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20 Great Subscription Box Gift Ideas for Men


The Holiday Season is upon us and time is running out to find the perfect gift for the men on your list. Why not give them a subscription box gift filled with their favorite products? These are the kind of gifts that keep giving for the entire year. You have the option of buying the first month for them, then letting them decide if it's something they want to receive regularly, or you can purchase the entire year's subscription if you're sure they'll love the contents. Here are the 20 best subscription boxes tailored for men for your consideration.

20. The Man Box Price: Starting at $16.15 per box

Crate joy recommends this as one of the best options for men who enjoy a variety of essentials based on lifestyle, including survival items and gadgets. You never know what you're going to get. Boxes come with various snacks such as JackLinks jerky, tools, sunglasses, a compass, a deck of cards, dice, and other surprise items that have a total retail value of at least $60. It's a value for the monthly price. This is one of the five options we've chosen from Cratejoy.

19. The Jerky Snob Box Price: $11.99 per box

The Jerky Snob Box is the perfect gift for the guy on your gift list that loves eating Jerky. He will receive an assortment of different kinds of premium jerky brands in each shipment. It's the ideal gift for all occasions and it includes a gift card. The package includes various sized bags of jerky of different flavors to try. This subscription can be ordered in monthly deliveries, every 3, 6, or 12 months with monthly payments or pre-paid plans.

18. Southern Cigar Company Subscription Price: $36.05 per box

This gift box subscription is the ideal choice for cigar lovers. A box of 4 rolled cigars with a retail value of at least $50 is delivered monthly to the recipient. These are premium cigars in various flavors. They're available for shipment to domestic and international locales. Each shipment includes a humidity pack with a cigar cutter and free butane lighter. Each cigar is accompanied by a detailed pamphlet with an overview and description.

17. Knife Subscription Club Price: $23.00 per box

The Knife Subscription club sends the man on your gift list a choice of box types. The basic gift box includes 1 brand-name knife per month. The Advanced box features one brand name knife with two to four EDC items. The premium gift box adds between 2 to 4 additional items for a total of up to 10 items. The ultimate gift box includes everything in the other boxes with between 2 to 4 more premium items added. This is the perfect gift for knife collectors or knife enthusiasts.

16. Hot Sauce of the Month Club Price: $14.99

This is the perfect gift idea for the men on your gift list who enjoy artisan hot sauces. Each item in the box is hand-curated by the Heat Hot Sauce Shop. Some of the brands and formulations were chosen are award-winning labels. Each member can choose the level of heat with options including mild, classic, or extra hot. There are over six hundred sauces to choose from. They make monthly deliveries.

15. Best Stuff Box Winter 2021 Box Price: $50

Best Stuff Box offers its Winter 2021 Box with a $200 value for the low cost of $50. This box is a unique gift for men. They handpick the contents. Each item should enhance a man's wardrobe in cold weather and improve fitness. All boxes include items like moisturizing face masks, scented candles, beard oil, an alpaca beanie, and many other items. They include only premium items for men in this high-end gift box for men.

14. Funko Marvel Collector Corps Subscription Box, X-Men Movie 20th Anniversary Theme, July 2020 Price: $18.80 to $38.47

The Best Reviews Guide recommends the Funko Marvel Collector Corps Subscription Box. It includes the X-Men 20th Anniversary edition movie theme with four to six collectibles, including various Marvel characters in each box. Boxes come bi-monthly.

13. The Handy Box Subscription to a Mystery Box Price: $35.99

This is a box subscription for men that comes packed with variety. The boxes may include gadgets, electronics, or tools. They include bonus items in each box. This mystery box comes with unique items inside. It's one of the best gifts to give the guy into do-it-yourself jobs.

12. Crated with Love: Monthly Date Night Subscription Box: Month to Month Price: $29.99

This subscription is a monthly gift box for the men on your gift list who are actively dating. Your recipient will look forward to the monthly delivery of goodies. So will his significant other. The items in this box make both members of the couple laugh and draw them closer in their relationship. It's about connecting and reconnecting. Each month, they include new items with a different theme. They enhance the enjoyment of your date night.

