tour, you can unwind by playing with the arcade game machine in the brewery. You will play classic games like Battleship and Donkey Kong.

1. Potosi Brewery, Potosi

Even before entering the brewery, you will be awestruck by its beauty. It resembles a castle, and it is generally considered the most beautiful part of Wisconsin. In most brewery tours, you will simply be taught how the brewing process works and take a few samples. However, this brewery has a museum, so you will not just be learning about the brewing process. You can either pay $5 or $15 to enter the museum. The $5 amount is for those who just want to tour the museum, while the $15 allows you to tour the museum as you receive beer samples. Most of the tours in the museum are self-guided. That means you will rely on video stations and informational audio the entire time in this museum. However, some people prefer to be guided by a human being to prerecorded clips. Luckily, you can request for guided tours at additional fees.


The stereotype about Wisconsin's love for beer rings true once you get a chance to visit any of its breweries. Some people prefer to visit Wisconsin bars, but you should challenge yourself to visit a brewery. Typically, in bars, you will tend to offer the same drink repeatedly. That means you will not be exposing yourself to other drinks. However, you will be given samples of various beers in a brewery. As a result, you will discover other drinks you can order besides your favorite one. It is, however, understandable why some people may not like breweries. You will find that they resent history lessons. However, most of the lessons are short, and the payoff is that you will sample different beers.

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