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The 10 Best Beer Subscription Boxes


More and more people are getting tuned into the world of craft beer. These unique brews are flavorful and vary from the standard far offered in local supermarkets. While it's true that your average supermarket or liquor store will have some craft brews from the local independent breweries, they won't have the election of craft beer that you can get with a subscription box.

What is a Subscription box?

For craft beer enthusiasts, the craft beer subscription box is a gift from above. These boxes give you access to some of the most famous craft beers in America. When you have a subscription box, a wondrous world of hand-crated brews from well-known and established independent breweries are delivered right to your door. Never again will you be subject to flavors found at the local convenience store. While this is a fabulous idea,before you get too excited, check with the company to see if they deliver to your state. Some states do not allow beer to be shipped in this way.

10. Flying Noodle

The Flying Noodle's beer of the month club is all about Italy and the Italians love for beer. Their beer of the month club offers you 12 bottles of rare and premium brews hand-picked to give your taste buds a lift. Each month the Flying Noodle experts showcase 4 different varieties of beer. You also get The Frosted Mug, which is an informative newsletter centering on, guess what, beer! They give you the option of selection 3 shipment selections: 3, 6 and 12 month deliveries. They also offer a "Beer of the Season Club" which targets selections based on the seasons. Prices range from $43.95 per month to 45.95 per month with free shipping.

9. Beer Across America

At just $45.95 per month, including shipping, you can have 12 unique, hand-picked beers delivered right to your doorstep every month. Each beer is chosen by their stable of professional, expert beer connoisseurs Each delivery includes 4 varieties of delicious beer from 2 craft breweries. Past selections included Bent River's Blonde Ale, Arcadia Brewing Company's Porter Rico and Sprecher Brewing Company's Black Bavarian. Customer Jeff W. has this to say, "This is a pretty amazing beer subscription. I love that they source these from breweries I have never seen anywhere else. Well done!"

8. The Rare Beer Club

The tasting panel that selects each beer for your monthly shipment has a rich history in beer. The panel, which was once led by famed professional beer taster, Michael Jackson, searches for the best rare brews in the land. Another perk is that their Personalized Shipment Program makes sure that you only get the beers you want, no exception. You can also customize your shipment. Rare beers include those offered as limited-release brews, exclusive brews and those crafted for certain events and celebrations. They also include beers that can be aged, if that's what you prefer. Beer offerings are not limited to America. They also send rare brews from Japan, Brazil, Belgium, England, and so on. Great customer service goes along with it as well. Costs per shipments range from $39.95 and $58.95 to $78.95.

7. Tavour

Tavour is perfect for those of you who wish to know what you're getting. Tavour allows you to create your very own custom craft beer order, as well as the standard subscription way others do it. First, you download Tavour's app, then you begin to add the craft beers of your choice to the order. If you choose the subscription method, then Tavour will simply add the best-rated beers they have, in accordance to your personal taste. There are no minimums with Tavour, and they don't require you to commit in any way. Tavour customer SG003 states that "This is by far the best and easiest way to get craft beer from all over the country, and to get your hands on some rare stuff too!!"

6. Brewvana

Called the "Brews Less Traveled Beer Club", each delivery centers on hand-picked brews from a previously unknown beer city. Each shipment will include 8 unique craft beers from 4 different breweries. If 8 beers are not enough, you can also select the 16 beers per shipment option. There are no commitments here, and you can also cancel any time. If you sign up for a 6 month package, you get the first month free. The basic 8 beer package is $69.00 per month.

5. The Hop-Heads Beer Club

Hop-heads are those beer lovers who have a specific taste for the bitter taste of brews which showcase the flavor of hops. This type of beer is one where the recipe has a high IBU or International Bittering Unit count. Every month you get 12 craft brews from indie breweries across the country that are hop-heavy. These include IPA's, IPL's, pale ales, red ales, and more. The cost of each delivery is $37.95 plus $15.00 for shipping and handling. Recent beers shipped to customers include Foothills Brewing's Jade IPA, Green Man Brewery's Trickster, and Dick's India Pale Ale.

4. Beer Drop

Most of the beer clubs will send you a selection hand-picked by their panel of expert professionals. Many beer enthusiasts love that, since they might not be familiar with many Indie brewery brands, so appreciate the help. However, others they want more flexibility in their beer club, and that's just what Beer Drop gives you: Flexibility. Beer Drop offers you 3 plans. The first is the basic Beer Drop plan, the second is Beer Drop Plus, and the third is Beer Drop Ultimate. All three options come with no commitments and cancel anytime policy. Member Heather S. had this to say, "Easy to shop for things that you want. Ability to change out beers makes this a fun experience!"

3. Craft Beer Kings

How would you like to taste a beer called Tipple Spilled Rainbow Sherbert, Berry Good Schmoojee or Pushin' Pineapple? Well chances are you won't find them at your local grocers, but you will find them at Craft Beer Kings. At Craft Beer Kings, you'll have access to 11 subscription boxes, each with their own flavorful offerings. No contracts and no minimums here, you just get billed monthly for each box delivered. Each beer in your box is hand picked by their experts in accordance to your personal taste.

2. Beer of the Month Club

What can a beer lover get for $46.75? They can get a shipment from one of the first beer subscription services out there: The Original Craft Beer Club. Each beer subscription box contains beer from 2 different craft breweries, 4 styles, 2 from each brewery. No minimums or commitments here, just great beer from a company that believes in customer service. Shipping is free and you can choose from 3 delivery methods which include monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

1. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

For the fabulous price of just $32.95 a month, plus $15.00 shipping, you get a beer club subscription box delivered right to your doorstep. This beer subscription box is filled with some of the best domestic craft brews in the country. 12, 12 ounce bottles arrive in each box, along with a handy monthly newsletter. Established in 1994, this family run beer club has been instrumental in getting domestic brews to beer enthusiasts around the country. However, while this club offers only domestic brands, they do offer other options: International beers, hard to find beers, hoppy brews, and a combo of American and International brews.

Final Thoughts

As you can see by our article on beer subscription boxes, the world is your oyster when it comes to gaining access to the best craft beer money can buy. All of the offerings above are excellent in their own way.Not only that, but you can choose from beer clubs that offer only domestic brews to those who scan the world over for the best international selections. There is only one thing. Before you purchase a subscription read the print. Not every state allows beer clubs to ship beer to you due to the laws regarding liquor transport. You also need someone who is above the age of 21 to accept the shipments in case you are away. Be that as it may, purchasing a beer subscription box for yourself or a friend is a fun and unique way to celebrate your love for beer.

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