11. Carnivore Club - Handcrafted Cured Meats From Award-Winning Artisans Subscription Box: Classic Price: $33.00

The Carnivore Club is the best option for men who enjoy eating a variety of meats. Every box comes with four to six packages of cured meats that are handcrafted and come from new artisans each month. Each box comes with a pamphlet that describes the products included in the box. It also provides recipes and ideas for pairings.

10. Bespoke Post Price: $45 monthly

Bespoke Post is a premium-high-end gift box that includes items curated from small businesses of the highest quality. These mystery boxes include a variety of different themed contents that may include food items such as pancakes and syrups along with other items. Other boxes may include grooming supplies, knives, or other items that men love to get. The boxes are designed according to a quiz you fill out to determine the preferences of the man on your gift list.

9. Dollar Shave Club Price: $5.00

The Dollar Shave Club is an affordable subscription gift box idea for men. Each box comes with quality razors and shaving accessories in customized kits that contain various self-care necessities and shaving products. You can choose the kinds of items included in each box.

8. Breo Men's Subscription Gift Box Price: $159 per quarter

The Breo Box is a premium quality men's subscription box that comes packed with premium mystery items chosen specifically for men. The man on your gift-giving list will look forward to the surprises that are packed into each box. Although the cost is a bit steep compared to some other gift boxes, this subscription box comes with at least one premium item with a high value. Some examples include a portable LED projector, Bluetooth earbuds, PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer box, FujiFilm Instax camera, and many more items.

7. Basic Man Subscription Boxes Price: $19.99

This subscription box gift includes items that are basic to the needs and comforts of every man. It's an affordable way to make sure that the recipients have their basics covered. Boxes include one pair of socks, one pair of underwear, and one t-shirt. They come in various colors and styles and are made of durable material. They even come with recommendations for when to retire them.

6. The Scent Box Cologne Subscription Price: $10 per month

If there is a man on your gift-giving list that enjoys trying new colognes, this is one of the best choices. The affordable subscription boxes are delivered monthly and cost just $10 each. Inside each box, he will find colognes from different brands to try. You can order the standard or premium boxes. Standard boxes feature one designer fragrance and premium boxes include your choice of a scent you want to try. Some of the most popular and expensive designer names and fragrances are included in this subscription service.

5. Sprezza Box Price: $28.00

The Sprezza Box is a men's subscription box that is filled with expertly curated products from stylists. Each item is premium on the high-end of the quality spectrum. The boxes come packed with four to six items including grooming products, lifestyle items, and more, with a retail value of at least $100. Some useful accessories are also included.

4. BattlBox Price: $29.99

BattleBox is a men's subscription box that comes loaded with tactical and survival items and products. This is the ideal gift for the outdoorsmen on your shopping list. There are new items sent each month that are based on themes of survival, camping, and preparedness. The company offers four subscription options to choose from to give you a variety of choices. Each box contains useful items including name-brand tents, sleeping bags, and other useful accessories. Some boxes contain survival tools, emergency supplies, reading materials, and more.

3. Craft Beer Club Price: $44.75

This subscription box is for guys on your shopping list that enjoy the excitement of trying a new craft beer now and then. Each box comes with between 12 to 24 beers in 4 different styles from some of the best microbreweries in the country. The recipient of this gift may discover his next favorite brew. Premium craft beers are hand-chosen for this unique gift service.

2. The Grillmaster's Club Price: $29.99

Do you have a grilling and barbecue enthusiast on your gift-giving list this year? If so, the Grlllmster's Club is the ideal gift choice. This subscription box can be ordered as a one-time gift or as an ongoing subscription. Members receive premium woodchips, marinades, rubs, sauces, and more. Grill accessories are included in some boxes along with cooking tips and new recipes. There is an online community for members for useful how-to videos, discounts on products, chats, and special giveaways.

1. The Mystery Tackle Box Price: $19.99 to $39.99

The Mystery Tackle Box subscription box is the ideal choice for the fisherman on your gift-giving list. You can choose between the regular subscription box, the pro box, or the elite box. You never know what you're going to get in this box but it's always high quality and useful for fishermen. Each box comes with the tackle of various types and brands including the latest fishing lures, bits, and more. The boxes also come with helpful tips and information about how to use the products.

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